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  1. I'll be taking it easy to for awhile anyway. No snow is tough for a guy who likes to ride. Probably cheaper to rent a couple of times a year.
  2. I like it. Polaris is having a serious sale right now on the 17's
  3. 172 miles so far. Fun machine. Can't wait for it to be broken in. Half throttle isn't bad though.
  4. This ought to do it for me. Cost less than my 600 I bought 3 years ago. And it's brand new.
  5. joesale

    2002 xcsp

    3500 miles, Geared,and clutched for corner to corner. All original clutch and gear parts included. 144 studs. Needs rear rear suspension shock rebuilt. Can include matching XL jacket and 2 xl matching Helmet. I bought it new and the wife drove it after the first 1500 miles. Wife wants $2500.00. I think she is . Any reasonable offer accepted.