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  1. joesale

    Transgender relatives

    Well tomorrow is the big day. I have been following along here and I think there are plenty of smart people who have responded, and plenty of people who could be smarter. I will put myself in the could be smarter camp. I have decided to respectfully decline the invitation. I base this decision of the fact that I do not understand why anyone would want to change their gender. I don't know if I will ever get it, and I don't care. I also think it isn't good for the young children who will be there and have to see this. There will be an 4, 8 and 10 and year old. Anyway, people my age ( I will be 65 in 7 years) seem to agree with my position. Younger people say I am the one with the problem. I will give them a strong maybe that's true. But I really don't think so. I'm going to respond how I "identify" and believe to be "My Truth". I am not ready to accept this because I do not understand, I do not have one politically correct bone in my body and I have no filter. If he/she want's to discuss this I will refer him/her to this:
  2. joesale

    Transgender relatives

    🤣 probably should have. Maybe a bottle of Kinky vodka. I chicks dig it.
  3. joesale

    Transgender relatives

    That's it. He's not sure about the whole thing. He just knows that he "feels " better when he wears pink.
  4. joesale

    Transgender relatives

    He isn't sure about surgery. Just hormones and electrolysis so he doesn't have whiskers sticking out from underneath of his pancake make up.
  5. joesale

    Transgender relatives

    I'm sure it's very much harder for him to do this the me to understand. My problem is that I don't have a politically correct bone in my body, and I don't have a filter. I'm like a giant toddler.
  6. joesale

    Transgender relatives

    He actually does men things very well. Ho owns and operates a pretty successful landscape company. 26 years old and paid cash for beautiful restored farmhouse on 40 acres. He paid $250,000.
  7. joesale

    Transgender relatives

    Nope, we're just late this year with that branch of the family tree. This year was a scheduling nightmare.
  8. joesale

    Transgender relatives

    Thanks, its at their house so I can go or not
  9. So, my nieces husband decided he is a girl.He told us about 4 months ago. Saturday is our Christmas celebration and the first time I will be seeing Him?her?it? So, have any of you have dealt with this? And how did it go?
  10. joesale


    It is really something. Glad you like it.