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  1. We have paper ballots but the voter lookup is no longer printed out. The look us up on the i pad then print a ticket to get the ballot.
  2. I went at 11;00 AM. The rush was over so there was no line but the voting was steady, all the voting booths were full the whole time I was there. I have been registered and voting at this location since the late 1980's.They are now using i pads for voter look up. Funny thing is they weren't able to find me in their records using the typical "first 3 letters of my last name" like everyone else. It took almost 5 minutes to find me and the only way they did find me was by searching my full name and address. She said that this is weird, I thought so too. I was beginning to think I had been "Purged"
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    I had the 8 track.