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  1. jammin

    Busy Week......

    Judas priest. You ok dude?
  2. jammin

    Spring is here

  3. jammin

    Spring is here

    20" of ice yet I'd bet on our lake.
  4. I know a guy that is on his 100th life by not staying right including hills. Havent rode with him in 5 years. RIP to the deceased.
  5. Morning- 36 / 36 and clear. Cobb to the Cowboys and Mathews to the Rams. Good! Bucks beat the lakers. Good! Therapy at 5:30, visit with mom around 4. HELL YEAH SPRING!!!! And FUCKOFF @SSFB @Mileage Psycho @Zambroski @dz246 @Jimmy Snacks @steve from amherst @Highmark
  6. Whats better than March Madness?
  7. jammin

    No Collusion....

    Fuck him too. 28 tweets on Sunday? Release the mo-fo already.
  8. The best event in sport period! Pumped for even tonights play-in games lol. I have Gonzaga beating Duke in the semi final and then beating NC for the championship. EDITED.
  9. jammin

    No Collusion....

    release the fucking report and lets see what's inside. Sick of hearing about this day after day.... release the fucking report for fucks sake!
  10. Morning John- 32 and clear here. 90% of the trails are closed / closing and are shot here after last week. Tons of snow in the woods yet tho. Forecast shows low 50's and sunny for the next 7 days