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  1. Man @Anler is beating the shit out of @Woodtick. Good!
  2. jammin

    Here you go!

    Pretty sure you said the same about the Democrats 3-4 years ago.
  3. jammin

    What ya watching?

    Finished Longmire and now watching "How to get away with Murder" - Pretty good. New season of NARCOS is next.
  4. jammin

    What ya watching?

    Twin Merc dual cal 1350 / 1550's? Or some other wicked stuff?
  5. Hans device did it's job to a T. Incredible how they engineer these cars to be light yet as safe as they are.
  6. Yes you did..... Yes, yes you did lol. I blame both of my events on Ben just cuz he was there.
  7. "raises hand" ..... twice in under 2 hours lol
  8. Holy fuckerballs... how is that even possible.
  9. jammin

    OK..This Was Pretty Damn Cool

  10. jammin


    Nice. I watched a game a week or so ago and he played well. Wife and I went to school with his Mom, Kim. Good solid family.
  11. jammin


    How is Hartman working out for the Wild?