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  1. This is why I'm trying to become a living meme. It will up my value when the algorithms take over.
  2. He's handsy for sure, that doesn't mean he's a perv though.
  3. Why would I be ashamed of something I'm good at?
  4. The fuck you even talking about gramps?
  5. I don't understand how that was supposed to be insulting
  6. Haha! Fuck the Police!

    "COVER! COVER!" Pussy ass bitches.
  7. See I'm a sucker for those "I don't need no man" types. Less stress, they're usually wild in bed too.
  8. Are strippers often hot? Or just sometimes hot? Idk, maybe I'm just too picky. I'm not offended, it's just not a good look bud. Repeatedly writing off female sex workers as either dumb or unmotivated could be construed as sexism, and you don't wanna be called a sexist now do ya Congratulations by the way, you've uncovered the great conspiracy here! The left doesn't like Donald Trump!!! THey're willing to spend money to make him look bad! WOW!!!
  9. School shooting in MD

    They never deactivated... All depends how you measure the problem. Chicago's doing better than plenty of cities as far as the murder rate goes:
  10. You're being pretty fucking gross right now dude. Strippers are often intelligent, motivated women. Of course it would have hurt more pre-election, but the #MeToo movement hadn't started yet and they had signed these contracts they thought they could be sued for violating. I'm sure these lawyers are working pro-bono out of a mutual interest of tarnishing Trump's record by the way. JACKPOT!!!
  11. School shooting in MD

    Did I say Chicago doesn't have a gun violence issue? I don't remember saying that.