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  1. "Mental deficiencies" isn't better you fuckin stunod.
  2. I know my name is Ben, but I'm not a Jew. Sorry bro.
  3. Wildboer

    Joke for Wildboer

    I'm just confused why they wasted their time with the hot dog at the first bar
  4. Wildboer

    Racism. Alive and well.

    Yeah, but that doesn't magically absolve the right you fucking moron.
  5. Wildboer

    Racism. Alive and well.

    I mean, it's possible. Doesn't sound any less delusional than believing in God if you ask me.
  6. Wildboer

    Racism. Alive and well.

    You exclusively read fiction, we live in a simulation dumbass.
  7. Flat as fuck all around, she can take her entitled pussy elsewhere if you ask me. Bitch has a pre-pubescent body.
  8. Wildboer

    Donny Tinyhands lol

    The words of a dude who's obviously never seen how fucked up shit was before building codes... Reactionary douche.
  9. Wildboer

    Donny Tinyhands lol

    What does that have to do with their perception that liberals are waging war on their way of life?
  10. Wildboer


    Dave, that's after the bar, this was actual waterboarding in public. Sheesh.
  11. Wildboer

    Well This is Fucked

    Says the dude who's got pudding for a brain
  12. Wildboer


    She doesn't do this one at all... If she did this torture thing wouldn't be haunting her right now.