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  1. It's always cool to see a first time winner, that shake up at the end sure kept it interesting. Also it was nice getting to watch xfinity without any cup guys running away with it.
  2. Kane Sneakbox, a local NJ pale ale. Also a touch of Wild Turkey 101.
  3. Managed to comandeer a TV at the local dive bar, not a bad race.
  4. I haven't demonized you at all, honestly you seem like a decent guy. I have plenty of family members I love and see regularly that wholeheartedly agree with everything you're saying.
  5. I said in real life. This is the internet and you're choosing to engage me, has this been a problem at your job, a local store, or a restaurant you frequent? Yes. Women were using the women's room and you normies said, "Hey, stop being a woman and go to the mens room." This issue is exacerbated by the fact that it's not uncommon for normies to beat trans women who use the bathroom that matches their birth sex. I knew I wasn't going to change your mind this whole time. I'm here for the sport of the argument, I'd be an idiot if I thought I could invade a conservative echo chamber and start winning over hearts and minds. Edit- If you want the lesbian couple to remain friendly make sure you don't tell them you think they have a mental disorder lol
  6. Have you ever come across this problem irl? Or is your outrage based on hypotheticals you'll never actually experience? They're not mental disorders, and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't here about it half as much if you would just shut the fuck up about what bathrooms trans people use.
  7. "I'm cool with it, just stop forcing me to actually be cool with it!" You can't have it both ways, you either accept it as normal or you're not really cool with it.
  8. Same, I work all day and have to sneak it onto a TV no one else is watching. It sucks here in North NJ, it's like people are bothered that NASCAR is on, they'll ask for it to be changed to a baseball game they aren't even interested in. Doesn't even have to be a local team and they don't even pay attention to it.
  9. You're projecting, and still confusing gender for sex. There are two sexes, we ascribed certain behaviors to those sexes, those masculine and feminine traits are what make up gender.
  10. Seeing Linda McMahon at that meeting brought me to the sad revelation that Vince McMahon would be a more competent president than Trump.
  11. Oh damn, maybe I'll grab some Miller and spend the night in.
  12. Damn, for a minute there I thought there my be a good race to watch tonight.
  13. What kind of track is Iowa?
  14. How does this happen unless you have serious beer goggles? Just look at the shoulders.
  15. Or gender to fluid. I feel a lot better now, thank you.