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  1. You're hung up on changing the definition of a word. Luntz changed the definition of an issue by using misleading words to define it. It's a different style of verbal manipulation, the goal is the same though, mislead people with word games.
  2. That's not how I choose to define his work
  3. You have a pretty tenuous relationship with the truth dude.
  4. It's about redefining issues by manipulating language, spin that as you wish.
  5. About an hour from being back in NJ, we have to help the plumber install a big ass soaking tub in a master bath tomorrow. This weekend is "free weekend" in Old Forge, out of staters don't need a permit, so we won't be heading back until next Thursday. We've already got reservations for an annual wild game dinner a local chef does. Elk carpaccio anyone?
  6. @jtssrx's next thread: "Nathan Phillips enjoys spending his spare time punching, slapping babies in the face."
  7. Luntz literally wrote a book about it in 2007 dude...
  8. I think it went viral because Joey Logano Jr's face looked so damn punchable in the edited video. The MAGA hats definitely helped though. Also this is how I imagine the inside of Catholic School:
  9. They learned this tactic from right wing strategists like Luntz... FOH
  10. It's about expectations. Everyone already knows Black Israelites are loud, obnoxious, assholes. For some reason it still surprises people that kids in Catholic school are also usually assholes though.
  11. After the Oval Office shit show I'd think the Dems would be dying to get him back on prime time talking about the shutdown
  12. It's hilarious watching so many people become acquainted with what the Black Israelites are. I've been ignoring these whackos preaching on city streets since I was a little kid. There is no reason to bother taking them seriously.
  13. Except when they're worn with purple dresses.
  14. Oh yeah, because Trump looked so great the last time he addressed the shutdown on prime time national television
  15. Wildboer

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    140mi with my parents today, closing in on 500mi for the season, I need to find faster riding partners