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  1. 600ProX2

    Miles Per Gallon?

    I love river riding.....
  2. 600ProX2

    Northern Michigan

    Kind of concerned about the traffic. Will be riding during the week so hopefully we get some good miles.
  3. 600ProX2

    Northern Michigan

    We are heading to Houghton Super Bowl Sunday.
  4. 2012 Switchback ProR. 0 miles. No snow in northern Iowa
  5. 600ProX2

    Tax plan calculator

    Save 1,768. Live In Iowa
  6. 600ProX2


    The bold is not possible with that fucking retard
  7. That is true. I think after the initial shock that most had when they were cut at our facility was it probably was the best thing that could have happened. I am assuming Mondelez?
  8. I really wish I was young again. LOL. It was really a pretty good gig up to about 4 or 5 years ago. I am a maintenance guy working mostly with PLC's and HMI functions. I heard that the shakedown in Chicago was pretty ugly. I knew a few who jobs were eliminated and they had been there a long time.
  9. I am in Iowa at a manufacturing plant. I started here when it was General Foods 28 years ago. As they have been bought up by all these different entities, it has been take take take. I realize that is the way of the world now and I am free to go other places. Thing is I would be giving up all my vacation and there really is not a lot of other options where I could make what I do now so I am riding it out as long as I can.
  10. I am with Edmo on this. I currently work for KraftHeinz and since the merger, it has been take all you can from the employee's
  11. 600ProX2

    Dishwasher question...good brand.

    Love the Ping-Pong table.
  12. You really are fucking stupid. Can you drink and not be impaired? Where did I say I was caught as an impaired driver? If you are so superior to other people that you feel you can be judge and jury without knowing a fucking thing about the circumstances maybe you are in the wrong line of work. Or maybe you should just shut the fuck up.
  13. Not only are you a dumb fuck but a real pussy also. You don't know me or anything about me. I really have no desire to sit and try to explain simple shit to a closed minded conceited asshole, but I will give it a shot. I think it is great that you put yourself on some kind of pedestal and feel you can judge people by a comment on the internet. You obviously missed a calling. Never said that I was always driving impaired now did I, but somehow you knew that? Wishing death on a person is a good trait. I can respect that. I hope you choke on your boyfriend's dick.
  14. Plenty, Been busted for it also. Anything else? Does not change my original comment.