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  1. SmeeAgain

    New avengers trailer!!!!!!!!!!$$$$

    Looks awesome! Always see them in the IMAX theatre at the forum 30 in Sterling Heights. I hope to see Hela in the new one.
  2. Poor bastard. Probably thinking he could just fuck her and it couldn't be that bad with the lights out... Then comes her demands..
  3. SmeeAgain

    Right in the old brainbox

    Awesome! Why did they waste money flighting that bastard to the hospital? Should have just called the coroner.
  4. SmeeAgain

    Meme thread

    I know exactly what you mean. There was a guy in the office a few years back that was a retired cop (city or sheriff), became a police chief at the Sheriff's office (I believe) , and had worked for the county. He was running to be a representative. He was in his early 60's and making over $100k in retirement from 3 pensions.
  5. SmeeAgain

    Meme thread

    I don't think it has much to do with their IQ, but more their personality type. Most seem to want to be at the center of anything going on and/or to get the power invested in them. A bud of mine's girlfriend worked at the courthouse and made about $55K a year. She only worked weekdays, has all holidays and other days off. Cushy as hell job. She went to cop school and is now a cop. She got a $3k a year raise in salary, now works nights, weekends, and holidays. It's a real shitty deal and the what they have to put up with in paperwork is unreal. I told her she has rocks in the head for taking the cop job. I never took her as the type, but I guess she must be.
  6. I understand he was headed to a flat Earth meeting after the Guam hearing...
  7. SmeeAgain

    Xmas music

    Aww hell. Didn't see that. Been actually working... LOL
  8. Bold: Awesome! Good to hear. How do you like the CT6? My sister got one two months before my ATS was up. I wasn't going to get the same car as her and park it right next to hers outside our office. I've seen her walk up to my CTS (both cars are black) and put her briefcase in the back seat and open the driver's door before she realized she was at the wrong car more than once. LOL. The CT6 has some pretty cool options.
  9. Rain and ice performance is really going to depend on tires. SUVs are getting tires for that these days. The don't put smaller truck tires on them anymore. I think you may be surprised. About 18 months ago I got my wife a new XT5 and I got a new CTS last March. The CTS has Pirelli PZEROs on it. I'm pretty sure the XT5 will do better in just about any condition other than a dry summer day. LOL
  10. Cars are more fun to drive, but SUV's are much more comfortable as a DD. Getting in and out, the ride over shitty roads, the vision, the seating position, etc.. Take a long drive and you will be far more fresh coming out of a SUV than any car.
  11. SmeeAgain

    Anus licker

    I haven't seen that either!