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  1. SmeeAgain

    Poor Ozzy

    Thanks Bro. I wouldn't give it a second thought as obviously it's how your body reacts to those toxins and it's very unlikely to get it. Most are over 60 and less than 1% get it.
  2. SmeeAgain

    Poor Ozzy

    How long did your cousin's husband last?
  3. SmeeAgain

    Poor Ozzy

    I had a teacher who was the father of one of my best friends die of it in High School. If I was ever diagnosed with ALS, I'd eat a bullet rather than put my family through that.
  4. SmeeAgain

    Poor Ozzy

    It's a brutal disease. My Dad also had hydrocephalus (Water pressure on the brain). He had been showing slight signs of the Parkinson's for years, but the symptoms were very slow and they weren't even sure he had it for the longest time. When we realized he had hydrocephalus we arranged for him to get a relief valve put it. That was done in April. It took him almost a month to recover from the anesthesia as Parkinson's patients react very poorly to it. He was doing very well when we went to Florida for our 2.5 week vacation in July. I thought he was going to be in great shape when we got back. I got a text from my sister half way through saying he was not doing better but much worse. I was very surprised. With the hydrocephalus gone, the Parkinson's came on like a freight train. He passed within 2 months. I guess I should be thankful that the hydrocephalus kept him being my dad for several years that I probably wouldn't have had without it. I don't know how long specifically, but I believe they are good for 10 t0 20 years after being diagnosed.
  5. SmeeAgain

    Poor Ozzy

    The health people are always talking about toxins in your body and you need to consume antioxidants for good health. I know a guy (computer programmer) who beat a terminal diagnosis of cancer by taking a shitload of antioxidants and doing nothing else. His cancer completely disappeared only to die in a zip line accident in Mexico 10 years later.
  6. SmeeAgain

    Poor Ozzy

    I think that's a fair assessment.
  7. SmeeAgain

    Poor Ozzy

    My Dad had Parkinson's. When he was in a rehab hospital in Florida, I asked the head PT guy who told me he worked with all kinds of Parkinson's patients, who seems to get it. He told me many were painters, many were farmers who dealt with sprays, but most he dealt with were GE employees. My Dad was always spraying the lawn and fruit trees. No idea why the GE employees got it, but being exposed to paints and pesticides your whole life seems to be a pattern.
  8. SmeeAgain

    Poor Ozzy

    Ozzy is top drawer with me. Can't stand his fucking wife or daughter.
  9. SmeeAgain

    Extremely Important Info

    Now that's some good info!!
  10. SmeeAgain

    GC on god.

    I guess it's what you like. I was watching an interview with Dana Carvey and the gal asked him who he and other comedians find funny. He said usually they don't find each other funny, but the Dice Man is funny to them..
  11. SmeeAgain

    GC on god.

    When talking the funniest comedians, it's difficult to omit The Dice Man.
  12. SmeeAgain

    Meme thread

    And the Mona Lisa is a fucking painting!