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  1. SmeeAgain

    Good News For Flint

    The corruption in the ranks of the city officials always has been unreal. Buddy of mine who owns a car dealership provides cars to the drug task force. A few years ago he was talking to the head guy of the task force about the corruption in Detroit. He said they had enough on the council members and the Detroit school officials to send all of them up the river for 20 years. They weren't going to act on it because the press and everyone involved would be crying racism. This was when Obie was in office. The flint council members all should be held accountable for their activities.
  2. SmeeAgain

    Good News For Flint

    I saw an editorial a couple of months ago about the pipes all being replaced already. Sounds like it all done.
  3. SmeeAgain

    Good News For Flint

    Just saw last night that the water in Flint is excellent now. The new gov-elect said so.
  4. I swear that could be my mother in law . Lucky my wife was adopted...
  5. SmeeAgain

    American Teachers Battle For Maternity Leave

    Christ I saw that too!! About as contagious as it comes. Probably more like the retard at CNN buttering the article.
  6. I saw him on Bill Maher's show on HBO during the election. He told Maher that Trump was going to win. The Dem panel just laughed and dismissed him. Guess he was right all along.
  7. SmeeAgain

    It's Stupid

    I think this one is even better!!
  8. SmeeAgain

    Public Opinion on Abortion

    Very true. 30% of the population will vote party lines no matter what the subject or issue at hand.
  9. SmeeAgain

    Public Opinion on Abortion

    No question this is all a right-wing point. Problem is, you get a fanatic that wants to do something about abortion because their invisible guy in the sky says so, they go to the republican party to accomplish their foolishness. Couple of years ago I was at the local fair when a rain storm hit. We went into a building where they all those booths of vendors. One was a republican local rep hopeful. I was talking to this woman there and the sole reason she was attempting to get into politics was to stop abortion 100%.
  10. SmeeAgain

    Public Opinion on Abortion

    Easy.. The public is becoming more educated and less fanatical religious..
  11. SmeeAgain

    Public Opinion on Abortion

    Typically, I find your opinions on most subjects pretty out to lunch, but I'd say you are spot on with this subject.
  12. When I was in college, my GF was in a dorm of women only. They were always complaining of shit interfering with their TVs - especially in the evening. We were at spencers one day and saw the dildo vibrators there. We got one thinking (knowing) it would be fun. When it was on, it was putting lines through the TVs just like the ones they were always complaining about. Guess we got to the bottom of that mystery didn't we.
  13. More evidence that women like porn too.
  14. SmeeAgain

    Meme thread

    Spike Lee said the same thing 25 to 30 years ago!
  15. The FDA is not supposed to allow the sale of any item that can not be used safely. Is there any safe use of an e-cig? Probably not. There certainly is no way to use a regular cig safely, but the deals that have been made with big tobacco have allowed them to continue. In reality, all should not be allowed for sale (according to their mandate). It wouldn't bother me a bit if they were banned. Not much worse than the stench of a cigarette or someone who has been smoking one.