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  1. SmeeAgain

    Very Cool!!

    The full pic...
  2. SmeeAgain

    Very Cool!!

    TBH, I can't believe anyone is really that dumb. How could his posts not be a joke to get reactions?
  3. SmeeAgain

    Very Cool!!

    Wow! That's just awesome.
  4. SmeeAgain

    Very Cool!!

    Well, the accretion disk is flat.. So you have that....
  5. SmeeAgain

    Very Cool!!
  6. So they broadcast for corn huh? When I worked on our farm, we only would broadcast for wheat and in prep for soys. That looks like a very nice machine. Much better than towing a spreader that's just looking for a soft spot to sink in. LOL
  7. After reading the article, I have to wonder how accurate the thing is. Toward the end, it states that one of the ways to reduce the ammonia (which is what their complaining about) was to inject fertilizer rather than surface application. I've never heard of anyone broadcasting fertilizer in a corn field. Every planter made injects it as far a I know. Maybe he's getting spreading cow shit confused with modern planters.
  8. A buddy of mine and I could drop by some time for a game this summer. We're always looking for a nice course to make us look bad. LOL
  9. That would be great! Have you been in contact with Jim (Queeny). LOL
  10. Or my fingers too. That would have taken a finger or two easily. It wasn't pleasant, but probably hit the best part it could have. I've worked on shit my whole life and never had an accident like this. Hope it's my last.
  11. Awesome! She shot that guy point blank in the chest. I doubt he survived.
  12. I'm doing good too. I just got back from 10 days in Florida (Disney) Sunday night. I'm going to be a little late to the party with golf this spring. I had a little run-in with an exploding cutoff blade on the hand grinder a few weeks ago. Was fucking stupid really. I was cutting an old cast iron 6" sewer pipe in the basement of my office. I wasn't wearing gloves and when the final cut was made the pipe pinched the blade and it flew apart. Just fucking stupid as I could have really been hurt. I heard from the Heeb last fall, He was looking at some property to be a part owner in for hunting about 20 miles north of me. He wanted me to go up and look at it for him so he didn't have to drive up here himself. I totally forgot to check it out. Maybe this week... Good to hear from you bro!
  13. How u doing Mike? Getting the sticks ready for a round? It's coming!