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  1. rjd75


    I was waiting for Fail to say that..
  2. rjd75


    What is everyone's take on these flooding issues. I don't particularly remember this to be some kind of Noah's Arc spring for rain and not for snow either. Certainly have seen worse in terms of rain fall and snow fall. So what gives? I can only assume this is some kind of man made mishandling of the water system being blamed on climate change, etc.
  3. rjd75

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Yeah, it's not short like a one way slogan. It's a long three way slogan, like the three ways truedope has with Sophie and Gerry.
  4. rjd75

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    "We are investing in the middle class and those working hard to join it" Is that a slogan?? Pretty sure I have heard it once or twice.
  5. rjd75


    Has anyone seen this? Pretty wild.. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/skizee-motorized-skiing-1.4950886
  6. There is no is no law that says you can't buy a Furnace or parts or whatever. I buy this stuff all the time, it is a myth. I buy stuff, I call the manufacturer for support without issue, i get stuff replaced under warranty without issue. Just like the myth you will void your car warranty if you don't do all of the ridiculous maintenance recommended by the dealer or the manual. Total BS.
  7. These guys want you to believe these furnaces are rocket science, they are not. Once you learn the basics of how a Furnace works they are all more or less the same and all suffer from the same common problems. Everyone gets scared because "it's gas", you are not touching the gas line and there are so many safety mechanisms in place which are often the parts that fail. Having talked to some of these so called "hvac experts" half of them don't really know what they are doing anyways and are often feeding you bullshit. This past winter my blower capacitor blew, I fixed it myself with a new capacitor for $2. A few days later the blower itself died due to the damage from the blown cap. I picked up a new pcm blower motor and a new cap for $80 and had it back up and running in 2 hrs. I am not a trades person, I just like to problem solve the info is all out there on the net. Getting the parts is sometimes a challenge but I find most places will sell them without issue as long as it is not something like refrigerant that requires a license. Paying for some bs maintenance contract is a waste of money, I don't see how the manufacturer will not honor the warranty.
  8. rjd75

    2 more boards in the big chute

    These ice pile ups are nothing new, happens every year somewhere on the lake. Every year it's on the news like some new phenomenon, with someone saying they have never seen this or have not seen it in decades. I have many pictures like that from around the Oro area over the last 20 years. Part of being on a big lake, the ice has to go somewhere.
  9. rjd75

    *** OFFICIAL Patrick Brown thread ***

    Are you speaking from experience?
  10. rjd75

    *** OFFICIAL Patrick Brown thread ***

    Good to see he's out, he should drop out of politics and re-invent himself as an actor. He would be a perfect for a starring role in a movie about the life of Peter North.
  11. rjd75

    *** OFFICIAL Patrick Brown thread ***

    Yeah, but according to him IT IS THE WHOLE STORY. So if it's true and he likes to over extend himself on borrowed money hoping to break even on air bnb, then he is not too sharp. If there is much more to the story, then he obviously takes the general public for idiots hoping they believe his bullshit. If there is more, which we all know there is, the time for it to come out will be during the election. You can be sure Wynnebag would get to the bottom of it. So in either scenario he is a side show and should step aside. I don't see how anyone could trust him at this point or have any confidence in him, it's too late.
  12. rjd75

    *** OFFICIAL Patrick Brown thread ***

    I'm not sure what your point is, you are OK with someone who can't manage their own finances to be premiere because Trudeau couldn't either? You are saying there is more to the story, that's what I started out saying so I guess on that we agree.
  13. rjd75

    *** OFFICIAL Patrick Brown thread ***

    You are right, he is displaying his sharp business acumen. The story he gave the layman is that "like every other young person in Ontario his family loaned him money for a down payment on a home" .
  14. rjd75

    *** OFFICIAL Patrick Brown thread ***

    Net loss on your primary residence is deductible against your income? Come on, who would leverage them self like that? I want to see Wynne go too, but this guy is not the answer stop making excuses for him.
  15. rjd75

    *** OFFICIAL Patrick Brown thread ***

    He's damaged goods now, party needs to dump him. Here's the house.. https://www.alkerton.com/property-print.php?id=45#prettyPhoto Mill rate is .879281 GENERAL INFORMATION Roll Number: 434601000709000 Property Type: Residential Unit Address: 3 Pemberton Lane, Oro-Medonte Assessed Value: