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  1. Thats twice now you picked on micky d glasses..i love my collection ..especially the road runner ones!
  2. do the candidates get the questions ahead of time i wonder?
  3. 90 minutes is a good part of what's left in her life even..Jesus I hope she doesn't kick the bucket right there on the stage.
  4. Not against Trump though and now with her debilitating health problems and won't be pretty..cough..cough.
  5. I just want to know how much momo is paying you..
  6. Jesus A huge liar calling someone else a liar.
  7. This seems like a good idea..for sure to do a lot of ribs at once on a gas grill. check the vid
  8. Capt.Storm

    Question for MC

    or the third choice ..sit your ass home..which you will do .
  9. Capt.Storm

    Arnold Palmer has died....American Icon

    Holy crap..I thought that would never happen to him..damn.
  10. I cook with charcoal camping though..I might try the wood chip deal .
  11. That charcoal chit will kill you!