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  1. Thats to bad with all the doom and gloom from you. Ben wants us to kill cops, etc.... you want us to kill idols. No wonder this country has such mass shootings. Its from all you "smart sane people" errrr... I mean from gun toting right wing nutjobs......correct??
  2. Someone who is waiting for a new great leader to lead us to revolution.......are you him??
  3. Well he's black, so we dont want to have you call us racist......our bleeding hearts want to make sure you feel validated with your pro black, anti white views.
  4. Yeah I was going to wait for the 19s, but a local dealer has a blacked out LTZ Midnight edition or some shit. I might go drive it.
  5. Yeah, at least the 2018 Raptors are 450hp and I think 510 tq. Im just starting the new truck buying process right now. Chevy and Ram are coming out with new shit for 2019. And Ford got a refresh for 2018. Not sure Id be interested in a 7.0L Ford though.....
  6. Legend

    Woman calls cops on park BBQ

    Not on Antifa. She would have grabbed a bag for her head and tried eating a triple cheeseburger with a side of acne.
  7. Legend

    Woman calls cops on park BBQ

    Fat Whoopi Blackberg said she's rassissits. So therefore she is.
  8. I believe thats Geoff Bodine. Not Brett.
  9. Legend

    America’s fittest cities.

    Madison WI, no surprise there. 75% skinny power bottom twinks.
  10. I havent seen that. Though I do tend to not read his shit because of all his liberul bullshit. If thats the case, Im sorry I posted at all in this thread.
  11. So you call out someone elses wages, even if it is toolkit, but you are afraid to reveal your wages........ figured you'd like the cop