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  1. I will probably post in both just because they are both dipshits and I dont want one feeling like less of a dipshit than the other...
  2. Never get sick of watching that. Dude is lucky to be alive.
  3. World series of speed at New Smyrna started last night. Carson Kvapil was leading Super Lates and was taken out on white flag lap. Rockford IL area driver Jeremy Miller won the Pro Late Model Class. Hallie Deegan finished second.
  4. If any Packers were on the juice, they wouldnt SUCK as bad as they did this year. Clay needs a double dose....
  5. The Pats will be better next year. Gronk will retire, and Bill will find some flunky to step up and be 95% as good as Gronk, but he will actually play the whole year. I'd say Vegas will "revise" the odds before next August.
  6. Legend

    Meme thread

    Half of the pajama wearing sluts at Walmart would run after them looking for a baby daddy...... And the other half are to fat to run....
  7. If you are going to pick on dummies, try not to be one yourself.
  8. But it does matter. He is not white, so people like Moto love him. If he was white and the kid was a minority, the roles would be reversed.
  9. Legend

    Meme thread

    Is this moto??
  10. Actually my "projects" right now are peeling stickers and peeling fucking foam... Those and a tether and getting rid of the stock suitcase. The vented engine is going to have to wait. I couldnt find any lower cases for sale, and Im not giving Polaris $1k for both cases new. So I will wait until a case come available.