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  1. Little lean, and I got it hot a few times. 190* or so. The crowns dont look all that good either, but no chunks missing. I got a 13.8:1 head on it. Mtn sled.
  2. 1800 miles on the Wossner pistons poo 800. Try Wiseco this go round.
  3. Ive posted pics of my broads all over!!!! WTF is wrong with you!!!!! Wanna compare biceps or W-2's???!!!?!?!?!?!?!?
  4. No it was a 150. The only part wrapped was the plaque. And the wrap was the same color as the paint. I just saw the back, but it looked fairly stock.
  5. Where yours says Superduty, mine is stamped F-150. I bought some matte black plastic inserts that fit the stamping and that looks pretty good IMO.
  6. Is it gay if you are the giver? a couple of my broads like it in the ass. Most of them arent into it though.
  7. Thats the one. I hate that thing. Though I saw on the ford forum somebody put a body color wrap over it but left the word platinum unwrapped. Looked pretty good actually.
  8. Yeah got the honeycomb grill instead of the 2 bar shit. Grill is body colored. Different wheels, body colored bumpers, different leather seats and some graphics shit. Ford has a bunch of goofy packages. I have a 18 Lariat 502A with Special Edition package, Sport package, and FX4 package. Half the shit overlaps each other, but whatever. It was on the lot and I liked it.
  9. Mines a Lariat. I wanted leather.
  10. Well I bought a new 18 F150 in June. I would only buy the Special Edition package because I didnt like the regular grill. Or all the gay ass chrome on the front. And I wouldnt buy a Limited or a Platinum because of the gay ass plaque on the tailgate.
  11. The side looks like a last gen Ram. I dont hate GM, but WTF ARE THEY THINKING........
  12. Not even close. And Ive bedded an ugly duck or 4 in my life.