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  1. Serious question. How could anyone believe the polls after what happened with the last election?
  2. Where the fuck are the studs and a 1” hacksaw? What is that a 1.6 cobra? cmon bro
  3. If the race is a mile long, no they won’t. Otherwise the 850 or 800 will walk all over a cfr until it hits its wall. You’ll have to ask Ben but some of the guys were saying the cfr was badly bruised and beat down after racing that weekend
  4. A 850 with fucked up belt deflection and 10k on the motor would boot stomp those old formula triples bro. Oops.
  5. Etecs are nice motors. No doubt about that. I’d own one. They definately seem to be the most reliable 2 stroke out there.
  6. 3,200 miles on my sled now. I think the 850 may have a slight advantage in the midrange, while my poo has the bottom end. To be honest, I think the 850 was hyped up to be a lot faster than it really is. If an 850 doo isn’t edging out 800s that would be a failure of epic proportions. Now if poo can just get the lords 850 healthy.....
  7. Fuckin etecs are lazy everywhere except WOT. When I ride the 800 or 850 etecs I get bored of their lame ass powerband on the trails. My xcr has so much more pop on the trails than those fuckin things do not to mention Jesus himself designed and engineered the Axys chassis
  8. Fucking faggot. That 850 is side by side at 50 with my clapped out 800 and gets a sled or two on top.. Big deal now go kill yourself you brain dead cock smokin Trudeau lover
  9. thewayout

    Yammie 2 Stroke

    Lol. Exactly, which makes the Yamaha the 2nd 3rd place sled. Aka 4th with those fucking faggot ass tuner skis that can’t even take advantage of arctic cats front end
  10. 800 HO that came out in 15 has been very good overall, FWIW.
  11. thewayout


    I shim’d my prosteers and put ski savers on from bergstrom. Using 7.5” shapers with 2k miles on them now and they are slightly worn, but they wear evenly, not just on the front like unshimmed skis would. My coworker has a 16 pro s that goes through carbides like a mofo. He put the shims on last year and said the difference was incredible. The best thing I did was add those two things. Darting disappeared completely, the skis look brand new still, and it handles pretty damn well I think. Might be worth a shot before dropping $450 on skis.
  12. thewayout

    CFR1k FTW !!!!!!!!!111

    Anyone that hangs like a monkey off a sled like that doesn’t belong in a race, fuckin noobs
  13. thewayout

    CFR1k FTW !!!!!!!!!111

    And then the xcr buttrapes the new wiz bang cat. It’ll be perfect.
  14. Fuji triples and zrts/thundercats sounded great. Srx and even the yammi 600 and 700 triple singles sounded good.