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  1. thewayout

    Amsnow Shootout

    60s is pathetic for a 120 hp sled. My 600 etec ran 83 in 1000 ft
  2. thewayout

    Amsnow Shootout

    2017 xcr 800HO previous was 2011 xrs 600
  3. thewayout

    Amsnow Shootout

    Xcr 800 when I was in the market for my xrs etec 600 it was the end of the dark days for poo around 13-14. I avoided the old 800s like the plague. The newer 800HO is a great motor
  4. thewayout

    Amsnow Shootout

    Idk. First year axys sleds were great and the XC seem to be good so far
  5. thewayout

    Amsnow Shootout

    What an awful period of time to spring order a poo
  6. thewayout

    Amsnow Shootout

    700 dealer prep pro x was damn impressive considering the sled and what it was designed for.
  7. thewayout

    Amsnow Shootout

    I ain’t scared of your niggercat. Bring it on faggot!!!!
  8. thewayout

    Amsnow Shootout

    This xcr is no joke bro
  9. thewayout

    Amsnow Shootout

    My 800 hasn’t lost yet across the lake.... theyre as advertised and reliable to boot
  10. Without him the chiefs won’t skip a beat. Spencer Ware is the real deal, hunt was just a little bit better. I really don’t think they’re going to be drastically affected by this.
  11. The zr1 is faster than the eco GT around the track, what’s ford got that can keep up with either vette at the Vette’s price point, since the GT is like quadruple the price.
  12. The 80s called and wants your retro blizzard and front door back.
  13. How many mustang guys swapped out those junk ford 4.6 and 5.0s for LS motors? You never see a GM with a ford engine swap. whats ford got to contend with the z06 with the 6.2?