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  1. 278 miles on a 2019 ctec 800 and it blew it up. The meth is strong at the cat plant
  2. Multiple Ctec 800s got dirty gaped today by our 850 doos. Holy shit they’re average.
  3. Early reports coming in that he’s stable. If true, that’s amazing and thank god. Im not holding my breath though, media reports are always viewed with skepticism in my book.
  4. thewayout

    I always kiss and tell!!!

    I'd venture to guess the turbo is toast too being a journal bearing design? Either way, i feel for woolie. That sucks. He blows up a 2 stroke, goes to a 4 stroke for reliability purposes and this happens. Fuckin sleds. They're all great until they break.
  5. thewayout

    I always kiss and tell!!!

    903 Turbo 420090320 $8,019.99
  6. Not too bad locally today. Rode about 80 miles or so. Most was pretty good, some corners were thin. We could use another 6” to make things very acceptable. All in all a nice day. It was beautiful out.
  7. Maybe ride it some more and don’t use ethanol fuel and you wouldn’t have had a sticky injector
  8. Jesus, the fuckin thing come uncunted or what? The doo mechanic up in land o lakes WI told Preston and Steve that he would never buy an 800 etec. Said the 850s have been much better.
  9. thewayout

    Water heater is pissing.

    how have the vertex heaters been? Anything I should be doing maintenance wise?
  10. thewayout

    Water heater is pissing.

    We have an AO Smith vertex 100,000 btu water heater. It was newly installed when we moved in, $2,000-$2,500 That being said it’s endless hot water and a very nice unit.
  11. Lol me. The medium windshield from doo is a lot bigger then I expected so I painted that and the hand guards black to help make it look better. It looks nice in person.