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  1. So is 137 dead now?

    Yes. The Pro-s is 2.86 in all variations though.
  2. So is 137 dead now?

    Plenty of differences, some are useful, some aren't noticeable. One thing is for sure, though. The XCR will hold up over the long haul much better then a pro S will all things being equal. The fuckin' pro-s eats bogie wheels and bearings. The XCR has IQR solid idler wheels and bearings along with the IQR rear axle. Mine all look fantastic after 2400 miles, bens were all junk after 500 miles . The hayes race brake is just fantastic. 2.52 pitch,1.35 cobra standard. Standard WE needle shocks. You get the WE 2.0 FTS compared to that wet noodle the pro-s has that is always bottoming and bucking you around. Different gearing, reinforced rails, pro X sway bar and riser, IQR handlebars, hardened jackshaft, Chromoly front torque arm and rear scissor, etc. Fuck the list goes on. ITS JUST A PRO-S!!!!!!!?!?!?!!?!! Its the little things that make the sled that much better.
  3. So is 137 dead now?

    WTF. Dont you have some fuckin carbs to link and sync faggot!!!
  4. So is 137 dead now?

    I think the xcr is it’s own machine, it’s a much different beast than your standard pro S. Plenty of info via google search to see that.
  5. So is 137 dead now?

    I knew I’d guthook Ben after his circa 2001 snowmobile trip, dealing with carbs jetted too rich and limited miles because his whole body is sore from riding a cat with suspensions that consisted of the ETT and AWS V That angus has just been peppered, son.
  6. So is 137 dead now?

    121 uncoupled, 2.52 xcr ftw. What a fucking blast on the trails that thing is. I could give a fuck less about longer track lengths on the trails with a sled as nimble as the xcr is. I hope they don’t go away from the pro-XC skid, its pretty fantastic as a trail machine.
  7. Seems high for a cat. 2k would sound more reasonable.
  8. Dayum!!!

    My cobra has held up great the xcr is still one of the sleds to best for pure trail riding. The XC is baller status, but pushing the xcr out? Please. The xcr is so far ahead of anything PC it’s laughable, honestly. They really can’t be compared in any meaningful way.
  9. Dayum!!!

    Rip 1 is shit. Rip 2 seems to be a pretty damn good track but I like my cobra also
  10. Dayum!!!

    Damn bro, why you gotta be like that.
  11. Dayum!!!

    I think I’m at 3/8” but I’m gunna double check now because I’m curious.
  12. Dayum!!!

    We lined up again this weekend, hardpack on the lake, ran for about a mile or so, he didn’t catch me, had him beat by about 1-2 sled lengths. He wasn’t happy and insisted my sled was modded
  13. Dayum!!!

    I’m listening..... any update on pricing/dealer?
  14. Dayum!!!

    That’s a 2.86 pitch track on the XC then?
  15. Dayum!!!

    The power points have been great so far for me. The backers are just the cats ass, no pun intended the nut is molded into the backer which can make installs a bit more tedious but the stud support, durability, lightweight, and added traction of the backer profile is really awesome. My buddies call them cheater backers.