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  1. ACE

    Did you hear?

    We have an affect but unlikely the main driver
  2. ACE

    Los Angeles N**ggers

    The original was clearly nigger
  3. ACE

    Did you hear?

    Not really a wild observation. It’s been warming for 20,000 years
  4. ACE

    Big question.

    Pity bump
  5. I’m waiting for my kung flu results
  6. ACE

    Did you hear?

    Black holes are slowly consuming the entire universe. Once it does gravity will cease to exist and all the matter inside the black holes explode outwards
  7. ACE

    DOW 30,000

    Invest in half kayaks?
  8. ACE

    DOW 30,000

    Well he’s kinda gay
  9. ACE

    DOW 30,000

    He really needs to read a book
  10. ACE

    would you

    I donated a couple grand last year
  11. ACE

    DOW 30,000

    How long you been saying that for man
  12. ACE

    DOW 30,000

    Remember when Behn thought it was a good idea to short a market driven by a self made billionaire
  13. ACE

    Did you hear?

    Well he says it’s impossible for oil to burn so