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  1. JT has big gay Ben triggered so bad lol
  2. Lol that’s what you did lol owned
  3. OP is a retard for insinuating that whites are a different race
  4. Will it be as dumb as climate alarmism?
  5. ACE

    Ski Donk 8 Diddy turb

    I really liked the S chassis
  6. Told the parents they might want to get away for a while dang
  7. ACE

    Ski Donk 8 Diddy turb

    Lol they suck if it’s rough
  8. ACE

    Ski Donk 8 Diddy turb

    Pull up to the warm up shacks with an old Mach z surrounded by new sleds and everyone just wants to look at the Mach lol
  9. ACE

    Ski Donk 8 Diddy turb

    Yup and man those things would rail a corner
  10. Polar bears were a great talking point for them but unfortunately for them they’d rather have them actually go extinct
  11. ACE


    Would like to see Conor vs masvidal