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  1. I'm a Poo guy and I would go with the etec over the 11 poo. Just my 2 cents canadian
  2. 2011's had very thin cylinder skirts and were prone to cracking. Fuel map is a lot richer than 13 and up. While it may be better than the CFI 4 it was the first year CFI 2 800. My son had one,,,we got rid of it.
  3. Zambonoggin grow op
  4. Busch used to be $34.95 for a 24 of cans and Bud Light was/is $41.95. now Bush has creeped up to $40.00 so more folks will switch now that there is little difference in price.
  5. Around her it's mostly Busch cans. We went on a 4 wheeler ride last year with a bunch of guys and had a beer stop at a common sled stop. My buddy Ed picked up something like 60 cans,,,mostly Busch and the rest Bud Light. Fuck that,,cans are worth 10 cents around here,,,,,they can ride home for the amount I bring.
  6. LMFAO,,,wow you really do suck at this don't ya. Enough already Brock,,,you've been getting and everytime. I mean its so bad that I feel like I'm picking on the disabled kid at school. Even Bigfuse was smart enough to see it and stopped acting like a child,,,now it's your turn. Maybe if you quit chasing away the top posters on your site you would have somewhere to hang your hat and enjoy yourself,,but you even fucked that up and turned your site into a graveyard. If you're really that lonely come back to HCS,,, you were never banned so ya just got to grow a set and sign up. Bigfuse misses having a lap to lay on.
  7. By all accounts ,,much better than the PSP recommended set-up . You know this Bigfuse ,,you've read it all on HCS and called NSP's clutch kit a copy of Brock's,,,you even stated there was only 1 degree difference in helixes but failed to tell us how you knew this.Why are you asking,,are you going to buy one??? Or just your usual trolling???
  8. I don't think the cooperation they were expecting was here . I'm sure @Mowhawkcat will be back with some more witty insults Can't even spell Mohawk right
  9. Oh Dave you know I don't mean you BUT I just grabbed Brock's blanket and its HUGE!! Sorry man.I always consider you a long time HCS man. Keep in mind,,,I didn't start this shit
  10. PSP crew HCS crew
  11. Never did like coffee. If I need caffeine I'll have a nice cold coca cola.
  12. Holy fuck ,,,,it's like listening to a 15 year old girl,,,,,"You're 2 faced",,,,,,,,,,,, "you're a backstabber". Grow the fuck up and act your age for once. I don't know ,,maybe go get laid I know you'll have to pay for it but hey,,whatever it takes to get you to quit acting like a bleeding heart snivelling ,whining lil bitch. You should step back and look at how fucking foolish you're looking right now,,,,,I don't know if its pathetic,,,sad,,,or a combination of both,,,,but either way,,,,,it's not good. I'm just guessing you don't have a family/friends at home so you must turn to the internet for ALL your social life which again is sad/pathetic,,,all depends how a guy looks at it. SBYL Continue on if that's all ya got in life,,,,I don't want to be the one to take that away from you.