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  1. HSR

    Mexican pipeline explosion

    yeah I thought he could punch out a few more worthless posts before going there but yeah,,,I knew it was coming
  2. HSR

    Mexican pipeline explosion

    And there it is
  3. HSR

    Mexican pipeline explosion

    Ummmm , nobody is outraged here. You just don't have that effect on me. It was just a simple question is all. Maybe you could be taken more seriously if you acted like an adult once in awhile was my point.
  4. HSR

    Mexican pipeline explosion

    No I haven't,,,I have talked with him online,,but no,, never met him.
  5. HSR

    Mexican pipeline explosion

    So yes then. gotcha
  6. HSR

    Mexican pipeline explosion

    Must you always act like a prepubescent teenager??
  7. HSR

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    Aww shucks you're welcome Jimmy
  8. HSR

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    Well he didn't have much choice did he when a man comes and beats it in his face. Notice I said "a man" and dropped all the other bullshit like his race and military service
  9. HSR

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    No I'm good. everyone is entitled to an opinion. just remember opinions aren't facts.
  10. HSR

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    Looks can be deceiving ,,he may be the nicest,,politest kid you ever met.
  11. HSR

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    Now you're making shit up again to try and prove your point
  12. Reading -40* in the truck heading to work this morning. Brrrrrrrr @ckf you can pick whatever you like today Fahrenheit or celsius LOL
  13. HSR


    I thought most of the good ole boys from the past are gone now???? I'm guessing we will need to give the new guys some time to see if they can fill the boots of those who got run off.
  14. So you likely made all this shit up then
  15. Hahahahahaha Ok it was -20 driving to work today