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  1. clutch balance work

    Facebook now??? Bwahahahahahaha Are you fucking senile??? I'm on there,,,I see you swinging from Brock's nuts,,,just don't post much. And don't worry,, there is no rule against being a fucking pussy on HCS so no need to ban you and why would I??? It's way too much fun pointing out your total bullshit. You,,,the HCS King of reported posts calling ANYBODY a whiny little bitch has got to be the funniest shit you've said yet
  2. clutch balance work

    Hook,line and sinker Too bad you're way too small to keep ,,,so back you go . If what I posted on HCS isn't the truth why are you such a pussy you won't respond??We're just waiting for the "reported post by Bigfuse" Are you feeling "triggered" ???? This is waaayyyyy too easy
  3. who said it?

    Glad I could help
  4. who said it?

    We know when you're sitting in the closet you're dreaming of an 800 SB Assault
  5. who said it?

    Sorry Dave ,,,,gay midget porn ain't my thing
  6. who said it?

    Looks like a 97 . Not a dupe,,,he was and still is an active member on HCS with a slightly different handle. Him and @Zambroski are tight
  7. Shows like this are better when you binge watch them. makes it much easier to remember the characters and story line. Before the start of a new season we usually stream the last episode or two of the previous season just to refresh the memory.
  8. clutch balance work

    The poor lil trolls left with their tails between their legs. RSC(Bigfuse) is hiding on HCS liking posts left and right to make friends which is funny. mowhawkcat Brock went back to BrockStarPower where he reigns supreme over all 5 active members as Head moderator.. Too bad,,this was getting fun. I guess the threats Bigfuse made via email were empty promises . fucking pussies.
  9. Shitty phone pics. On my way home from work last night.
  10. clutch balance work

    The Mexican forum has been dead ever since
  11. clutch balance work

    Don't go away mad Brad,,,,,,,just go away . Stick to your site,,,,,guys believe your bullshit there
  12. clutch balance work

    I was wondering why you were so late for the party