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  1. 2.25 146” going on my sons 2017 800 assault
  2. I could be wrong on this but I remember awhile back on HCS there was a dealer in Norway that had the epa rating for all manufactures apparently they need that to be shipped overseas,,,, and they were all ridiculously low. It was discussed as being "uncorrected Bhp" instead of the "corrected Bhp" that we use as the standard over here. Again,,, read the first 4 words of this post
  3. There is nothing posted on Dynotech yet.
  4. HSR

    Bill Cosby gets Prison

    Could have been you Now fucking relax I'm just joking
  5. HSR

    Where’s woolie?

    nice way of saying cunt
  6. HSR

    Where’s woolie?

    We will need pics to verify this post
  7. HSR

    Where’s woolie?

    Going on 22 years here and wouldn't change it for the world. Best friend/best wife all wrapped in 1
  8. HSR

    Where’s woolie?

    14,259 posts in 2 years on one site with a couple of self imposed vacations for well,,just being you and more options than time???? How's about a link to some of them options???
  9. HSR

    Where’s woolie?

    Sorta like only having one forum to hang out on and zero options eh?
  10. HSR

    Beta guthooked

    I know,, I feel dirty just being in this discussion Well if you wanted to know how to change a fuse or find a replacement toolkit HCS could have helped you out,, yet here you are,, As far as snowmobile oriented forums go HCS is doing just fine,,, but you wouldn't know,,,, not being a sled head.
  11. HSR

    Beta guthooked

    Where did you hear that CNN??? Wrong as per usual,,,,