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  1. Never did like coffee. If I need caffeine I'll have a nice cold coca cola.
  2. Holy fuck ,,,,it's like listening to a 15 year old girl,,,,,"You're 2 faced",,,,,,,,,,,, "you're a backstabber". Grow the fuck up and act your age for once. I don't know ,,maybe go get laid I know you'll have to pay for it but hey,,whatever it takes to get you to quit acting like a bleeding heart snivelling ,whining lil bitch. You should step back and look at how fucking foolish you're looking right now,,,,,I don't know if its pathetic,,,sad,,,or a combination of both,,,,but either way,,,,,it's not good. I'm just guessing you don't have a family/friends at home so you must turn to the internet for ALL your social life which again is sad/pathetic,,,all depends how a guy looks at it. SBYL Continue on if that's all ya got in life,,,,I don't want to be the one to take that away from you.
  3. I figured he deserves it
  4. Yup What a chickenshit eh?
  5. You sound more and more like a whiny little bitch with every post. I'd ask you to explain the whole knife in the back thing as I don't really get it at all ,,, but here's the thing,,, I couldn't give a fuck LMFAO Why would I have a beer with a fucking loser like that that stalks and trolls me on the internet. Cry baby ,,,,this coming from the guy that has reported MORE posts than ANYONE ever in the history of HCS EVER. You two idiots should take a long look in the mirror before posting,,,,,,,, you are OWNING yourselves every time . Seek a psychiatrist . Coming from a man in his 60's stalking/trolling a guy from an internet site because he is "Going to show him". Holy fuck you are a born fucking loser ain'tcha. Please keep this up,,,,its funnier than all hell and the guys here are absolutely LOVING the entertainment. Poor poor Bigfuse
  6. That is identical to the 70. I'm more of a truck guy,,, 1979 F-250 XLT 460 4 speed would be perfect.
  7. 1 bro in law has a 70 chevelle ss 396 4 speed. Other bro in law has a 67 chevelle 454 but he upgraded the trans to a modern 6 speed,,can't remember the details.
  8. I don't think he realizes that he posted a meme that describes himself perfectly .
  9. Any of you guys watch The Warriors when you were younger.
  10. Oh come on Woody,,we drink copious amounts of beer NOT maple syrup and I'm sure our Taco Time will keep your bowels clear
  11. Not really a big Batman fan but the 1 with Heath ledger as the Joker was worth watching just for his final performance.
  12. That's a Texas sized 10-4 right there