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  1. Use it to kill fungus gnats in plants growing medium.
  2. HSR

    Hey Trump voters.....

    Do you think she feels that way??
  3. HSR

    What ya watching?

    Yeah I watched a couple episodes and sent out the nerd alert to a couple of my buds. 1 texted me at 2am saying thanks a lot now I won't be gettin much sleep before work asshole lol. He binged 5 episodes.
  4. HSR

    What ya watching?

    I know most are tired of super hero shows but check out Titans. It's a dark, r rated show on netflix right now and it is very good. Now it has an offshoot called Doom Patrol that has more of a comedic edge to it but still great.
  5. I need pictures of the winners of the past before I judge the guy. In particular the booty and boobs awards.
  6. They may play a part in base load but there will always be a need for thermal generation for peak loading. Very unstable generation supply from wind and solar. I have 30 years in power generation and work at the largest Bio-mass generating station in North America. We burn wood pellets and produce 210 Mw at full load.
  7. I have a clutch fixture holding base that I set in a vice on my steel table.I'll snap a pic.
  8. I have all the tools to do Poo and Doo clutches.
  9. Can you try sending me a PM to see if that works over der?? Maybe try another post some where first and tell me where in the PM.
  10. OK @ckf and @Zambroski can you see a post between post #3 and post #4?? @Kivalo there's some sorta tomfuckery at work here,,I'll be looking into it,,, I'll get back to ya. https://www.hardcoresledder.com/forums/314-trail-classic-xlt/1849158-polaris-xlt-touring-reverse.html Fuck I got more HCS work drummed up over here than there
  11. I’ll take care of it and PM you,,,,, soon.
  12. What was yer old handle that was banned???
  13. I can see/read them,,1 in the xlt reverse thread and 1 in the life as an eskimo thread