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  1. After he ripped all them guys off he had Mr Sled close his account and he ran away like a true bullshit/rip off artist. Where you at @Mowhawkcat??? If you and @Redheaded Stepchild are looking for sites to find admin that suck dick I'm sure Wildboer could hook you fags up. Ed doesn't do a good enough job I guess. lmao
  2. Poor titanium Brad,,,, still butthurt http://www.hardcoresledder.com/forums/1137-switchback-assault-sks-rmk-axys-platform/1796242-dont-use-titanium-wrist-pins.html
  3. And you voted for Hillary so your vote was absolutely meaningless also.
  4. Do you have the tool kit to fix it or did @ckf rip you off
  5. Who were the "experts" that convinced you hillary was going to be president?? How did that work out for you? wire to wire baby
  6. HSR


    I can afford to pay someone but I take pride in my house/property and prefer to do it myself and get some outdoor exercise as well. Holy fuck your generation is a lazy bunch aren't ya.
  7. HSR


    What's the minimum age for light bulb sales??
  8. HSR


    SnowRider tell us again about that time you bought a sled off of F7Ben . That was a great story.
  9. HSR

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Why are you answering my question with a question??? Avoiding the truth?? More available housing will drop the market in SOME areas. Do you really need someone to explain this to you?? Really??
  10. HSR

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    If there is no housing shortage how is a developer going to get extremely wealthy developing the land??
  11. Not how it was used in the original 2nd post you fucking idiot, the proper word was 'were'. Now go lay down
  12. HSR

    Is Tommcat a faggot?

    But yet it was the first place you ran to when FS shutdown
  13. HSR

    Is Tommcat a faggot?

    You ran back there pretty god damn fast when FS shut down though didn't ya.. Post #589 http://www.hardcoresledder.com/forums/401-general-discussion-forum/1607418-freedom-sledder-gone-dark-15.html#post17180234