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  1. HSR

    2010 polaris rush 600

    I've changed harness on cfi-2 with the engine in the sled.I removed the seat and tank to access. Not sure on what's needed for harnesses but if you get your old one off just solder/ heat shrink the wires back together
  2. HSR

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Why are you answering my question with a question??? Avoiding the truth?? More available housing will drop the market in SOME areas. Do you really need someone to explain this to you?? Really??
  3. HSR

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    If there is no housing shortage how is a developer going to get extremely wealthy developing the land??
  4. HSR

    Getting ready for the season

    Thank you,,,,, maybe when they post just give them a and have a giggle. You "rising" to the occasion is EXACTLY what they want. Time to be the bigger man dude It would help the site tremendously
  5. HSR

    Getting ready for the season

    Could you PLEASE stop fucking up every thread with this childish bullshit. A couple of threads should be enough for you to threaten everyone on here. Just curious,,, how many FS members have you beat up over the years
  6. I was working when the work parties headed out and it was <-30*C/-22*F,,,,, thats too cold for this guy. Now they hired some contractors to finish up.
  7. Just barely ,,, but enough now for them to get grooming. We had a heavy wet snowfall in early november that pretty much destroyed the trail system in areas through the timber. Trees down everywhere.
  8. HSR

    2011 Polaris 800 assault

    I'm a Poo guy and I would go with the etec over the 11 poo. Just my 2 cents canadian
  9. HSR

    2011 Polaris 800 assault

    2011's had very thin cylinder skirts and were prone to cracking. Fuel map is a lot richer than 13 and up. While it may be better than the CFI 4 it was the first year CFI 2 800. My son had one,,,we got rid of it.
  10. HSR

    Wawa area

  11. HSR

    Wawa area

    As we speak