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  1. clutch balance work

  2. clutch balance work

    Don't make me get my hammer out Woody,oh fuck ,, wait a sec,,, wrong site
  3. clutch balance work

    Chicken of what exactly Ed?? Or are you just Internet flexing???
  4. clutch balance work

    Well Holy fuck,,,,Mowhawkcat just BANNED Bontz from PolarisStarPower!!!!!! Talk about a fucking pussy hiding behind a ban hammer and keyboard!!! Wouldn't even discuss it via PM's,,, just booted. Well its official Brock and Bigfuse are the 2 BIGGEST hypocrites on the interwebs. Accusing people of being pussy's and scared all whilst hiding behind obscure screen names ,,,,,,,, priceless
  5. Don't make him mad, you won't like it when he is mad
  6. NSP how good is he

    Here is another great review of Rick's products from 2 well known respected sledders. And a whole lot of butthurt from 1 drama queen . https://polarisstarpower.com/threads/axys-front-end-bushing-kit.1170/
  7. Is it normal?

    To grow one's thumb back????????
  8. Sled smoke,,,sure,,,, where's the bong big guy
  9. Both my sons bought 17 assaults,,,, 1 has the cobra the other has the 2.0". Took them both out for blasts last year,,,yes they are the real deal. I give my "set up for me" 15 SB pro s the edge for trail riding,,, but it won't hold a candle to the assault off trail. Better "all around sled" without a doubt. The 2" tracked assault is a fucking riot!!!
  10. Tom Petty

    No ,, not even close,,,JMHO. I remember cruising main street ,,,,4 pioneer ts-6907's behind the seat,, 200 watt pioneer amp,,, pioneer tape deck,,,equalizer( a must back in the day) ripping this tune
  11. Tom Petty

    Fuck that sucks
  12. clutch balance work

    Well hold on to your hats!! Must be an epic Internet beat down coming my way. Redheaded Stepchild is triggered, ,, he sent me this email.