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  1. My question is sort of related to the topic: Why are gas prices high and getting higher? I have not read about any fires at refineries or any shortages of supplies, so why are gas prices up approximately 30% from where they were not too long ago?
  2. CaddisFly

    China's Quiet Cold War

    Yes, China is powerful and potentially dangerous. Yesterday , the Wall Street Journal had an interesting editorial about the immediate effects of China's retaliation to new tariffs. One example mentioned in the article: Alcoa, the biggest producer of aluminum in America, is likely to lose the equivalent of almost 20% of the profits it made during all of last year.
  3. Impact Festival in July -- Avenged Sevenfold, Prophets of Rage, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Label Society, Three Days Grace, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Anthrax, Slayer Also in July -- Radiohead
  4. As some of you have figured out, my math was wrong. If you work 40 hours a week for fifty weeks, you make $90 per hour, not $100. (That's 2000 hours a year, not 1800.) I'd like to be able to blame my mistake on thinking about things like flex time and six or seven weeks of vacation per year, but that's not what happened. I divided wrong.
  5. I'm more of a lurker than a regular poster, but I couldn't resist commenting because I am thoroughly impressed with your salary. 180K is $100 per hour if you work fifty weeks a year. Your salary is WAY above the national average. (See attached chart.) One of my close friends is a longtime industrial electrician for a well-known Maine company, and he makes a third of what you do. That makes sense, though, because Maine is on the low end of the scale when it comes to salaries. At least the cost of living is cheap here . . .
  6. CaddisFly

    Any concerts in your future???

    IMPACT FESTIVAL featuring Avenged Sevenfold Prophets of Rage Marilyn Manson Rob Zombie Powerman 5000 Three Days Grace Slayer Corrosion of Conformity Anthrax Black Label Society Last summer I saw Tool for the third time. If they finally release a new album and go on tour later this year, I'll see them again. I also have Radiohead tickets for a summer show.
  7. CaddisFly

    Best Crossover of the year!

    I've only read about one incident, and it turns out the rear shock was defective. (The owner posts on HCS.) Have you seen a bunch of other reports? If so, where?
  8. CaddisFly

    Iron dog is live

    Jimmy Snacks, your screenshot looks familiar.
  9. Does have a political affiliation with either side? After I watching the OP's video, I checked snopes and found this: "While the law did not change who is required to be the subject of background checks, it is true that Trump signed into law the repeal of a measure that would have plausibly prevented certain classes of mentally ill people from purchasing firearms by allowing a new data source to be included in the system that runs those background checks. As such we rank the claim [that 'Trump revoked gun background checks for mentally ill people'] as mostly true." As a gun owner myself, I'm just curious about the topic.
  10. CaddisFly

    2008 iqrr 600

    Maine, which is just below Quebec
  11. I don't know if friggin' Jimelle deserved an apology. The author of the letter said that both Deanne and Jimelle followed her, and one of them hit her. The author doesn't seem to know who hit her, so maybe Jimelle got a little bit of karma thrown in her direction. I could be wrong, though.
  12. CaddisFly

    Whoa fucking whoa!!!

    I would have expected the bigger lugs on the Doo to give it an advantage on lower end in the type of snow in the video, but you are right -- the Assault took it from bottom to top. The Assault comes out of the hole hard. (My son has a '17 SBA.)
  13. CaddisFly

    Whoa fucking whoa!!!

    HSR posted a correction a page or two back. He also posted a video of Jamie's Assault 800 crushing his (Jamie's) BCX 850 three out of four times. Here's the Assault 800 vs. BCX 850 video again:
  14. CaddisFly

    Whoa fucking whoa!!!

    That makes perfect sense. He just posted a video of his 2018 Assault vs. a 2018 Doo 850 XRS: (Someone on HCS asked him how his Cat CTech 800 would have fared against the Assault and the Doo 850. Here is his reply: "Way the fuck back.")