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  1. Redheaded Stepchild

    I think I just threw up a little...

    Gag me with a chain saw. 🤮
  2. Jellyfish are smarter than trudope. And remember that jellyfish don't have a brain. 😎
  3. Yes by all means. I'll even roll out the red carpet. 😎
  4. Redheaded Stepchild

    Thanks Trump!

    You should seek asylum in an asylum.
  5. Ya got that right. 👍
  6. Some of these guys are goat fuckers.
  7. Redheaded Stepchild

    That face you make when liberals....

    Ummm she lied about who did it and couldn't remember where she went, how she got there, how she left, her friends didn't know wtf she was talking about. So yeah believe Ford. I'm not saying that she didn't get raped but if she couldn't remember any of the stuff that I previously mentioned how could she positively beyond the shadow of a doubt remember that it was absolutely Kavanaugh who raped her? She lies like HilLIARy. Or was your post sarcasm?
  8. Redheaded Stepchild

    Trump's approval rating just sank in 8 polls

    That's HSR's and Bontz's job.
  9. Redheaded Stepchild

    Trump's approval rating just sank in 8 polls

    He's a sucker for punishment that's for sure.
  10. Redheaded Stepchild

    Kavanaugh/Ford Hearing as we see it.

    Ford's lying and there are two types of liars. Lion tamers and lyin' bastards and I hear she's afraid of animals.