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  1. Best restaurants you can ride to

    Can't remember the name of the hotel in Fischer Branch but absolutely deadly fish and chips.
  2. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Trudope has two speeds. On and moron. Anybody who thinks that he is doing a great job is on crack.
  3. Can you snowmobile from home?

    Drive out the yard and less than a mile to the trail. It just worked out that way. When I started snowmobiling there weren't any trails.
  4. First snowmobile?

    I started out with a 1967 Alouette when I was 13 that my parents got for my brother and myself. Then we got a 1968 Alouette. After that it was all Polaris snowmobiles as I have a very good dealer and it's really hard to find a good dealer nowadays.
  5. Highest Mileage Day???

    A little over 450.
  6. Arctic Cat will Yamaha bail their asses out!!

    That's because you don't have any clever rebuttals.