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  1. Still riding while you faggots are keyboard stroking.
  2. I'm sure if I get down the list of possible things I could do today past "fuck myself with a broken rake handle", but just before "take a cheese grater to my dick for pasta later" I'm sure I could be of some assistance.
  3. I'm sure the misuse of "your" was on purpose, right out of the MC playbook. I never got booted at HCS, I know to avoid the power tripping Faygohts with a special highlighted name because they take a joke about as well as a meat grinder takes a dick. I think you're just butthurt cause this isn't a moderator circle jerk fest so you decide to drool on your keyboard instead. And #1 rule is never take this site seriously.
  4. Pretty ironic calling someone an idiot when you can't even use the proper "you're" for the situation. No doubt, bad enough he rides an Arctic Cat, but then also being on a power trip as an internet mod.