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    Water softeners

    I haven't heard anything good about the salt-less units. The one I mentioned above requires salt but it's fairly least in the states.. $6usd for a 40 lb bag.
  2. Rich

    Water softeners

    Yeah, if I remember correctly, there are 3 different types of iron. The softener deals with 2 of them and you need to kill the bacteria to deal with the third. Yeah, the ones on amazon are just a hair higher than that in usd. I think the smell is caused by bacteria in the well. I think you need to dump chlorine in it and/or get a chlorinator for that. Not 100% on that one..
  3. Rich

    Water softeners

    If you can do the plumbing yourself, you can get new ones from amazon or possibly other on-line sources for about $1000cdn. Search 'fleck 5600' and you'll get a bunch of options back. These are nice units. I'd also recommend you add an inline filter before the softener. I have one of these. Not sure which filter would work best for you, but I use 20 micron ones. These two would solve a lot of your issues. Do you drink this water or do you buy bottles?