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  1. no it's not. not in the least.
  2. that's like asking how many bankers were imprisoned for the subprime mortgage crisis.
  3. frenchy

    Oh Lindsey....

    he's such a snivelling little worm.
  4. don't be butthurt!!!!
  5. well there are approximately 5 times as many whites in the US as blacks. You'd have to be a rather large simpleton to use the 'whites get shot more' argument based on that alone.
  6. fair enough but lashing out at a kid is weak. Pat her on the head, laugh to yourself about it, ignore her, and move on.....
  7. shut up you fat slob. If we want to get tips on the best way to open a new jar of cheez whiz we will ask you.
  8. well palin was a woman in her 50's and this is a girl with a learning disability so there's that....
  9. She wasn’t wrong in the first vid. Second vid was completely retarded and she sounded like Miss West Virginia answering the question of how she would make the world a better place.
  10. frenchy

    Fucking deadbeat

    a highly under rated insult. Subtle, yet poignant and direct.
  11. frenchy

    Fucking deadbeat

    Don’t even have to have an opinion on trump to call out a low class dirtbag coddled fuckface when you see one.
  12. Perfect packer sled. Slow gay laughable and long in the tooth.
  13. frenchy

    Fucking deadbeat

    Simple solution. Dont impregnate strippers