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  1. Pusher

    Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    Not sure where you grew up but all the older Italians I knew spoke English just fine . My old man came here in 51 and learned English within 6 months, he never lost his accent but he spoke the language well. If you weren't used to his accent you would have difficulty understanding him but thats not because he spoke broken English.
  2. Pusher

    OFSC Mobile App

    Well it was working a few weeks ago. Why get rid of it just as the season is about to start without having something to replace it with?
  3. Pusher

    OFSC Mobile App

    Really, I had no idea. Why would they get rid of it?
  4. Pusher

    OFSC Mobile App

    Anyone else having issues with the mobile app? I haven't been able to open it on my Iphone for a week now. I keep getting a message that an error occurred loading the map and that the app requires a network connection but I'm connected to a network.