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  1. Cold War

    Meme thread

    When was this? I never had any of that.
  2. Cold War

    I'm confused

    It really is strange. He is such a superstar.......transcending icon, overshadowing the deaths of eight other people, but others in the media didn’t him from LeBron James ?
  3. Cold War

    Down goes Kobe.

    Two weeks in a row of going to funerals of parents burying their kids. yesterday we attended the funeral of friends who found their 14 year old son hanging in the garage. For the parents and immediate family the pain is unbearable. The world has stopped spinning for them. As much as everyone's sympathizes and hearts go out to them........everyone else is going on with their lives today. The medias hyping of this as if it is such a profound loss on the world, where people will not be able to continue in their daily lives is disingenuous and bizarre.
  4. Cold War

    Down goes Kobe.

    Actually giving tips on local news on how you can deal with mourning the loss of a such a world wide legend.
  5. Yeah, I’ll agree. I think it is fine when there are no words to convey your sympathy for someone’s loss. No one is thinking their prayers are softening the loss of your loved one
  6. Great episode. man , hope & prayers really triggers some people. How about, God bless you!
  7. Don’t forget that bitch Ellen. They prayed the gay out of her.
  8. Cold War

    Meme thread

    I like that the first thing he will do is shut down the borders ..... keep people from trying to sneak in to the country to be thrown in camps & then murdered.
  9. Yup, schools have become recruiting stations for the court system. SMH. You want my kids phone.... you better have a warrant. Should of drove over it in the parking lot and then handed it over to them.
  10. Right. Kids do stupid stuff. Adults should know better. This whole thing with police being involved in everything is ridiculous. A vendor was telling me his 16 year old Boy patted a girl on the ass at school and was charged with sexual assault . He is now on the sex offenders list. Even the girls parents agreed it didn’t warrant criminal charges after seeing the video, but police refused to drop charges.
  11. Yeah, we had a few of those sexting scandals go on in my kids school too. The school sent home a letter informing parents that if your kid forwarded any pictures they could be charged with child porn. my kid was also threatened with going to jail for drug trafficking if he didn’t write a confession taking blame!!!!!! All before we were called or present. My wife is a pretty reserved person, but you mess with our kids and she is like a wild animal. It was just like the “cat meme”. Me holding her back because she was going to pull that bitch over the desk and start beating her ass. After that , I told him , Anything like this ever happened again, you talk to no one. I want my parents called.....period.
  12. It was, we were pissed. Ended up pulling him out of that school. Long story short. A girl he knew asked for another students number. She gets caught with drugs and names my son as who she got drugs from. when none of that panned out they said he was on drugs. One look at him when I got to the school I could tell he was not “tripping out”. Took him from school to get drug test , came back completely clean. Best they would do, instead of apologizing, was reduce his 10 day suspension to 7 . We were told our kid no longer had basic rights on school property. It was all in the code of conduct we signed off on at the beginning of the year.
  13. I have his back. It is bulllshit, but nothing new. Been going on since kids showed up with side burns and duck tails. my kid was searched, had his phone taken, interviewed by a police officer at school, without my knowledge or consent.
  14. Just watched a story on local news. Attorney was holding a press conference because her black client got fucked around at bank. Everyone I know has a story about how their asshole bank fucked them over. Without racism , no lawsuit, no media. Just the way it is.
  15. If he wasn’t black, we wouldn’t be talking about it. No lawyers , no lawsuit, no media.