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  1. Cold War

    Yeah but Bill lied about a bj

    Tell a lie often enough........
  2. Cold War

    Official Weekend Thread

    Yeah, for sure. Save a lot doing it yourself. I think the real selling point would be having something unique that your not going to see in every house. No tear down either.
  3. Cold War

    Official Weekend Thread

    Yeah, my buddy Jimmy is pretty crafty. Guy works like an animal. 7 days a week. I was just helping out so he could take Easter off. He hand made everything. Unfinished basement to start. Supposed to be able to put it over any surface. You can measure out square “ and the website will calculate cost. Total cost of of kit was $600.00. No idea what he is going to charge customer for labor.
  4. Cold War

    Official Weekend Thread

    finished product with clear coat .
  5. Cold War

    Official Weekend Thread

    With little rollers. Definitely a two guy job. Not hard, but there is a learning curve. Few things we will do differently next time. Kinda hard to judge how the tints will flow out. No wrong or right, whatever you. Personally like. Here is their website The floors look awesome covered in it. Really nice shine
  6. Cold War

    Official Weekend Thread

    Helped a buddy do some counter tops. All epoxy., pretty nice product. Thought it came out pretty nice for first attempt.
  7. 👍👍 Great news. Local media has been speculating about it for awhile.
  8. Cold War

    summed up perfectly

    Holy loons......... carefully orchestrated.
  9. Didn’t she sell the parlor like 10 years prior? Little hint. If there is only Trump outrage on far left loon sites and not all MSN .... it is likely a bullshit story .
  10. Keep celebrating capitalist slavery, boot lickers. 😂
  11. He was going for a gun as he was recklessly speeding away. WTF ??!! I would be so pissed if that was my kid. Just admit you made a stupid mistake and deal with the consequences.
  12. Cold War

    Spring Time.

    Washing dog feet????!! !!! the worst. I have to slap her face after, so she doesn’t think she’s the Alpha.:
  13. Cold War

    Fox News gets owned by itself

    Do they realize Hannity is on for an hour, 5 nights a week?