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  1. Hand signals??

    If we are out riding during a weekday, I don't mind letting another group we have more coming. Especially, when one couple rides slow and is usually way behind. During the weekend there is too many people. I have no idea how many people have piled up behind that couple who is always putting along.
  2. Hand signals??

    I hate hand signals. Since the wife took up riding in the SXS, I am forced to. She is obsessed with the damn hand signals, so I am either forced to either throw out some digits or listen to her bitch about not signaling.
  3. They hate snowmobiles and more.

    riding last weekend, with some older couples and i couldn't believe some of the assholes who felt they needed to roost us with dirt when they passed. btw. we promptly got over and let them pass.
  4. First snowmobile?

    I promptly "modded" it. Pipe, ripped the air box off , uni filters. Blew it up on the lake after one season. Lol. Young and dumb.
  5. First snowmobile?

    Started out on enticer. Phazer. Was the first sled I bought on my own too. Gun metal.