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  1. I would definitely be on the lawn for Tool. I guess it just depends on your level of rowdyness. Boobies, drugs, fights, slamming , drunken obnoxious behavior all goes on the hill. ;')
  2. Yes. Pine knob has been voted one of the best venues in the country. We see at least 5 shows a season. The hill is the best place to hangout. You have to get some woodshop mac n cheese , at the eatery. good stuff!
  3. If you don't mind some friendly banter. Where are you staying? Why going to the D?
  4. Sounds like a lot of money to shop a dick in some ones mouth every now and then. Think I'll pass.
  5. I Have no problem with the Jews, but they sure can sniff out a buck.
  6. Old white people fucking up the country. They could learn a thing or two from young Blacks.
  7. Well, new polls out today are promising. I think about 80% of Americans are positive they are being lied to by the government. The rub seems to be.............Who is doing the lying.
  8. Right We were at a place Monday where they have virtual menus' like an I pad. I thought at the end of the meal you would use it to pay too, but she still came and left with our CC. There must be some reason why they are resisting it.. I would think easier for everyone.
  9. Vinnie does love himself some Vinnie. He could work a backdoor brag in if you asked ...........How's the weather?
  10. Only one place we go to has a portable, we go out 3-4 times a week to various places. Seems like a great idea, not sure why it not more popular around here.
  11. Yup, I thought they would go with the ignorant defense. Just a little misunderstanding over culture and they had no idea they were breaking the law. It is what most of them do around here ......"Whaaaat"???!!! "I don't understand"!!!!! Yeah, sure you don't .
  12. Absolutely. Personally I find it insulting. Now as soon as something hits the news, all the politicians start wrangling for position. You watch, some ass is putting a bill together right now to make this a super, duper, felony. Like we don't have enough laws on the book to cover it.
  13. I got 10 bucks off on a battery, paying cash, for my SXS the other day. What bothers me is restaurants carrying away our CC. Why can't they just swipe it right at the table. A lot of bars want to hold your card while you drink, fuck that, I pay as I go.