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  1. Austin Texas Bomber

    Oh definitely a white guy, serial killers usually are. Is he a wanna be moozlim? Does it matter
  2. Yup, Argued with wife all the time when she was trying to say no difference between this site and F B.
  3. Spot On Proof......

    Same. I used to watch 3-4 hrs a day of that bullshit. Never felt better since I turned it off. I have since convinced several others to turn that shit off, they were angry all the time, wringing their hands, waiting for the next disaster to come.
  4. Same here. I have been preaching the evils of "the book" for years. Destroying the fabric of American society!
  5. Spot On Proof......

    I don't watch anymore, but I thought Brett beir ? , Chris Wallace, did a decent job.
  6. Spot On Proof......

    Very strange. You would think they would be going on about what a hypocrite this guy is.
  7. Fox News

    With the same "spot on" title?
  8. Austin Texas Bomber

    No, that's you stupid. Wishing & praying a killer fits your little narrative. so you can play super faggot on the internet. Innocent people died, you sick demented, sorry ass, excuse for a human and look at you rejoice because the killer has white skin. You are pathetic .
  9. Austin Texas Bomber

    * Masterbates furiously. You do realize mooslum is not skin color, right?
  10. Spot On Proof......

    Faux news!!!! Dumpers!!!!!! God damn, are you simple minded twat.
  11. Spot On Proof......

    How times have changed. Peters, the whipping boy of the left suddenly becomes a hero. Will he go to CNN to warn Americans about the mooslums, now?
  12. . Something a less sophisticated buyer would over look.
  13. Man, is he triggered!!! I had no idea what a hard ass he is. It is really imtimadating.
  14. Any more used sled advise?