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  1. Talk about manipulated. If the Left could magically oust Trump and put Hillary in this would be gone like a fart in the wind. Just like when Obama got in and the anti-war movement suddenly disappeared, even though he continued to murder brown people. White people thinking they need to protect poor black folks from the Nazis. I'd like to see them head down to Detroit in their costumes and see how it works out for them.
  2. Hahahahaha

    Good looking bunch. I'd head on too, but you know this job
  3. Spot on. I think most understand , but the means justify the end to them. I have to agree with Slinger if it was a Muslim the reaction from the right would be different. Just like it would be from the left. They would be posting memes about how your lawn mower is more dangerous than a Muslim much R's are scared pussies...........most Muslims are good hearted bunch.............cant blame the actions of a few on a whole group. What is also funny is, you don't see the usual memes of the right being fat white trash racists when it comes to these guys.................They are a serious threat!!!!!
  4. So when does Trump switch it up? Never seen a white supremacist lie about being a white supremacist, yet the entire white house and everyone on this board is? What is Trump waiting for?
  5. These groups may have gained notoriety, membership with the internet and now nonstop media coverage, but it is still the same shit from when I was a kid. They are nothing but a bunch of bullshit talkers, desperate for anyone to listen to them. Now they can reach kids on the internet, instead of having to recruit them from the street. I have seen and listened to them first hand. Even as a 16 yr old kid I knew they were a joke. Why don't they head down predominately black areas to protest instead of marching around in parks? What kind of end game do you see here? Other than marching around with swastikas, what could these people possibly accomplish?
  6. How long can you pretend?

    There everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of white America was sitting quietly by waiting for an asshole to plow into a white girl................. Now it is game on!
  7. How long can you pretend?

    That is a big astounding no. If you watch the news or live on the internet the whole Country is on fire in a bitter race war. Spent last night along side 100s of blacks and whites. We were all watching, talking, cars . I don't think most on here understand that there are blacks with good jobs...... doctors, lawyers, etc., that have done well for themselves. Most normal people see what happened in Virginia for what it is. Two fringe groups going at it and an asshole running his car into a crowd. ,
  8. Fat man blinks

    Media blackout? The biggest war drum beaters have gone silent.
  9. In belief yes, in action no. The only thing these clowns have killed is maybe a bean burrito and a large pizza. I think we condemn their behavior on their actions alone without bringing the holocaust into it for shock value.
  10. This is fine, but to try act like these people are some continuation of Hitler and WW2 Nazi is silly.
  11. I thought I heard the most fucked up thing this morning when Dodge had to apologize and pull all traces of their " Road kills nights" sponsor in Pontiac. A campaign they have been doing for two years. You would think it would go without saying but, "Chrysler is not a neo-Nazi hate group who supports running over people with their cars" . Congrats you beat it.
  12. What a faggot. Quoting slave owner and rapist Jefferson too? Where is Slinger to lump himself in with the smartest guy on the forum?
  13. Fat man blinks

    Now they are.........Huh???? What????? So dishonest. We will just move these goal posts over here.
  14. 1968 I believe it was.............. I remember that day. " everyone who hates blacks, you are now on the red team...........drop your buffs! "