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  1. They don't take MasterCard "player" card?
  2. Well, it all makes sense now. Holy fuck.
  3. Right, it is almost like it was done in secret and only became a righted atrocity after the fact.
  4. Did Obama take their money? Was he under political pressure to return the money? No? sounds noble. Why not have a huge returning the money to Iran party, with little kids running around the desk, Joe slapping him on the back, all the media in attendance. Funny, it is not included in any of the Obama : best president ever memes that get posted daily.
  5. I thought it was pretty evident?
  6. Weird , I don't remember the grandiose coverage of the historic , Noble, act of returning the money. It is almost like it was done stealthy in the middle of the night.
  7. Discuss

    Xc the 90 s called they want their vast right wing conspiracy back.
  8. Discuss

    She consistently does this. All through the campaign .....I take full responsibility, followed by a list of excuses of how it was actually some one else's fault.
  9. Maybe, Michael Moore cool. Lol, he wasted no time imparting his wisdom. ... while Harvey may have a little responsibility for his actions, it is more of a white male issue.
  10. Miggy ...... right wing hero. All he has to do is take a knee and the lefties will be.
  11. Our grand kids would have a bright, a little rape , humiliation, and public masterbation would be a small price to pay.
  12. They still are. The 20/ 20 report I watched last night about H W brought Trump into the story. No rhyme or reason, just "hey remember when Trump made disparaging remarks on the bus". It has absolutely nothing to do with Trump. So lazy and idiotic they didn't even bother to try to come up with a correlation. I think what bothers me the most is how the mud slinging and political posturing over shadows the actual event in a matter of hours nowadays.