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  1. Cold War

    Hand signals??

    If we are out riding during a weekday, I don't mind letting another group we have more coming. Especially, when one couple rides slow and is usually way behind. During the weekend there is too many people. I have no idea how many people have piled up behind that couple who is always putting along.
  2. Cold War

    Hand signals??

    I hate hand signals. Since the wife took up riding in the SXS, I am forced to. She is obsessed with the damn hand signals, so I am either forced to either throw out some digits or listen to her bitch about not signaling.
  3. Cold War

    They hate snowmobiles and more.

    riding last weekend, with some older couples and i couldn't believe some of the assholes who felt they needed to roost us with dirt when they passed. btw. we promptly got over and let them pass.
  4. Cold War

    First snowmobile?

    I promptly "modded" it. Pipe, ripped the air box off , uni filters. Blew it up on the lake after one season. Lol. Young and dumb.
  5. Cold War

    First snowmobile?

    Started out on enticer. Phazer. Was the first sled I bought on my own too. Gun metal.