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  1. Cold War

    And the Wheels...

    Yup, what a low life.
  2. What do you think she is going to do? suggest terrorists need jobs?
  3. Umm, girlfriend found out & told his parents. He either shot his mouth off to GF or friend who wanted to bang his gf narced him out.
  4. This little girl survived horrific abuse by the hands of her mother, before she finally killed her. Had 27 year veterans vomiting.
  5. Cold War

    just a holiday reminder

    So far we have been alright. Dead end private road . It would probably end up being a neighbor. Maybe box up some dog shit. 😁
  6. Cold War

    just a holiday reminder

    I’m going to get some cameras going . We get a lot of packages and no neighbors to look out. Been looking at some of the setups in Home Depot paper, just not sure what to get?
  7. ‘‘Tis the season to be out drunk / drugged driving and robbing your neighbors, but please remember to leave the kids safely at home.
  8. He is like the cliff claven of FS. 😂 shooting perps.
  9. I swear, some of these guys would cut their dick off with a rusty butter knife if they thought it would make Trump look bad.
  10. Charges to be dropped against Kareem after investigation showed Baby its cold outside was playing on hotel elevator just prior to vicious assault.
  11. Cold War

    Obama administration cleanest ever.

    Trump has the vocabulary of a fifth grader. personally, I find it repulsive, and an embarrassment to the whole country! Michelle Obama said shit. OMG!!!!! She is so real!!!! She is such a class act. My life is changed forever!!!!!
  12. Most Americans are sick of it. Crosses party lines. You have a small vocal minority of malcontents that want to spread misery. The majority remain quiet in fear of being labeled a racist, sexist, homophobie, etc, costing them their jobs/ customers.
  13. Wouldn’t “slick Willy” be a better comparison?
  14. Made me think of this. Scares me to death that retards like her are walking around.