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  1. Had White Russians before Eric Church concert. Yummy!
  2. Cold War

    Meme thread

    Right. I have had it. Ready to say fuck it. Cant find anybody to work or who is worth a shit. Don’t say open door before you bring car in, I swear they would drive right through door. Reading all these retarded memes just makes me more confident I am making right choice . Going to be an employee.
  3. Media? 😂 this was yesterday. Still trying to connect the dots. They were trump hating Obama lovers so it is weird they were yelling mags. ????? Can’t figure it out. Also, he said two white guys , but it was two black guys he saw everyday???? It so weird, how could he make such a mistake??????
  4. Cold War

    New class of victims

    Of course she is right. A hot black woman has it easier than a fat ugly white woman. cry about it all you want, but people are always going to judge you or make assumptions by how you look. Buddies wife is a kleptomaniac for kicks. Nothing of real. Value. Just bullshit. She is a tall good looking blonde . She would never get away with half the shit she pulls if she was fat & ugly.
  5. Cold War

    New class of victims

    Wife kind of frowns on it . White, black, skinny, fat. She’s funny that way.
  6. Cold War

    New class of victims

    I’m a double threat. White & skinny. Got the world by the tail!!!!!
  7. More Ill effects of capitalism.
  8. Highly unlikely. Filing false police report, slap on wrist. The same groups demanding the police spare no resources on original claim will be the same ones crying about persecution. It will cause full out assault on gays, blacks, victims wont come forward for fear of not being believed, yada, yada ,
  9. ABC. Still not ready to call it a hoax. strange , at the same time They are also reporting one of the suspects was a co- worker. Guess we will never truly know. 😂
  10. Black gay hate crime victim assaulted by Trump supporters!!!!!!!!
  11. Right, I was thinking the same. Maybe, disgruntled boyfriend, owed some one money?
  12. It was too tantalizingly not to, just to good to be true.
  13. I don’t even think the media bought this one. Went away as fast as it came.
  14. Weird, it happened in 89 and I can’t find a single article before 2016 of Trump spewing racist hate .