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  1. Yup! People around here were going nuts. Bars were packed with fans, cars & trucks had wings swag all over them, our local radio hosts were starting all kinds of shit with avalanche fans.
  2. What about the American people?
  3. I like how the focus of the story is she voted for Trump. I say the bitch got her just deserves. How's that karma taste. Huh.....Huh?!!
  4. Even if you don't go to the game the party in the street is worth it I don't think a lot of people make it to the game.
  5. Been awhile for me as well. Fuck the Lions, but we are die hard Tiger fans. Love going to the games win or lose. First year we will be missing opening day in years. Will be in Florida this year. That is an awesome party.
  6. It truly is amazing. It would be like asking Jerry Sandusky his thoughts on child mentoring,and quietly listening while he criticizes/rants about others...........With a straight face!
  7. Still packed for a horrible season. Wings, Lions, Tiger fans are die hard......Win or lose.
  8. Yup, 5 left. Caught last night's game. The Joe is a shit hole. Be nice with the new arena.
  9. You won! Congrats! Don, show slinger what he's won. BTW ...........Bunch of cowards. every single member should have to on record with a vote.
  10. Same thing I ask my self every day when I log on.
  11. My feelings as well.
  12. It has been going on way too long. Weak,self serving politicians on both sides. No one does. It is a complete fabrication by the left to cloud the issue.