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  1. I watch the disconnect of emotion every night on the news and I am still left in total amazement . I can't wrap mind around casually giving an interview to the local news while your child's dead body lay in the street. I just watched a woman give an interview, an hour after her son was killed over a pair of shoes. The people on here have more anger and emotion for this man they never met than this woman did for a child she raised for 18 years.
  2. Nailed it. If we could only get Republicans to step up and be Dad's to their multiple children.
  3. Fuckin animals! Finally convinced my folks to dump their rental properties. Every time these people move out it requires a roll off. Certainly not how it used to be. The last drug addicts spent 6 months in one house with no running water or heat.
  4. ABC News is still getting the inside scoop from Pelosi. If there was one moron on the planet who should barred from any commentary, much less criticism, of others on healthcare bills. You guys really need to shut these idiots up, instead of putting them out there as your leaders.
  5. Cool dog.
  6. Why does the news keep reporting it as he said "God is great". Is it to be helpful with a translation?
  7. Ha ha I see a new batch of Trump disapproval POLLS sprung up this morning. Still trying to create their own reality. Still can't figure out disapproval of Trump does not mean approval for you.
  8. LOL, they are so gullible. At this point, I feel like this narrative gives them hope & comfort and keeps them from sliding the noose around their own necks. I just got poison ivy . Smearing calamine all over it gives you something to do, makes you feel a little better, but in the end................ you got to ride it out.
  9. Of course..............They are champions of term limits & campaign finance reform. And they can't figure why everyone is laughing at them.
  10. A good start would be denouncing an opportunist scumbag like you mike.
  11. The only thing I can think of is, conservatives beat them to the punch condemning it , so now they are stuck with the asinine position of defending these fucks.
  12. Uh yeah, You are talking to someone who is defending Islam, while attacking Christians. Confused is putting it mildly.......more like fucking insane.
  13. I wasn't trying to get you worked up, thought you would think it was funny. Oh well, maybe next time.
  14. I know what you meant. Lighten up. just because we don't agree on politics, doesn't mean we have to be dicks to one another in every post.