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  1. 2 welchers on this site

    Shut up dumbfuck
  2. 2 welchers on this site

    You must have a psychological problem with admitting you’re wrong , seek help.
  3. 2 welchers on this site

    Anyone ever see kneel admit he’s wrong ? He’s pa, almost as pathetic as McLiar I’m assuming you wife is quite accustomed to your inability yo,admit you’re wrong .
  4. 2 welchers on this site

    Kneel knows mthe details , he s justbtoo,pathological to admit he lost a bet he started, Shut the fuck up you drunk Fatass, 👍
  5. 2 welchers on this site

    As expected you are too pathological to admit you lost, anyone that has tried to converse with you hasseen your inability to ever admit you lost,
  6. 2 welchers on this site

    KNeal speak for “ I’m Not capable of admitting I lost a bet “. Anyone here can see that
  7. 2 welchers on this site

    Neal is well aware of the bet, it was his bet. considering his penchant for being a “know it all” and it’s obvious he’s incapable of admitting his loss, much less admitting he’s ever been wrong , if if you think I should prove the bet that’s fine “ you were not here” ill expect the same treatment for MC the liar, he’s been givin ample time to prove that he sent PM messages to me ,
  8. 2 welchers on this site

    That must be “psychological inability “ admit you lost in ‘ knealspealk”
  9. 2 welchers on this site

    You made the bet , and when you lost, (typical) of you and your inability to ever admit you wrong (or even admit the bet ) is typical of you and your running away without paying , I’m willing to let that go as long as you never post on any bread that has to do with bets and welching, until then you inability to ever admit your wrong is something that Spinwhine should schedule your appointments ,
  10. 2 welchers on this site

    Youmseem to have a selective memory
  11. 2 welchers on this site

    When It come to backing out on a bet you should shut the fuck up
  12. Smary self absorbed and self importance, typical
  13. Anyone that does not jump on the liars bandwagon
  14. Says the fool that voted for Kerry the traitor.