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  1. Sleepr2

    Impeach proceedings

    Here it comes! The lefts go to excuse for Billy!
  2. What branch of the military did Billy the rapist serve in?
  3. Sleepr2

    Enough guys....

    You’ve been putting you in foot in your mouth so much you Must have athletes tongue
  4. Face it, trump is less of an asshole than the Clintons, not to mention the hypocrisy of liberals.
  5. Sleepr2

    Enough guys....

    Nah, he’s winning!
  6. Sleepr2

    Irony, part 12396

    Your hypocrisy is pathetic.
  7. Kneeshot seems to overlook the hypocrisy of liberals when that had no problems with sexual predators and their enablers, lies , draft dodging, tax dodging or treason when it was Billy the rapist, Shrillery the enabler/liar or Kerry the tax dodging traitor.
  8. Sleepr2

    Irony, part 12396

    Yet dumbfucks like you have no problem with vote fraud and liberal politicians encouraging Illegals to vote . And the irony of a sheep like you telling anyone to think for themselves.
  9. Sleepr2

    Zero Ziltch Nada

    There it is! The blowjob lie, as expected,
  10. I’m sure DUh Underground Salon And kos Kiddie is his main reading list.
  11. Read more: DUCKS IN A ROW!
  12. Sleepr2

    my new conspiracy theory...

    I’m sure he filled his depends this morning during his after the press conference temper tantrum