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  1. Sleepr2

    Tom Steyer nails Trump

    Why bother? Any that does refute your BS you’ve blocked..
  2. It ok for the liberals to use children for their agenda.
  3. Sleepr2

    Fucking deadbeat

    So nothing credible.
  4. Nah, he’s an expert on everything,
  5. Sleepr2

    Fucking deadbeat

    Says the fool with undying support for a rapist and his enabler.
  6. Unlike you and many liberals I idolize no one. I didn’t vote for trump ,,I voted against Clintons.
  7. Sleepr2

    Is Jimmy snacks..

    You’re a wet brain too, didn’t mean to hurt your feelings by leaving you out, 👍 kill yourselves....
  8. Sleepr2

    Is Jimmy snacks..

    Nah, just another example of wet brain / Dunning Kruger....
  9. BS! You you made even more more of an ass of your self than normal 🖕
  10. Jimmah the dumbfuk will be along to explain how polar bears are extinct because teachers are not paid enough