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  1. old indy

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    yeah i picked up the wild thing as a disposable tool myself , i beat the bag out of it but it just kept going till the lines let go a year or so ago. i really should fix it one of these days since it does start EVery time i need it when its not broke. ive got a newer Husqvarna that doesnt do that...
  2. old indy

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    lol my 1999 Wild thing was the first to go. the in tank filter first then the primer ball, finally the rest turned to mush too. 2 older echo line trimmers too. They are all older than E fuels so not made to take that crap i spoze.
  3. old indy

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    You havent had problems with chainsaws and trimmers having fuel lines rot out? three of my older machines need all lines redone, what a pia.
  4. old indy

    Impeach proceedings

    I was struggling with a reply to this but really i think it comes down to the fact, People are pussies today.
  5. old indy

    Summertime snowmobile

    IF anyone is looking for a good used 2014 can am. I can probably get u a good price on a VERY lightly used one. It IS in Tx tho.
  6. old indy

    Impeach proceedings

    What is it you think would be exposed? That they DID spy on him, they did use a fake dossier to try to remove him and in doing so have broken more ethics laws than i can imagine along the way.. and so much more. WHAT shit? get a grip guy.
  7. old indy

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    i cant stop looking at the little dark spot that is her puddy.
  8. old indy

    How are these stupid fucks

    uuuummm aaahhh what ever do you mean, he spoke so well...
  9. old indy

    How are these stupid fucks

    easy, he was the worst potus of all time. His only real accomplishment in 8 years - he was a great divider of the people.
  10. old indy

    my new conspiracy theory...

    Its in the Redactions = the Dems new velcro to trump and collusion. TDS lives
  11. old indy

    barr's second mueller report leaked

    If it contained pertinent non top secret information that got redacted you dont think Meuller would speak up? or is he covering for the prez too?
  12. Like that 4 y/o that just wont let go of that pasifier. nonononononononOO!! i just know its true!
  13. old indy

    Its out!!!

    THEY obviously redacted everything that shows trump colluded with the russians!!! HOLY FUCK!!!! WHY the fuck do people keep clinging to the fake news/dossier. its been proven to be an old document that was written years before Trump took office. Its been shown that all this bullshit some call an investigation is nothing more than a smoke screen to protect those that HAVE been doing wrong. this is so far beyond a joke its disgusting and sad.