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  1. old indy

    America's christmas gift for 2019.

    So, how is Mueller making out with the charges filed against him?
  2. why all the lying across the board, dem and repub? its nuts, twilight zone like. Has he moved people to block or defend, thats the dilemma imo. ive always been a middle of the road guy as far as politics goes but things are so openly wrong with the Dem party these days i cant ignore it any longer. Its not that i believe him so much as its the clear bias in this justice dept i cant stand.
  3. If Trump is in fact indicted it will only strenghten the belief our legal system is fubar. We have all seen the double standard since Hillary openly admitted to breaking federal laws, while under oath no less with ZERO accountability. it looks to me and most of America like things are a bit lop sided in this "investigation" . the Dems are scared.
  4. old indy


    no not JUST punches back. hes got diarrea of the mouth no doubt. but this bullshit of NOT going after the blaitantly obvious crimes committed by our elected and appointed officials is so transparent a semi intelligent fourth grader can see the bias.
  5. i wouldnt hold yer breath, seems you do a guy a solid here and it doesnt warrant any return.
  6. old indy


    what antics are those??? punching back at the flailing punches hes taking?
  7. old indy

    Illegitimate President

    you post a thumbs UP at Pelosi for president!!!!!!????????????? i would normally ask WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!? but,,,,,,,,,, well its clear now, your a twelve year old girl just posing as a man.
  8. old indy


    its the latest findings on the previous administration that has brought about this latest push of bull shit against Trump. If the man has any dirt on any of them id say its time to put it ALL out on the table. burn it all down
  9. old indy

    Cancer can eat a dick

    sorry to hear, cancer is so prevelent today it seems its everywhere................
  10. old indy

    FBI FISA Abuse

    without back reading any of this no way Comey is laughing about ANYTHING. his reputation is trashed, he brought the FBIs rep down right along with his And hes neck deep in the Clintons quagmire with his brother since the clinton foundations tax records are still under investigation, so hes ready to do anything he can to cover his ass. Tax fraud will get them alllll i hope.
  11. old indy

    Obama administration cleanest ever.

    The least productive potus eveR. the number of free passes this guy got were astonishing. Im glad to read he IS still under investigation.
  12. weve been protecting the poppy fields for decades now,, gotta keep the heroin flowing into the US you know.
  13. its been pointed out before, Blatant crimes and still nothing. no one will put together a grand jury and indict anyone who matters. the fear of being suicided is a strong deterant.
  14. this is a pretty good vid. he picks this whole mess apart nicely i think