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  1. old indy

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Felt goood to finally get out on the snow,, mid february smh. Its pretty deeep off the trail around Rangeley. A couple pics from the top of E Kenebago today
  2. they were never great imo and mine were a little wider than stock so they floated pretty easy. at half life i had to use 4wheel drive more than i should have. they drove great otherwise.
  3. Thats a fair price fer sure. i ran a set of AT3s on my silverAdo , they wore great 65k on them with a little left when i changed them. they are quite loud imo. decent snow traction till they get a little worn then they suCK.
  4. The right incentives are what bring most large companies to any location these days.
  5. old indy

    Dems, their own worst enemy

    Well surprise, surprise, surprise,,, someone has come to understand what the majority of us have for quite some time now. or is starting to anyway. they arent bright enough to see the evil ways they perpetuate. blind ignorance.
  6. old indy

    Oh those pesky emails

    All this damage control fuckery is going to bury a lot of scumbags as the truth comes out.
  7. so, she didnt apologize for what she said , jabbed more people with her deflecting rasis remark and says she doesnt want to offend.. shes a peach
  8. Doood, you were almost like holding the doors open on that one. Unfortunately HRC is the main reason we have this shit show on our hands. so irrelivant isnt how i see her.
  9. Fitty five hundred you can have this Gem. and its got over a grand in extras to go with.
  10. old indy

    Lindsey Vonns Last Race

    nice paint job!
  11. old indy

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    i sometimes trailer north in a buddys 10ftr like that and my poo 144 fits TIGHTLY. but he added lumber to raise the skis up that allows them to go all the way forward into the curve of the top.. my snow flap will still grab the top going up and needs to be pushed out of the way to open freely , but it does fit!
  12. old indy

    Bank liquidity.

    It seemed to slow down and almost stop for a couple months after buying the Harley in July, it was kinda nice. now they are back with a vengence. the moneys put into some of these pamphlets/ "offers" is crazier than the Veterans ass. that send out dollar bills asking for money.
  13. old indy

    Bank liquidity.

    I get so many credit card apps daily in the mail the mail lady asked me what the hell" i do for a living the other day