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  1. Peter Comey

    Yep i brought this up when comey first got in hot water. he and his brother have everything to lose through this connection to the clintons. cooking the books for years might just catch up with the comey bros.
  2. Hes fucked, all for Lying to protect Hillary. smh I hope this leads to the she devil somehow, some way.
  3. Barbara Bush has died

    Yes both carried themselves well. old school class that seems to be gone. RIP Mrs Bush
  4. What's for dinner???

    simple sounds good. i think its going to be slop sloppy joes tonight
  5. Weed out the bad cops

    IF that was all he did no. this cop followed him down the street fer christ sakes. thats harassment plain and simple. he went out of his way to intimidate instead of answering a simple question FUCK HIM. and yes i would say all this to his face without hesitation. btdt did it help me then no but thats not the point is it.? or should i have just typed WHOOOOOSH
  6. Weed out the bad cops

    me too
  7. Weed out the bad cops

    Yup most of us dont like being set up but that first cop in the clip went out of his way to intimidate that guy. he should face disciplinary action for it. imo Here three complaints against the same officer brings with it consequences for a reason, a very good reason. Its part of his job to separate these things.
  8. Weed out the bad cops

    You dont think he should have just done his job and informed the guy of the correct way to file a complaint? being a standoffish cunt really didnt do that office any good did it now.
  9. Weed out the bad cops

    Big time! he wasent there to file anything people, he was there to expose cops not doing what they should. and he did just that. wow
  10. Weed out the bad cops

    He did. he wanted to know how it was done. "is there a form or something?" the cop was deflecting and not doing his job. .
  11. Weed out the bad cops

    For asking a question? stay on track here. its not illegal to ask a question, now to avoid following the perfectly legal request to me shows the real problem.
  12. Weed out the bad cops

    one IS required by LAW to show ID in mA if driving. one is nOT required to explain anything to a dickhead not doing his job as he was hired to do. hes not the judge.
  13. Weed out the bad cops

    You feel it was the cops place to hear the complaint and decide if it goes further!??? Its not his place AT ALL.