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  1. Tinker

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    What a humiliating sight, the laughing stock of the world
  2. Tinker


    Great offer, I'll take cottage measurements this w/end. Got any French Doors ? Looking for 2 at 34-36"
  3. Tinker

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Facts ?!?! Your delusional opinions are anything but
  4. Tinker

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Good god man you're as annoying as
  5. Tinker


    Rookies... Global Warming caused an earlier than normal start to winter which had below average temperature, above average snowfall and a longer than average season. Nights were still below 0 right up until 3 days of rain. Canadian Shield has very little soil to absorb rain and what there is was still full of frost. Ponds and swamps still ice covered and full as well. We had very few thaws all winter and the water content in the snow was very high when the fast thaw hit... the granuals of ice pellets in the snow pack were huge. I got off the lake with tons of ice left knowing it was going to flood up fast and wreck the shore access but yes I think it should have been let down lower and sooner. Weslemkoon was drained 1 log lower than normal but it didn't help, the lake went up 5ft in 5 days
  6. Tinker

    ISO Rear shock Doo 120" SC-5

    Ha !! Sure if it'll fit and it's still good, not sure if SC-4 are the same or not
  7. Adrenaline Steel shock if good or C36 or TNT rebuildable, not fussy
  8. Tinker

    MBRP Header - XR1200

  9. Tinker

    Frosty Nuts Turbo burn down?

    Gas n store are open, restaurant only open Thurs - Sunday
  10. Tinker

    Frosty Nuts Turbo burn down?

    I was gonna pilfer the turbo but there was excessive shaft play. Stock skis probly caused it
  11. Tinker

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Just 1 guy
  12. Tinker

    New Doos'

    And with a little luck one of them will be running !!
  13. Tinker

    Ski Doo Glove Dalrymple

    Hey OJ, did it fit ?
  14. Tinker

    New Doos'

    Oh I didn't watch the video, a friend of my brother's Mom's cousin listened to it so I heard it from her
  15. Tinker

    New Doos'

    You're riding them but "heard" it's horrendous... Got it it