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  1. Tinker

    global warming

    No what's weird is a hysterical twat can't see that they're a hysterical twat because they think they're surrounded by overwhelming extremes that no one else understands.
  2. Tinker

    global warming

    Record snowfall in NFLD = Global Warming Flooding In Ontario due to thawing massive snow pack = Global Warming 40C in Australia = Spontaneous Combustion... No really the earth is bursting into flames at that temp Canada's Average temperature increase of 0.6C since 1844 = Not giving any fucks, none, not 1 fuck given, too busy not being fn retarded
  3. Tinker

    Collet Mic ??

    Lookin for 2 DMS Mic's for Collet Communicators on BV2S helmets, even the original short mic's will do or suggestions on any echo-free mic I can splice in.
  4. For those that can type one handed it may make a great career choice
  5. I knew it, he strangled himself then hung himself
  6. Tinker

    What an idiot.

    Got any stock tips cuz you have just been on fuckin fire the last 2 years
  7. Justine and Greta are taking Canada to zero emissions so Oil Bad
  8. The Apex motor or The Rotax ? The Rotax 1200 was co-built and designed with Petronas
  9. Tinker

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Yes and he's a complete fn idiot, the entire forum is a joke with this incoherent belligerent fool around.
  10. Gotta admit, I laughed out loud on that one... WOW
  11. Oh there's proof, the ground is clearly bursting into flames and causing proven extinction to Australia's beloved Marsupial