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  1. Just a couple of shots of my son. He won his first National race last month down at Muddy Creek in TN. He was pretty excited!
  2. Yes the old 250r were cool, his is actually a TRX 450 frame with custom swing arm and A arms and bike water cooled CRF250R motor with some some motor work done to it. this first clip he is racing at local track against two 450's and he just waited for the right time to make the pass. and here is a short video from a bigger National track in IL, Sunset MX just practice
  3. Thanks I have more jump photos at home but these are cool It helps me to take photos while he practices so we can go back and look at form. And makes me less nervous , lol he is only 15 and when he turns 16 he gets to race his 450 or crap that means bigger jumps.
  4. I don't have any good sledding photos this season, what a bust for for us but here are some cool shots of my son racing his 250 mod Honda
  5. great updates as usual Tom thank you!
  6. We rode up there Sunday and trails in pretty good shape for early season!
  7. I'm here! with the same name old name, lol