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  1. Well, our first race of the season was down in SC and started off great in Nick's first class of Open C, he had a bad start so back of pack by first lap he passed 12 guys and before second lap was done he was in first place ! we were super pumped! Ended up first with 9 second gap after I kept telling him to slow down,lol what a great feeling. First National race on 450. So, next class up was 450 C and better start , mid pack but fresh rain so slick track and of course pile up in front him he checked up and guy behind ran into him and his foot slipped off nerfs and twisted his ankle bad, so done for the weekend! Ouch so hopefully next race in TX will end better. but super happy on his first race but that put a target on his back to say the least. He had the fastest lap time of the weekend so everyone looking out for him.
  2. Some early season practice for my son Nick! Track in IL was open this past Sunday! First weekend on his rebuild TRX 450!
  3. old cat man

    This winter SUCKS

    I get it, you have to do things for you and your famliy! But yes I like the BuckSaw cabin they made!
  4. old cat man

    This winter SUCKS

    I'm with you hasn't been good in a long time. But side note I know your cabin so keep me posted before it goes on the market.
  5. old cat man

    Eagle River Dirby

    Also Speed51.com has it.
  6. old cat man

    Thoughts and Prayers for Floridians

    I have a friend that moved to TN a couple of years ago and he isn't happy! His kids have been off school all week,lol
  7. old cat man

    Son got busted Vaping

    Well, yes I was looking for both, a good laugh and a good plan to help my son and someday my daughter.
  8. old cat man

    Son got busted Vaping

    As usual this is what I was looking for. Thanks Tom, I knew there would be some crazy replies but this one is the way I think!
  9. old cat man

    Son got busted Vaping

    I hope so, when I get home this weekend there will be some long talks about this. As he has always said smoking is bad. And last year he broke up with is girl friend because she smoked pot, so not sure what changed or if his friend dying this summer really is part of this.
  10. old cat man

    Son got busted Vaping

    Yes that is for sure! I had grandma die years ago for smoking and not a good way to go! And these aren't any better.
  11. old cat man

    Son got busted Vaping

    Yes kind of the same place I am but my wife is a little more mad. I said it could be way worse at his age. So, I will tread lightly to get my point across. Just making sure I'm not out of line. As long as he learns I'm ok
  12. old cat man

    Son got busted Vaping

  13. old cat man

    Son got busted Vaping

    Sorry, E cig is what I was told. I'm out of town for work so I didn't see it. but they took everything away from the boys. and one wasn't happy until the cop showed up!
  14. old cat man

    Son got busted Vaping

    And also aren't these things a fire hazard?
  15. Ok, so last night he got busted at all places, church parking for his youth group while sitting in his truck with his friends! And you guessed mom busted him as she got there late and wondered why his lights were on. And now we know why his bank account is low. He said he started this summer after his good friend died racing ATVs. But not sure if that is true. I think the whole high school peer pressure had something to do with it. And our good friend at church came out and talked to him, he is Outagamie Cop so hopefully that helped. But big question how pissed should I be? I kind of chalk it up to growing up and most of us have done way worse but I don't want to make light of it and not sure what I should so he really knows that is bad for him. Plus with him racing it will hurt his endurance for sure! Thanks