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  1. Trumps just a real prick

    Did you buy him a drink first at least?
  2. Meme thread

    Oh shit............
  3. Trumps just a real prick

    Trump creating fake news.
  4. Sal Rosenberg Advanced Member Members 988 2,337 posts Location: Queens Current Sled: Jew Canoe Fuckin Ron
  5. My meds are tremendous!!!!!! 11
  6. Everybody knows it's always the first Thursday of the month. SMH
  7. You'd have to ask them.
  8. Trump sure does blame other people alot considering he "has a very good brain", "one of the highest IQs" and "understands things better than almost anyone".
  9. Kinda what I thought before as he never complained about it.
  10. Criticism without offering alternatives
  11. If the member doesn't want the picture shared then that's their perogative. What would you suggest? You like the Busscarp picture though, admit it.