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  1. I never had a good chance without being a creeper. Maybe later this weekend.
  2. Patio waitress has a great pair of tits and ass. Every time she comes I’m looking and then when she walks away I’m looking even harder while the cheeks bounce.
  3. I’m in Phoenix bitches! Golfing!
  4. SSFB

    Meme thread

    It’s fucking true
  5. SSFB

    This Didn’t Age Well

    Yeah but the cult is only going to get stronger.
  6. SSFB

    This Didn’t Age Well

    Wouldn't surprise me if Republicans supported Don Jr for 2024.
  7. WhAt aBoUt PoCaHoNtAs
  8. SSFB

    Bloomberg gets it right

    Some people only think one of those comments was bad though..........
  9. They showed how sectors of the brain that were before cut off from each other are now better connected.