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  1. The gay AIDS is eating his brain.
  2. Some people say Trump is the greatest fisherman ever! He catches fish much better than McCain and Obama!
  3. He gave too much leeway to his advisors. They picked Palin and he trusted their judgement.
  4. SSFB

    Meme thread

    That’s one way to come out of the closet.
  5. I would guess that McCain was sour over the fact that the country he served for years elected a loudmouth jackass with a list of bad character traits that nobody would wish on their own children.
  6. McCain was always a moderate Republican that went with the wind. He shouldn’t have been the GOP candidate but America loves their shitty candidates.
  7. Well, nobody did more of a 180 on McCain than Republicans.
  8. Yes. So Trump is the same as those people. Is that what you’re saying?
  9. Not being able to leave the past in the past is a major character flaw. John McCain is dead, he’s not out and about talking bad about Trump.
  10. SSFB

    Meme thread

    Which FSCE member is this?