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  1. I got it bad!!!!!11

    I got to ride co-pilot in a King Air last summer for about 3 hours total, it was really cool.
  2. Bush, McCain, now Romney. Just one more past candidate for Republicans to change their tune on now that Trump is in office.
  4. Amazon collects sales tax on their sales in every state that has sales tax. Explain how they are avoiding taxes. As CNBC points out, Amazon does in fact collect sales tax in every state that it applies: So, the President's a little out of date there. But what's changed is this: And that's the interesting bit about the story. For it most certainly used to be true that Amazon backed the basic law of the land. You only have to collect sales taxes if you're selling in a state where you've a (usually substantial) physical presence. Thus when Amazon only had such presence in a few states it quite merrily didn't collect. As the system has rolled out so that it does have presence in near all states then collection in all of them became the policy. So far so good, just a company obeying the law. But as I've pointed out before it doesn't stop there: As it turns out Amazon is on exactly the opposite side of the argument than that indicated by Donald Trump. Personally I think that's actually the worse position but that's another matter. Update: Just to clarify, as this seems to be causing some confusion in the comments, Amazon collects sales taxes in every state which has them on its own direct sales as of April 1 this year. Third party sellers may or may not do so.
  5. They're following the law, so no, there's no tax evasion. Funny you were just commenting earlier about how I supposedly thought people should pay more taxes than they are required to and here you are saying that Amazon is getting away with tax evasion.
  6. I voted for the best candidate out of the three, I wouldn't change my vote.
  7. Gary ran a shitty campaign and in hindsight there were better people for that nomination. See, the difference between some of you and me is I have no qualms about admitting the weaknesses of people I support. Gary did however have honesty and integrity which is something that neither Hillary or Donald will ever have, so Gary was a better candidate than either of them.
  8. Go play with your friend SnowRider, you're both on the same level at least.
  9. No, you idiot. That's precisely the fucking point. Amazon follows the law and Trump is singling them out because he's a vindictive pussy. He's got a beef with Jeff Bezos.
  10. No shit Sherlock, nice try though.
  11. I can't wait for the paragraphs long semi-coherent tirade.