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  1. I've only seen a little of Maher since Trump was elected so I can't comment on that. In general, I like Bill's commentary though. Doesn't mean I always agree with it.
  2. Don't like to brag but I'm going to brag, shot 78 today, don't usually break 80 in March.
  3. Momo, pick me up in the chopper, I'll bring the beer and cigars. We'll go down to Hilton Head Island.
  4. Well why the hell not!!!!
  5. I AGREE!!!!!!!1
  6. Fuck yes, the start of Spring is one of the best times of the year.
  7. I'M ALREADY THERE!!!!!!!11
  8. I hope the new update bans anyone who's username starts with dz!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The fact that Trump barely won the states that put him over the top should convince the Democrats that Hillary was an absolute shit candidate but it's easier to blame Trump and his voters than look in the mirror.
  10. You accused me of supporting him and thinking he was going to win, your bout of Amnesia is unfortunate.
  11. I did know what it's about. You had yourself convinced in the past that I was supporting Trump and thinking he would win, both of which weren't true, so I just wanted to help you out.
  12. So pay attention to the questions, but don't respond to them.