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  1. I don't blame anyone who avoided the draft for the Vietnam War. It's too bad more of them didn't. A supposedly free country enslaving men to go fight in a nation that was no threat to the US. What a fucking joke.
  2. Lol, is this a fucking Onion story? Grab ass Joe is gonna beat up grab ass Trump. OK.
  3. Meme thread

    Uncle Snotty getting to the MAXIMUM MAX up in here!!!!!! Major Ownage Cum being handed out!!!!!!!!11
  4. It all sounds great until 18 year old Johnny has enough opioids in his possession to be considered a dealer even though he's just a user.
  5. So............

    Vaginaisnotaclowncarman by penisheadeddagofuckstick
  6. You are correct. I have made the point about GDP many times over the last decade.
  7. In a nutshell

    And the rise of Nickelback.
  8. Flying Spaghetti Monster is sick of all your shit.