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  1. Miles Per Gallon?

    04 F7 EFI right at 10.
  2. Meme thread

    Back on the old FreedomSledder and well before the meme craze that was know as the Rod and Oldtimer pic.
  3. From the man who says Bill wasn't impeached.
  4. Upon the passage of H. Res. 611, Clinton was impeached on December 19, 1998, by the House of Representatives on grounds of perjury to a grand jury (by a 228–206 vote)[16] and obstruction of justice (by a 221–212 vote).[17] Two other articles of impeachment failed – a second count of perjury in the Jones case (by a 205–229 vote)[18] and one accusing Clinton of abuse of power (by a 148–285 vote).[19] Clinton thus became the second U.S. president to be impeached, following Andrew Johnson in 1868. (Clinton was the third sitting president against whom the House of Representatives has initiated impeachment proceedings since 1789. Articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon were passed by the House Judiciary Committee in 1974 and reported to the full House, but Nixon resigned the Presidency before the impeachment resolutions could be considered.)
  5. Snowrider proving he's a complete douchebag, yes it is. Merry Christmas XCR.
  6. HEY! Lights are back!!!

    Looking now, just put in for a contributing membership. I was an advertiser back in the HCS days, Rob was real lenient with me in the start but when I made a few bucks I ponyed up. I'll keep looking on my end, the effort is appreciated.
  7. HEY! Lights are back!!!

    Thanks for the effort, but no dice. Like I said, worked last year.
  8. HEY! Lights are back!!!

    Will 'they' care if you try?
  9. HEY! Lights are back!!!

    Not sure I guess, everything else works, machine only a few months old. I will play the smashy sounds in my head and think of breaking some 25 watters at Snowriders feet while insisting he dance.
  10. HEY! Lights are back!!!

    LOL. Turned to 11.
  11. HEY! Lights are back!!!

    Nothing with firefox either.