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  1. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    I'm more in the snowmobile acquisition "business" than I am in divestments.... Only looking to find a new home for the Pro-X currently. The TXs can stay put.
  2. OFSC Trail Pass

    No dice keeping the original plate #. I guess once it was put in the QC dealer name after being traded in, MTO nuked the ON plate. Now I need new custom numbers.....
  3. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    That one and another, both in storage. Haven't seen snow for quite some time, but oh well, there's only so much time......
  4. OFSC Trail Pass

    I have the QC papers, and there's only ******* where the plate # would be. Dealer says I can keep the ON #s, and I guess I'll find out what Service Ontario thinks. Not too worried about having to change them, but I was going to go ahead and get my trail pass online before having waited in the Service Ontario line, and that wants the plate #.
  5. OFSC Trail Pass

    The catch is it was an Ont registered sled that was traded back in to a Quebec dealer, and now I"m buying it.
  6. OFSC Trail Pass

    License plate question. I've bought a year-old sled that already has custom #s on it. When I go to register it to my name, do I have to get a new plate #, and so I'll have to redo the #s?
  7. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    I'm going to put this here for the exposure and watch the discussion about if it should be in this thread or the other one..... 2003 Pro-X 600 for sale
  8. 2003 Pro-X 600 for sale

    2003 Pro-X 600 5055 miles Many upgrades/improvements: PERC electronic reverse Fox Float shocks with clicker ressies up front Fox shocks with clicker ressies and 5/8" shafts in the rear skid Pro-X2 driveshaft and drivers Ripsaw track X-click spring adjusters and 4 wheels on rear axle Replaced/Upgraded secondary clutch with newer Team secondary Boyesen reeds Clear tank Pro-XR bellypan Avenger EGT and LCD Water temp gagues USI skis and shaper carbides ISOvibe IRQ handlebars, throttle and master cylinder USI viewguards SLP dash vents SLP Wave brake rotor Cobra windshield BOSS highrise flat top seat with RMK bumper and taillight OR customized seat with 2004 ProX seat cover and custom rear bumper Cover and many spare parts also available/negotiable including a complete 2004 Pro-XR hood decal kit Air box with tempa-flow and SLP high flow intake Skid plate etc Located in Carp ON $3450
  9. Klim jacket. When/where to buy

    Not exactly what you said you were looking for, but have you checked out : http://ca.motorfist.com/product-category/clearance/
  10. Sled and ATV trailers

    We have a galvanized Excalibur deck over utility trailer and it's built like a tank (in a good way).