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  1. StevieWonder

    Polaris 850

    Well my domestics have always been on the road with high k . So can’t really comment on anything else but my own .
  2. StevieWonder

    Polaris 850

    Lol , ya ok . No one keeps anything long enough to say it is better than before . Everyone is giving reports of how great they’re shit is at low km .
  3. StevieWonder

    New here.

    Have I made the list yet
  4. StevieWonder

    Labrador man suing after his Skidoo burned up Every company has they’re issues .
  5. StevieWonder

    Spark Plugs

    Sometimes . Not always . Model numbers have to be identical. One number off or the engineering code could mean that . A few years ago Costco was selling Blue Star ( which is the old Garland gas range rebadged ) . Now Blue Stars at a specialty appliance store are nice . And I was doing a call for them on one and it had little differences I could tell structurally. Later I was talking to the Rep , and asked him if they were cheaping out . He said that model was built specifically for Costco . And they had to meet a price point . So yeah , it can and did happen . Which to me is bad , as a consumer, if your shopping and you see one a few grand less you think your getting the same thing at a better price .You have to check model numbers carefully . But I have seen that even in regular models . Entry level Dacor and Viking French door fridges were made by Whirlpool, just had different handles and name tag . And we’re 2 gs more . Dacor is now owned by Samsung so your seeing more of Samsung machines with Dacor tags . Is what it is . Nothin last long anyways . Lol
  6. StevieWonder

    Loud exhaust, trespassing = no trails :(

    Every sno mo rag will have article after article about how bad cans are . Turn the page , and there’s a advertisement for the same cans . So , maybe the mags that you get for free , when you buy your permit , you know to ride ofsc trails , shouldn’t be given out anymore . Yes you can opt out of the mag , but should not be a choice if they are advertising trail closing cans . Advertisement revenue , well , don’t see any DuMaurier or Players adds anymore and you can buy smokes . Maybe the Lesters and Nickleson should boycott the mags instead . The Lester’s could easily say they’re not going to have those adds in they’re mag . And Nickleson doesn’t write his articles until they stop too . But that ain’t gonna happen ...
  7. StevieWonder

    Ran into a New Scam today

    So the thread went from scammers to trail passes ....... Alrighty then ....... Tim , had the same “ Italian Leather Jacket “ scammy hitup a few years back . I told him , they some like diesel fuel , what kind of shitty pleather is this shit ... and he walked away .
  8. StevieWonder

    Looking for a car for my son.

    Yeah , he’s good .
  9. StevieWonder

    Domino;s pizza @ 2am

    Fixed it for ya lol
  10. StevieWonder

    Looking for a car for my son.

    That Olds Alero has only 97000 k , no one will buy it , if it sells it’ll be under a grand , maybe 800 bucks .
  11. StevieWonder

    Looking for a car for my son.

    2001 Oldsmobile Alero GX Sedan on Kijiji
  12. StevieWonder

    Looking for a car for my son.

    cadillac DeVille 1997 on Kijiji big ole caddy , km not bad for the year . Maybe not for him , but maybe a caddy fan out here .
  13. StevieWonder

    Looking for a car for my son.

    On Kijiji , search elderly . You find some good low k cars that are cheap .
  14. StevieWonder

    Another Day Another Fabrication