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  1. 2019 Polaris reveal

  2. Looking for kids ATV

    Just go buy a new one , if your lookin that new , you won’t find a whole lot of deals . They hold they’re value like 120 sleds and kids dirt bikes . You’ll sell it for close to what you paid for it .
  3. Looking for kids ATV

    I may have taken a look ..........
  4. Looking for kids ATV

    Like a 50 or a 90 ?
  5. Some Great News from the OFSC

    On track ? .... Hmmm , what is this you speak of .........
  6. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    Safari 377 for 2 cases of Beer on Kijiji safari 377 for two cases of beer lol
  7. Some Great News from the OFSC

    I’ve been to FH many times for work . It’s no Lagoon city . It’s very impressive . The way they constructed the Harbour . Restaurants that will be there . Bandshell , you name it , it has it . Now as they build more with the next few phases , it will be more people on top of each other . That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will start to decline . It may not be our idea of rest and relaxation , but if your from downtown, that may be what you like .....
  8. Some Great News from the OFSC

    That’s the whole point of Friday Harbour . For people downtown , who don’t even have to drive . One guy I was talking to there was sayin he sold his muskoka cottage . Bought in FH , he takes the Go from downtown , to south Barrie Go , they have a shuttle running there . Enjoys the weekend , takes train back , no traffic .
  9. Some Great News from the OFSC

    The selling prices have dropped , people’s dream o Meters are still high .
  10. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    Snowmobile 2 up seat on Kijiji
  11. Winter 2018

    Nice 3 point turn .......
  12. 2019 Polaris reveal

    Nope , he is in Sudbury .
  13. 2019 Polaris reveal

    He can’t respond because he’s riding suds this weekend .
  14. 2019 Polaris reveal

    It was something , that’s for sure . Blackstar had one too I belive . There were a few of us . Was the first time the net exposed the problem across the board . Dealers were sayin “ what , there are no problems with belts blowing and vibrations “ , I don’t know why the sled is getting slower and slower . meanwhile on sled forums we were all comparing problems Then the best , was the live web conference where they were had to face up that everyone was having problems . By 06 you couldn’t give away a 05 .
  15. 2019 Polaris reveal

    Well I hate to disagree with you Poncho , I had a 900 fusion , and it was like everyone said , and I did a lot to make it good and better but in the end . It was what it was . And the 700 CFI dragon , well there were a lot of issues , program updates , 800 CFI , well same . I think Polaris was throwing everything they had after the Fusion 900 debacle . And finally after a lot of teething they finally got there 800 sorted out , but there is a lot of non puzzle related ones . Cat and Doo also had issues with 800 and yes the dreaded Mach 1000 , and there are lots for sale blown all the time . Now they all have first year and second year issues , and someone has to be the guinea pig . Pete is right about the 600’s . Cat ,Poo and Doo’s 600’s were all good even in first years . Even the Fusion 600 was good .