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  1. snowbear

    Random Photo Thread

    great looking place you have there Glenn
  2. snowbear

    Random Photo Thread

    Great looking place you have there.
  3. snowbear

    Random Photo Thread

    you into the new house in belwood now?
  4. snowbear

    Random Photo Thread

    you into the new house now ?
  5. snowbear

    Sled Show

    I heard this is the last year Royal will be going to the show, cost a lot and not really making the coin like they use to years past.
  6. snowbear

    Bought a House

    Nice looking place, congrads
  7. snowbear

    Winter 2018

    hope your feeling better Tim I rode to turkey point once years ago when I was still sledding, was one of the few times they had enough snow and trails were open. Did it once don't think I would do it again if I got back into sledding
  8. snowbear

    Winter 2018

    That's why we got out of sledding a few years ago, to much time driving somewhere to go, plus the cost of staying over night also. It all adds up
  9. snowbear

    Winter 2018

    Nice Tim !! Did Di add the pink flower or was that on there?
  10. snowbear

    Weed killer

    I would do that, get about 4 liters that would last me a long time
  11. snowbear

    Weed killer

    I would gladly pay for some if somebody was going over and could bring some back.
  12. snowbear

    Weed killer

    was 50 bucks for a 1 liter concentrate. 20 bucks to ship. I will be using it wisely.
  13. snowbear

    Weed killer

    order some killex after reading this thread, came from out west, was expensive but it was here in 4 days from ordering it and the weeds are disappearing.
  14. snowbear

    Wife/we need a new car. What's good?

    I have a older Impala, 2007, got it with 45000 on it 6 years ago, now has 133000, the only thing I have had to change on it was a faulty oil pressure switch. Brakes yes but you have to change brakes on whatever you drive. I would buy another one. Would like to try the newer style someday
  15. snowbear

    House build

    Just curiouse , once the walls are up for the main floor are you going to use spray foam or bats of insulation?