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  1. Nobody posts more bullshit on here than you.
  2. ManOnManOral


    When I plow I plow pussy, not man hole. But hey, if you need work, I am hiring at the glory hole. 550 called in sick twice this week, he got mouth aids.
  3. That is far from true. We have a severe shortage of trades people in this country. Every single union member could find work anywhere and anytime without the union.
  4. For sure. My daughter a college student works as a part time cashier at a unionized grocery chain. She is afforded zero protection or representation from the union, yet is forced to pay dues. Pathetic extortion of monies. She should have the right to decline membership.
  5. ManOnManOral

    So Much For Renewables

    Exactly. They pour concrete on every inch of green space pack in millions of people into apartment high rises, fail to upgrade sewage and drainage systems. Then blame climate change on flooding. Moron sheep live in cities, just the way the fascist left want people to live.
  6. ManOnManOral

    What is going on in France?

    No they are not. They were never given French citizenship.
  7. Ya and the debt was on back of you before this when you were a child. That did not stop you from being better off than 95% of the global population. Yet here you are somehow thinking you are suffering and your kid has no chance at all. Wait till the shit really hits the fan. When we in the west suffer as do the test of the world. It is not going to happen for a while but the fed shovelling cash into your economy will not be the cause.
  8. ManOnManOral

    Fatal sled accident

    I am surprised so few have been killed this season.
  9. ManOnManOral

    Fatal sled accident

    One died in SUDS as well. Trail 83 north of rail bed near sportsman's. Pretty sure a tree jumped out on that one as well.
  10. ManOnManOral

    What is going on in France?

    Muslim migrants refuse to work, and with millions of them in France the high rate of unemployment is to be expected. Europe is falling.
  11. ManOnManOral

    Some good news for a change!

    I read he was autistic.
  12. Tell me this. How can we continue to grow the global population forever and not suffer the consequences? What happens when billions more people move into a more advanced lifestyle in China and India. This is not going to be pretty when it comes down, and it will. It has to. It, by design cannot evolve nor sustain.
  13. ManOnManOral

    The Snake Is Back!

    Is this going to be the weapon of choice for you when you finally snap?
  14. The difference is, capitalism will not die. It just be the global economy and monetary system that does. The elite will still have all the real wealth. Billions of people will be slaughtered most by their own government in the name of public safety as anarchy takes hold. All will be effected, from free nations to china. A population decrease of at least 80 percent will occur and the remaining will be enslaved. This will happen, it has to. We simply cannot keep growth going, for to grow an economy the population must also grow to increase demand for end user products. Eventually automation will make people obsolete and if you think we will become a benevolent species that cares for those not able to contribute, you do not understand humanity.
  15. It matters not. The entire monetary system is a ponzi scheme. It will never be paid by the taxpayer or anyone else. If you have not yet realized that the economy is a pyramid scheme that continually has to grow at the bottom to feed the top, you are lost. This is by design and it is a flawed system that will eventually fully collapse on a global scale and not recover. This will be when billions are killed off and a new system will emerge. I give it under fifty more years.