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  1. Srxfasterapex


    I'm also in Ontario but a huge Flyers fan.
  2. Lol not changing oil just cutting a few rivets on my tunnel protectors, and a bearing on the driveshaft that was seized on
  3. How many beers can I fit in the tunnel bag lol
  4. still waiting for my SRX to come in.. very nice!!
  5. Srxfasterapex

    new rides

    running a 2019 SRX this year
  6. Srxfasterapex

    Random Photo Thread

    Picked up this yesterday lol
  7. Srxfasterapex


    Just looking for a change and the reviews look good on the titan so I thought I'd try it, they also said no need for electric googles
  8. Srxfasterapex


    Look what came in the mail today
  9. Srxfasterapex


    thanks guys I think i'm going with the titan.
  10. Srxfasterapex


    What's a good mx style snowmobile helmet? I'm looking at the fxr team fx-1 with electric shield, any good?
  11. Srxfasterapex

    Winter 2018

    What sleds did they have in Barrie, and what did you think of them?
  12. Srxfasterapex

    2019 Polaris reveal

    Well, I've never been accused of being smart so I guess it fits the bill lol
  13. Srxfasterapex

    Random Photo Thread

    Dave do you recognize the menu under the poster?
  14. Srxfasterapex

    Random Photo Thread

    Perfect fit above my garage door.