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  1. Rice

    Sicario 2

    The first one was very good. The second Sicario was shit. Save your momey and wait for it to come out on Prime.
  2. Rice

    Son got busted Vaping

    My Son did the same at about 15. I was so disappointed in his decision and I let him know that too. We had some discussion about why it’s bad for him and how it can become a gateway to other things. Mostly is was just a talk to convey to him my disappointment with his decision. Good luck Dad!
  3. I have only just read about this on MLive today, so I haven't had any interaction with anyone about this yet. I plan on asking some locals what their opinions are. If I get any to share, I'll report back on the site.
  4. Be interesting to see how this turns out. I live literally 8 miles from Kingsley and with the closing of the prison last fall, many good paying jobs were lost in the area.
  5. Rice

    Streaming box/kodi box

    We have used Kodi for a couple of years on the Firestick. Been cable free for 3+ years. If used in conjunction with a digital antenna, it all but eradicates the need for cable, unless your family insists on watching every new episode the minute it is released.
  6. Went out last weekend with the kids in Northern Mi. Good times!
  7. Rice

    Idetify yourself

    Same as before..rarely post though