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  1. Yes we should definitely get Biden or Warren in there if this is important
  2. washedupmxer

    Fuck The Royal Family...But This Is Good

    Pouts fooled yet again? No... say it isn't so
  3. washedupmxer

    Rogan votes Bernie.

    Wonder if spinner loves Joe when he supports trump
  4. washedupmxer

    Rogan votes Bernie.

    Lies right in the title of the thread smh Typical lib
  5. washedupmxer

    She sounds like many here

    Maybe of deficit but I could hold my own on policy
  6. So about 1/4 of what occurs across the country in Friday night football?
  7. washedupmxer

    God damn Conor

    Well I agree the Russian has a way better ground game all it takes is one good strike in the right place
  8. Making kids take off Trump hats or shirts while he's still a sitting president of our country a okay trying to enforce a 30 year old rule regarding how long your hair can be not okay Silly liberals
  9. Reminds you of watching men shit? This is a fond memory of yours?
  10. Disagree Furthermore I read here illegals are good
  11. Educate yourself grandma https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasdelbeccaro/2018/04/19/the-top-four-reasons-california-is-unsustainable/
  12. About to bankrupt with 1.3 trillion in debt and labeled must unsustainable government in the union. you make stumps look intelligent
  13. Yes California the model state for the country smh
  14. washedupmxer

    Fuck The Royal Family...But This Is Good

    Jeeez ol wollard slapped that putz pouts right in his twat