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  1. If you were a motorcycle you'd be all chrome and some bad ass flames with a 32cc engine that ran on queefs
  2. washedupmxer

    Why are millennials burned out? Capitalism.

    Massive debt is personal choice I know you live in world where nothing in your fault, I don't
  3. washedupmxer

    Why are millennials burned out? Capitalism.

    when you live in a world where your own decisions don't matter sure
  4. washedupmxer

    Why are millennials burned out? Capitalism.

    Because they are lazy and entitled Scared of a honest days work like Motoderp
  5. washedupmxer

    Trump says Islam hates “us”.

    It is and while all are with fault at least some can teach someone how to be a decent person. Neal we agreed, it's a banner day
  6. Never seen the show a my day in my life Jimmy the loser
  7. and you don't even understand the fact that when you put your backing behind somebody it makes them look stupid
  8. We all know you're smart because you told us!
  9. Is that what you do when made to look really dumb by someone you call dumb?
  10. Bhen I hate meddling in South America it's why we have border jumpers Me- you know Obama and others meddled there though national emergencies? Bhen I had no idea about and that's all I'm gonna day Listen to me I'm smart!
  11. Means so much coming from the king of retardville
  12. Libs- we spend way too much on military Trump I'm taking thier funding for our border crisis Libs- oh no you aren't!