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  1. washedupmxer

    but i thought trump said....

    LOL! Its a quote dummy
  2. FTR why not the 3rd time lifetime revocation? Because you might learn after the 3rd time? SMH
  3. Just go the gun control route and ban sober drivers
  4. washedupmxer

    but i thought trump said....

    it was obamas # 1 priority
  5. Ol ultra white potato dopey dan looks the fool here as well
  6. washedupmxer

    The trump land grab

    Brilliant answers! Did you stop the maturation process at 13?
  7. washedupmxer

    The trump land grab

    Let me do my own research and get back. Sorry but a Washington Post bit with Trump's name on it screams bias
  8. washedupmxer

    The trump land grab

    The wall will go deep dummy. Like 30 feet in where you can't sign under and if you try it will take longer and me far more dangerous. To be clear this can be done many ways and not nec a wall. Why is leaving our border wide open a good thing? What proof do you have it wont work? Why are all these other countries building walls and fences? Because thier dumb?; because they have money to blow? Do a little reading and think once and a while vs hearing something that's fits your ear and running with it.
  9. washedupmxer

    The trump land grab

    You haven't said anything intelligent in months unless you're parroting something someone else said. It's pretty sad
  10. washedupmxer

    The trump land grab

    I'd like to see those stats... doesn't really make sense because these aren't just crawl through tunnels. They have electricity and vents, some have tracks and they spend a shit ton on them not to be significant. They sold you that it's a port problem not a border problem and you bought all in.
  11. washedupmxer

    The trump land grab

    the current yes, have you seen it? Are you saying that cant be stopped? Ya they just spend hundreds of thousands of man hours building tunnels for fun, no humans or drugs go through them SMH
  12. washedupmxer

    The trump land grab

    good fences make good neighbors
  13. washedupmxer

    The trump land grab

    in case anyone wants a bit of education, fair and balanced on average 850k humans over the southern border per yer
  14. washedupmxer

    The trump land grab

    why is it understaffed again?
  15. washedupmxer

    The trump land grab

    and your dumb enough to believe they spend tens of thousand of hours building tunnels they dont use SMH but ya drugs or humans dont come over the border unless its in a truck SMH you'll believe anything that fits your chosen narrative with thought (if thats even possible for you)