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  1. Yamadoo

    OFSC Trail Pass

  2. Yamadoo

    OFSC Trail Pass

    probably been asked in the past,but, can I order a pass for a sled that has yet to be delivered
  3. Yamadoo

    Bravo 3 needed!

    we had a geed experience wit luken marinaseveral years ago
  4. Yamadoo

    BackCountry 15 x 146 x 1.75 track

    Thinking about ordering a new Apex, but don't want the 1.75 track. Not sure if it fits on any other sleds. Is there anyone that would be interested in this track? I'd like to put an ice ripper type track on.
  5. Yamadoo

    No much new from Yamaha this year.

    I think I asked you this before, Yamadoo, but do you know the Sudsbury's from Dorset? They ride Yamaha's also, and have for years. They are smart like you and I as well. No, I do not know them
  6. Yamadoo

    No much new from Yamaha this year.

    thank you. sledding is why we bought there
  7. Yamadoo

    No much new from Yamaha this year.

    2008 ltx just south of Dorset on St Nora your guys were at my place last february
  8. Yamadoo

    No much new from Yamaha this year.

    one cracked w arm, one cracked rail, 3 sets of donuts. track at 16 k and another at 26 k. only tow was when the track blew off at 26 k. i'll be 58 next week and have no interest in jumping my sled or riding off trail. Virtually all my riding is in the Dorset area, Apex is not the best handling sled I'l agree, but I find it very comfortable and can ride all day. Wife moved from a Vector to a Viper this year and does find it easier to ride. I haven't spent enough time on it myself to get comfortable on it. I've ridden with doo and poo and they have had some mysterious issue I must say. If I could justify a new ride every two or three years I would do it. Seems the doo and poo crowd can do that. I doubt it has anything to do with reliability though.
  9. Yamadoo

    No much new from Yamaha this year.

    just sayin
  10. Yamadoo

    Winter 2017

    Dunno, haven't been up for a few weeks, Were seven places from Comak landing. Two storey with a red roof
  11. Yamadoo

    Winter 2017

    are they running Kushog from the narrows down to the Ox
  12. Yamadoo

    Winter 2017

    Ill be at St Nora this weekend
  13. Yamadoo

    Post your new sleds.....or any for that matter...

    Replaced the wife's 2012 Vector with a 2016 Viper LTX DX 137 track. I had it studded with 2 per pitch. If anyone has the same sled I'd like to know what carbide setup works for you.
  14. Yamadoo

    Post your new sleds.....or any for that matter...

    p Pan abode? I live in one year round and love it
  15. Yamadoo

    *** OFFICIAL FS Ontario Vintage Sled Thread ***

    still in the trailer. Heading for St Nora tomorrow. New clutches. Hoping to put on one hundred miles this year