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  1. I’m in Elkhart every day. I build fiberglass products for a variety of cargo trailer and camp trailer manufacturers. This has been building for a few years starting with Warren Buffet buying and merging the majority of trailer builders along with suppliers. Dealers thought it was a godsend because as GE and other large lenders were getting out of floor plan financing Mr. Buffet stepped in with his own financing. Problem was he also owns the manufacturers and requires dealers to buy two or three of every model they make to receive financing. Then the manufacturers expanded there product line adding new named trailers that were the same as others with a different floor plan and stickers on them. Dealers were then required to take multiples of those to maintain there franchise rights and financing. It stuffed the dealers lots and forced them to discount heavily when floor plans end and interest payments start. In addition the manufacturers have capital available that they didn’t have in the past so they were able to stuff there own lots with unsold units and then pressure dealers to take them. With 20 and even 30 year financing units kept moving but now people who bought and decided after camping a couple of times and realizing it wasn’t for them the market is flooded with cheap little used units. It’s a correction that was inevitable in my eyes. It’s still booming but my guess is it will drop back to a more realistic level. I expect to see dealers that are being kept afloat by financing and digging themselves deeper in the hole will throw in the towel which will benefit remaining dealers.
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