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  1. steve6

    Neil Peart died

    Drummer vs Lead Singer. Personally, I never cared much for Rush, it really was an acquired music sound that you had to like. Also, think about this stat Between 1996 and 2016, The Tragically Hip were the best-selling Canadian band in Canada and the fourth best-selling Canadian artist overall in Canada. They were known to a generation when Rush was not really a factor.
  2. steve6

    Fatal sled accident

    Its just they were all condensed in one area, now that barrie area is open you wont have to worry about them coming north anymore
  3. steve6

    Snow and Trail Conditions??

    Wrong forum for that, the only regulars here are dope smokers and stock exchange watchers
  4. steve6

    Snow and Trail Conditions??

    You need to just get on Facebook, all the info and clubs posting are there. Create a dummy account if needed.
  5. steve6

    Snow and Trail Conditions?? East of north bay looking yellow, but you want guaranteed head to New Liskeard/Kirkland lake, tons of guys reporting Cochrane area is great right now. Around lake of bays starting to go yellow, I believe we'll see some dwight and dorset stuff go yellow by the weekend as well, possibly. I got fucking Pneumonia at Christmas, i have not even started my sled since before then.
  6. steve6

    Shitty day....

    Really sorry for your loss odot, hard thing to go through. As you can imagine, the entire staff of the KHS was devastated to hear the news. Sean and Rupert helped hundreds of dogs during their journey together and set a standard of care and compassion not easily surpassed. We are proud to have played a role in Rupert’s life and prouder still of the work the two of them did to promote animal welfare in our community. In recognition of the significant amount of donations Sean and Rupert raised over ten years at Big Paws, we’re re-naming the award for most Big Paws pledges in Rupert’s honour. From this point forward, The Rupert Award will be given to the individual who raises the most in pledges for the annual KHS Big Paws walk. We’ll miss you Rupert but your legacy of strength, tenacity and courage will last for a very long time. Rest easy big fella. – Gord Hunter, Executive Director
  7. steve6

    Insurance companies = thieves

    State Farm..Dejardins I also have a corvette under Hagerty, but its only a few hundred a year. My biggest pet pieve is my sled.. its about $900 a year '1200'. The previous Polaris 600 was only 400 ish.
  8. steve6

    Insurance companies = thieves

    $499 a month for Kia/Silverado/Renegade/Formula/Seadoo/Boat/House Insurance 😐 Just went down $6 a month.. #winning
  9. steve6

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job
  10. steve6


    It was very busy.. Busiest i have seen it in years. Same typical vendors as george mentioned. I only wanted a pair of snow pants and came home empty handed.. either sold out the common sizes on the good deals or didnt like the others.
  11. steve6

    2020 Permits

    I have owned both, the second being a 2018 1200.. The ITC is nice because it allows the sport, normal, eco mode. Sport mode is fun!! I don't really call it lag, its just immediate engagement, its almost the wrong mentality, we all get on our sleds and rev the engine because... ? You don't need to rev to 5000 rpms for engagement, there is enough torque there to go as soon as you touch the throttle and that's how the 1200 has always reacted. I have not been on a 900 but I am sure it acts the same way, especially with the drive by wire. I will miss the 1200 😩
  12. steve6

    BRP Dealer in Toronto

    Brutal.. I get them wanting the sled, but the difference they could have worked with you on. I bought one of those 2015 indy russian-special 600's, from Byers. First shake down ride out in the ganny(less than 5 km) the thing was missing and the check engine light came on, so i took it to DT powersports on my way home.. they didn't want to do the warranty work, almost refused to even look at it. I insisted as I lived close to there then. Thankfully they fixed it within a week and everything was good.
  13. steve6

    BRP Dealer in Toronto

    Don't blame ya there, shitty service is the worst to deal with. I've only bought two brand new sleds and 1 was brp from quinns.
  14. steve6

    BRP Dealer in Toronto

    Just go to Quinns, they will treat you well. Went in there last night, its chaos there but decent enough service.
  15. steve6

    2020 Permits

    They can track them with the permit #.. its just a matter of how far they go. Just ordered mine yesterday and got priority shipping.. hopefully they don't fuck it up