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  1. steve6


    Just start hoping they make the playoffs at this point...
  2. steve6

    Looking for trailer
  3. steve6

    Looking for trailer*LOADED*+AVALANCHE+12'+Hybrid+Crossover+Double-b17ff47f0a0e08bd0aa4aaa1fbc5fb2b.htm
  4. steve6

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    GO DOUG Insurance is outrageous, something needs to be done to slap these companies around.
  5. steve6

    Carbon Tax

    its just a stall tactic... By the time it goes anywhere Justine will be out and there will be nothing to fight because the Conservatives will just cancel it. Get with the fucking game
  6. steve6

    North Bay Groomer down

    Night + bad weather. There was some mention that it was snowy very very hard at the time.. There was two people in the groomer cab at the time.
  7. steve6

    Tragedy in Apsley

    76 year old man, and 69 year old woman Gerald and Patricia White... 10 pm on Christmas day.. what the hell are people thinking??
  8. steve6

    pilot skis wanted

    not really looking to spend $400, just need some new bases to have on the shelf
  9. steve6

    Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    Not kijiji, but at quinns marina in pefferlaw, if you need a skidoo track for a long track this is a good deal
  10. steve6

    pilot skis wanted

    Could use a set as a spare if anyone has some good bases they want to sell (cheap) Steve
  11. steve6

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    This comment is for you trail! Ford for the people!
  12. steve6

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    This article is for you trail Also, LOL @
  13. steve6

    Closed Trail Thread

  14. steve6

    *** OFFICIAL Sweet Ass Deals thread ***

    On sale at princess right now
  15. steve6

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread *** GO DOUGY