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  1. Royal Distributing and Kimpex in a dispute

    I wasn't referring to other retail. I was referring to powersports related retail. Yes all other retail a different story.
  2. Royal Distributing and Kimpex in a dispute

    Might want to read what wrote again. To get setup with a Canadian distributor you must have a store front. Sure there are some ways around it by going to the states. But even then alot of the big distributors down there first thing they ask is pics of your operation. Fort9 has been a bit of an exception but apparently they had a store front at some point.
  3. Royal Distributing and Kimpex in a dispute

    In order to do that you would have to avoid Canadian distributors out of the gate as that is one requirement. Must have a store front to get setup. But that is also part of this issue. Royal has been using the last part of their name to bypass Canadian distributors.
  4. Royal Distributing and Kimpex in a dispute

    Thats pretty much what they do and can because extra discounts they get with volume. MAP has been around awhile buy starting to get enforced more often especially by alot of the US companies. Each year we sign a contract to honor map with different suppliers. We can sell for whatever we want within store. But advertised pricing has to be on an even playing field.
  5. The 80's

    My buddy owned a niva. Put it through its paces and it broke alot. We took a trip to the UP Michigan it got alot of attention especially the fact it was Russian. We were at some event and starter gave out. Of course they come with a hand crank. So he got out and cranked it over. I was beyond embarrassed but I couldn't believe the crowd around it.
  6. Sellers Market - Homes

    We sold a few days before tax implemented but it was already slowing down because the market was being flooded with new listings. I was talking to an agent the other day and asked if alot of people walked away from deposits. He said no, alot of people renegotiated the price. I guess the other issue for those needed to mortgage alot got held up because they over paid. We are patiently waiting for the new house.
  7. No it was a nice truck. Just not me. And to properly set it up for a better towing experience would have taken a bit. Got $23000 off the titan and they gave me $52000 for the ram. I went gas titan this time very happy. Maybe 1 L/100km worse on fuel then the ram and weighs over a 1000lbs more. A very stable tower. Yes maybe I need a little help.
  8. I barely had my ram limited a month lol
  9. searching for an enclosed

    Might be allowed towing 8.5 wide. But have to check town rules storing an 8.5 wide. We are allowed 98" max width.
  10. When I was looking a couple weeks back you give up $3750 of the discount for .99% Finance. Or a bank rate should be around 4.6% if you do the cash deal.
  11. Should be more then you paid for your sport. Because its more then I paid for it new. I always use Erinwood price when ford shopping But they aren't too out to lunch looking at other used 2016 xlt's and none that well optioned
  12. Apparently it didn't go south
  13. ? Msrp has maybe gone up $500-$1000 in 6 mths.
  14. Yeah they got me employee price on top of the discounts. In order to compete with other price I got.