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  1. It's entirely possible it will be President Pence.
  2. Woodsman

    Dems admit no collusion.

    Yes but the Dems on the committee are not the party. The committee only has the info supplied to them. By far no where near what Mueller has.
  3. Woodsman

    Dems admit no collusion.

    That's only a Senate committee opinion. Not a Democratic party opinion. Mueller's investigation is still active.
  4. Incorrect again. As a Toronto councilor he was found guilty. https://www.cp24.com/news/integrity-commissioner-finds-doug-ford-improperly-used-influence-as-a-councillor-1.3195216 I don't believe leopards change their spots.
  5. That's completely incorrect. Ford while a member of Toronto council was found guilty of ethics violations to benefit his company. He only escaped punishment as he was no longer a member of the Toronto council.
  6. Woodsman

    New here.

    Yahoo search. I must be a computer wizard. 😉
  7. Woodsman

    New here.

    Damn I'm also someone who at times likes to stir the pot by calling out BS and challenging it with linked evidence.
  8. Woodsman

    New here.

    Thanks for the welcome.
  9. Woodsman

    New here.

    New here on the Forum and from Seaforth. Ontario. Sled bought mostly for ice fishing. Heading up north on the 15th of this month to Temagami. Spent almost week up there already between Christmas and New Years.