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  1. Renegade X

    Calgary Stampede

    I was my 1st and hopefully my last hahahahaha
  2. Renegade X

    Calgary Stampede

    I went to the stampede when I lived in Calgary. We didn't even see one event. Just a huge party, it was awesome. Fucked a really fat chick there so that kinda
  3. Renegade X

    2016 Harley Ultra Limited

    Thanks, you should buy it
  4. Renegade X

    2016 Harley Ultra Limited

    Great shape 37,000 kms fully loaded with Nav. $25000. obo
  5. Renegade X

    Need a radiator welded in the city(Toronto)

    Every guy in the industry will tell you JB weld does not work but it has worked on every rad I've used it on. I bent the rad bad on my old CRF and took it to a guy to fix it, said he couldn't. Bought a new rad from Honda and JB'd the old one. Ran it like that for a few years till I sold the bike. Sold the bike and it came with a new rad in the box, go figure.
  6. Renegade X


    It is a team sport so.......
  7. Renegade X


    Toronto is a better team 100%. They just have been playing like shit lately and Boston has not. If Freddy plays like that again, they will be up 2 nothin
  8. Renegade X


    What are you riding AC?
  9. Renegade X

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    No, it was my old mans but he sold that one a few years ago now. Take a hike cockrider
  10. Renegade X

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    I`d probably go with the same if I do it. Not much more money for the better shocks. Just not sure I want to spend 20gs on sledding anymore is my problem
  11. Renegade X

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    XCR or an XC
  12. Renegade X

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    I think I hit my head and I may actually snow check one of these things....
  13. Renegade X

    Sledding Winter 19

    Got out for the 1st ride this past weekend. Trials were good with a shit ton of traffic. Looks like Polaris is taking over these days.....
  14. Renegade X

    Harley 2007 HD Heritage Softail FLSTC oil filter?

    I don't use the royal, just sayin some people do. I use the HD stuff like I said. There is 3 drain and fill plugs, at least on my old one which is a 80ci evo. Engine, primary and transmission. That I think is a 96ci and should still be the same. As far as the filter, it should be fine or just grab another one.