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  1. Renegade X

    Pot Day October 17th

    Of course this is what its all about. My buddy has to buy it on the "black market", his doctor will not supply it.
  2. Renegade X

    Pot Day October 17th

    Just food for thought for the people that think making this legal is still a bad thing.... My buddy I ride dirty bikes with was diagnosed with brain cancer about 3 years ago, had major surgery that took out so much of his brain that he can not have anymore taken out now as it would fuck him up. They gave him 6 months to live.. (young guy, 3 kids) Has been good since. 3 months ago he tells me "my cancer is moving again".. wtf.... Its growing, so he goes back to the doctor knowing they can't cut him open anymore and they said to try the CBD oil. He has been taking that now and it is shrinking! People need to wake up and realize this is not a bad thing. It was made illegal due to the fact the big pharma couldn't make any money on it as you can produce it yourself.
  3. Renegade X

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    I'm not sure. Ok, thanks again! I wish my wife would "crowd the driver" once in a while haha
  4. Renegade X

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Hey man, another Can my 9 year old daughter go on the back of my Harley? She can touch the foot pegs. I seem to remember a guy in Barrie or somethin getting charged with child endangerment. I would actually like to put her in front of me for the 1st ride to be honest, like when I was a kid.
  5. Renegade X


    I got full pop for my CRF tink, someone will take it. What are you getting him next??
  6. Watching the news last night it seemed so staged to me. All the people walking down the road together, it was like a fucking photo op. To me it seemed dramatized.....CTV news after the game. Any of you get that feeling?
  7. Renegade X

    Spring 2018

    That thing needs a cleaning, jesus... 170 knots is cool though
  8. Renegade X

    2008 Honda CRF250R

    She gone!
  9. Renegade X

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Just an update. I wasn't asked for anything in regards to my bike going down or coming back home. Not one single question. Probably my good looks that made it that
  10. Renegade X

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Hey thanks for the help. I ended up just taking the original with me. No issues whatsoever going down with the bike. I left it down there so I'm sure I will asked a bit more when I go back down to bring it home.
  11. Renegade X

    Got Diesel instead of Gas!

    About 20 km' ish. Turns out it's not diesel but over 80% alcohol content. Ultramar is coming good for all expense's. They have other cases from the same station as well.
  12. Renegade X

    Got Diesel instead of Gas!

    I told them to change the oil but they said it has no effect on it. They are making sure everything is perfect as it is going through the gas stations insurance and its a fairly new truck. The diesel came right out if the regular fuel pump. Good thing I have fleet fuel cards so everything is tracked and provable.
  13. Renegade X

    Got Diesel instead of Gas!

    Sounds like a fairly big job. Drop tank and clear all lines. Spark plugs are toast too