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  1. Horwood Lake Lodge Timmins

    Because the place smells like shit, they can't talk proper English and oh ya it smells like shit.
  2. Winter 2018

    They race on Rice lake in Bewdley every Sunday. There is also a couple races on scugog and one up in Bala and Tweed. They are trying a few oval's this year as well for the first time in years.
  3. Sled wont start??

    Hey Tim. Im not really big on the colour of that thing but what would you want for it?
  4. Helmets

    Im starting to think about the Titan too. I almost bought he BVS2 last week but didn't. My buddy was over the other night with one and took the tampon out of the mouth piece to get the water out of it... So gross it made me not want one. And apparently if you don't ring it out, it leaks water down your chin
  5. Sled wont start??

    I like shitboxes... I know you can relate. Im pretty sure its a starter issue. It is a 11 with 8400 miles on her puzz. Time to change it up I guess
  6. Sled wont start??

    K so I finally got the shit box running yesterday. Battery had 13.4 volts. Never did check when cranking it tho. All it would do was turn over slowly. Tried boosting it off of my pick truck and still wouldn't do anything different then a slow crank. Maybe the cables, who knows. Put the sled in my heated garage and put the battery in my house for about a half hour. Hardly have to hit the start button and fires up now. Called SkiDoo to order a recoil for $214.00. The End. Who has a 15 or 16 800 etec X for sale? And just to add, I have a PB clutch on my sled so I can't wrap a rope around it.
  7. Sled wont start??

    Yeah minus 27 c this morning at my place and yes you can add a pull start to it. Guess I'll just tow it into the heated shop and let it warm up.
  8. Sled wont start??

    Holy shit where have you been? Im starting to think its just a piece of shit. Battery is fully charged, plugs are not easy to get at and Im not going to put a light under the hood every cold If Ski Doo used their heads it would have a pull cord on it.
  9. Sled wont start??

    E start only. No idea about the compression but it should be fine. I wonder if the starter is getting tired or something
  10. Sled wont start??

    I put a bran new battery in her and it still wont start. I bought the top of the line Yuasa battery. Do you think its just too cold for it or is something wrong with the sled? It just cranks over slowly. 800 etec.
  11. Winter 2018

    Someone should organize a FS ride this winter...
  12. Winter 2018

    Where in Florida is your place? My old man is in Bradenton. Heading down in Feb sometime with my bike to ride to Key West. Too bad you're getting out, bikes are the best!
  13. Winter 2018

    Best post I've seen on here in a while
  14. jagmeet

    I agree. Then with this turban getting in, just imagine how many votes he will get just because of it
  15. Winter 2018

    Ya saw that pic of FB soup. At least those guys are in a field. This guy was in a gravel parking lot with a 1/4 amount of snow then in that pic....retard