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  1. Renegade X


    I got full pop for my CRF tink, someone will take it. What are you getting him next??
  2. Watching the news last night it seemed so staged to me. All the people walking down the road together, it was like a fucking photo op. To me it seemed dramatized.....CTV news after the game. Any of you get that feeling?
  3. Renegade X

    Spring 2018

    That thing needs a cleaning, jesus... 170 knots is cool though
  4. Renegade X

    2008 Honda CRF250R

    She gone!
  5. Renegade X

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Just an update. I wasn't asked for anything in regards to my bike going down or coming back home. Not one single question. Probably my good looks that made it that
  6. Renegade X

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Hey thanks for the help. I ended up just taking the original with me. No issues whatsoever going down with the bike. I left it down there so I'm sure I will asked a bit more when I go back down to bring it home.
  7. Renegade X

    Got Diesel instead of Gas!

    About 20 km' ish. Turns out it's not diesel but over 80% alcohol content. Ultramar is coming good for all expense's. They have other cases from the same station as well.
  8. Renegade X

    Got Diesel instead of Gas!

    I told them to change the oil but they said it has no effect on it. They are making sure everything is perfect as it is going through the gas stations insurance and its a fairly new truck. The diesel came right out if the regular fuel pump. Good thing I have fleet fuel cards so everything is tracked and provable.
  9. Renegade X

    Got Diesel instead of Gas!

    Sounds like a fairly big job. Drop tank and clear all lines. Spark plugs are toast too
  10. Renegade X

    Got Diesel instead of Gas!

    Filled my truck up last week before I went away and started running funny. Got back and went to go to work yesterday and it wouldn't start. Towed it to the dealership and they just informed me that its full of diesel. Ultramar Northbound 115. At least they are going to pay for it!
  11. Renegade X

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Question: Do I need to take the original ownership for a motorcycle when crossing the boarder or does a photocopy suffice? Thanks
  12. Renegade X

    Douchebag club of the year

    I understood it that they wanted to use them in the winter as well... Who knows
  13. Renegade X

    Winter 2018

    Im heading South with the Harley next Friday. Im sure my season will be over. Not even 500 miles on this year so far