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  1. Yeah OK you go with that.
  2. Doesn't sound like many Democrats have won any of the special elections since Trump came into office though. They must not be fully awake yet
  3. Hmmm someone said only losers live in the past when Hillary was brought up Someone else has said, multiple times, Hillary is old news and we shouldn't be focusing on her. Make up your fucking minds!
  4. No he should be spouting off on Twitter endlessly in the middle of the night like a blowhard president always does.
  5. It's not like seeing them at Red Rocks or anything but a great smaller outdoor venue that has a grassy hill or covered pavilion seats. Keep your head down if the sod fights start Usually some decent tailgating going on in the parking lot too depending on who's playing that night
  6. I go to Flint all the time...just drink bottled water I'd like to spend at least a week out there again soon as much as I can of southeastern lower Utah.
  7. I've spent some time in St. George area and Snow Canyon but have yet to see Canyonlands, Arches, Bryce canyon etc. So much to see and some of it is a great place to go by Jeep. Just watch out for flash floods
  8. Back then I never liked the Skoal Bandits so we tried Kodiak wrapped in coffee filters
  9. This is pretty fucking sad especially coming from Fox news. 10 days in and it's a shit show
  10. Delegation is hard work I suppose. Other then taking to Twitter and all around saying stupid ass shit, when does the guy even break a sweat? Maybe while golfing
  11. You can definitely tell the snow has melted
  12. I haven't done Kodiak since high school. Damn wresting team got me started on that shit....and introduced me to the album Ride the Lightning Had to quit when my dad got sick of finding Mountain Dew bottle spittoons all over the house. LOL.....He told me to sit at the dinner table, took off in his car, then walked back in and tossed a new tin of it on the table and said "Start eating and don't get up until it's gone". I was puking up Kodiak and Pept-Bismol later on that night.
  13. What's with angry nook? Sounds like she's a granola eating Birkenstock wearing librul of the highest order that only comes around every 28 days or when she gets mood swings in between.
  14. That ship sailed with Mexico a long time ago