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  1. How the fuck does this involve Gaylord or Kid Rock?
  2. He was taking a shot at me in anger. His party lost big time, they are all pissed off and desperately looking to blame it on anyone or anything else but themselves. It's fucking comical as hell to watch but like most dumb comedies, it get's old fast
  3. 10 Posts by Slinger already in this thread and still nada
  4. It will be Shit Sandwich part duex
  5. You know the Dems will put all the blame on the Repubs for not passing something to fix it. They are never wrong or at fault...ever
  6. First Muslims now blacks....STFU already
  7. Out of how many business? How many businesses do you have again?
  8. Guns make the terrorist eh? How about pressure cookers? Automobiles and big ass knives aren't weapons used by terrorists?
  9. You fucking idiot you use them every day and couldn't go without them.
  10. But "all cops are bastards"
  11. Start a new thread with your topic or get with MC and Slinger to start your own forum "Dipshit Underground" since they are mulling it over already. Safe space and all
  12. God is under that leaf...behind that to that builder. He's everywhere!
  13. Start using the word "posse" and claim you're the "Puppet Master" and you're transformation in to SnowRider Lite will be complete