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  1. Skidooski

    Enough guys....

    Yep! He needs to take a break before he hurts someone. Most likely himself BTW I switched from GM to Ford work recently and I have to say, this new Bronco is going to be crazy!
  2. Skidooski

    Enough guys....

    I didn’t write an exit thread and I don’t live here like you. Just think how different your life would be if this place didn’t exist lol DerpRider does run away but apparently he’s smarter then you because you stay
  3. Skidooski

    Enough guys....

    Run away??? Did you miss me? I’m busy with work and other stuff like life lol. This place is yours and, well, your life sucks
  4. Skidooski

    Enough guys....

    7 days a week you’re here telling everyone how dumb and wrong they are when it turns’s actually you!
  5. Skidooski

    Enough guys....

    You’re a shell of your former self and you were a coward then. Now just an idiot that doesn’t know any better. Nice work SnowRider v2.0
  6. Skidooski

    Enough guys....

    He blows a gasket it’s on fucks given
  7. Skidooski

    2019 Master's

  8. Skidooski

    He’s learning.....

    No matter how hard Slinger gets smacked in the face or how many times, his bitch lips just keep flapping
  9. Skidooski

    Meme thread

    Really? Strange, mine says the rest of the lyrics to the song.
  10. Pendleton was decent for the price.
  11. Skidooski

    Please nominate him!

    Yeah I was going easy on him about that. Not too mention the amount of gaffes and memes with him would be entertaining for a long long time.