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  1. There's that Liberal hypocrisy
  2. Sums up a lot of them in just 2 seconds of video footage.
  3. Freedom of speech blah blah then....
  4. Thanks Ben I appreciate the kind words! She had her own set of beliefs and part of them were that any person only received so many chances, or lives, and she thought that she had surpassed that number. So she always looked at me and smiled and told me she must be my personal angel put her on earth to help me.
  5. The American Staffordshire Terrier I had was one of the best dogs I have had to date. Kids loved him and he loved them. That's my personal experience
  6. He beat her pretty good in Michigan when she was supposed to win by double digits then she lost Michigan to Trump during the election. It still cracks me up thinking about that
  7. I don't know much, if any, of your history but it sounds like she pulled though? If that's the case, which I sure hope is the case, then I am very happy to hear! If not and I am wrong then I sincerely apologize. I had to sit and watch my wife in Hospice running on only her brain stem for almost 3 weeks. She withered away and eventually passed on.
  8. All valid points IMO. I can only say with 100% certainty what I personal felt while going through a similar situation.
  9. No way in fucking hell I would've given an interview and had someone shoved a mic in my face they would have likely been choked the fuck out! I was fucking livid and the last thing I wanted to do was talk to people let alone the press or a reporter. How these people seem so nonchalant when they just had a loved one die is beyond me. Being in that state of shock and what type of emotions come out at that time depends on the person though I suppose.
  10. Almost but I think MC has that trophy locked up even being a Bernie supporter. Which makes it even more special
  11. Let it all out man....let it flow Aren't you a nook anyways?
  12. Are they still not paying out to their Lottery winners?
  13. I've been in that very same situation and there's no way in hell I would give an interview nor was I acting normal or calm. The doctor told me my wife 's brain had shut down and she wasn't coming back. I had the decision to pull the plug....I was 30 years old she was 29.
  14. None of this will change the fact that Hillary lost and simply will not be our President