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  1. Took long enough.

    Very interesting tidbit
  2. Took long enough.

    Is this the one where they walked up / ran up to the cop car on the drivers side and got shot by the officer sitting in the passenger seat?
  3. Fox News

    Of all people, Slope head beat you too it yesterday
  4. Austin Texas Bomber

    You go girl!
  5. Fox News

    Can you nitwits read the other posts first before foaming at the mouth to start another redundant thread
  6. History always repeats itself

    We know, we know......EVERYONE will be toast according to you and you're hitting 100% with all your predictions
  7. Austin Texas Bomber

    Hurry quick and you can start the page and fulfill your destiny
  8. School shooting in MD

    Have any of these kids thanked the SRO yet?
  9. History always repeats itself

    He's a broken record....stuck on repeat. Old pants shitter lives the same day over and over
  10. If More....

    You're a Grade A fucking idiot
  11. bad! I didn't mean to kill you!!!! My intent was just to send out a quick tweet / text while I was driving, not run you over.
  12. "I didn't mean to kill your entire family when I was driving 60 mph looking down at my phone and didn't notice all the stopped cars"
  13. Take your kayak off the nearest 20 story building and face plant that fucker! Ask for Slope to try and catch you too