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  1. Funding for Midterms is going to tough when you're dead broke and having the DNC essentially almost be bankrupt sure does speak volumes
  2. Upcoming eclipse

    Whole damn office is outside looking up right now. Just as we hit our peak here, the clouds came rolling in
  3. Are they going to put Snookie up there somewhere?
  4. secret service, broke

    But it was Baron that was caught on video smoking weed on the festival!!! Oh wait ......
  5. Commies you say??? This should literally enrage MC then
  6. secret service, broke

    No but he's been in the White Houses...... Same same right?
  7. Air show weeken(d) tally

    One guy driving lime green Plymouth Duster was just blazing away. We go stuck in traffic next to him a few times...right under 696 down in that valley Up on the north end in Pontiac had the least cops by far and also the most black strips on the roads bar none. First time I ever went around that loop myself and it get's a little crazy up there in that area. Complete opposite of the Royal Oak / Ferndale sections. I was a little surprised seeing kids riding up on top of the roll cages of Jeep Wrangles and some of the more safety concerning type stuff but all in all only one or two people pulled over that we noticed.
  8. secret service, broke

    Look at momo left go!
  9. secret service, broke

    Spin it however you need to so the Dems don't sound like pieces of shit
  10. secret service, broke

    Yeah...Ted Apologized so "good for him" too right?
  11. Air show weeken(d) tally

    Started in Pontiac at the loop, went down to Ferndale then back up to 59...took hours with the exception of our stop at Red Coat for a burger. Most of the weed smell was down in in Royal Oak / Ferndale area. And yeah the "car show" the SWAT teams put on in the median was excessive to say the least. Cops on foot, ridding petal bikes, on horseback, UTV's, dozens and dozens on motorbikes, many in siezed vehicles etc. they were all over the place
  12. secret service, broke

    Completely unhinged comes to mind but hey...good for the Dems on condemning her right!
  13. secret service, broke

    When he's in the top 3 forum mouthbreathers club too
  14. secret service, broke

    Don't know and don't really care and don't see how that's all too relevant to having a politician call for the assassination of the sitting POTUS