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  1. Cancelled my reservation for Hulbert this weekend Work on this damn Bronco still. Got to see them being build at Ford the other day and have to say, it's a cool truck!
  2. Skidooski

    2021 Ski Doos

    Only $100 difference between similarly equipped Renegade XRS and Backcountry XRS
  3. 2 New York assholes with giant egos flinging insults at each other
  4. Just reading how people claim it's picking up 1lb of boost at 1000 foot
  5. You keep saying I’m the butthurt one but ah ^^^^^^^^ You can’t stop crying can you
  6. Skidooski

    Maine Cat will you leave now??

    One of them is a friend of mine and I did do something about. That’s why we’re talking about this. We just need to get thru your temper tantrums.
  7. Skidooski

    Maine Cat will you leave now??

    Great now he’ll edit those posts too
  8. Skidooski

    Maine Cat will you leave now??

    Would you expect me to make a new sig for you and cry about it non stop and make up shit if you did? Holy fuck, your mouth got you in trouble with someone we both know now it’s a giant tissue party with you on the floor in a puddle of tears
  9. Skidooski

    Maine Cat will you leave now??

    I’m sure they’ll work just as hard for him in the future. That’s if he’s even welcomed there in the future
  10. Skidooski

    Maine Cat will you leave now??

    He got called on his shit big time by the owner. Now he’s running around trying to make it sound like he didn’t get his pee pee slapped.
  11. Skidooski

    Maine Cat will you leave now??

    I already told CKF I would walk away if it was a banable offense
  12. Skidooski

    Maine Cat will you leave now??

    I'm a rat for telling my friends to be careful around someone? If you say so
  13. Skidooski

    Maine Cat will you leave now??

    You're not the slightest bit concerned but you're whining about it nonstop. Listen, you talked shit about someone, his business and his son so they called you and confronted you after I sent one of them a snapshot. They had your number so you got a phone call and on that call you outed yourself then tried to backpedal. They are friends of mine, you are not and I'd do it all over again! You almost sound scared about it all. On top of that, the business you slammed just replaced your whole motor for you on a 3 day turn around. I mean, you did this all while your sled was at their shop! They busted their ass for you and you still shit on them. You know you were an asshole because you went back and edited the posts then made a half ass public apology. No rules were broken, take your beating Al gave you like a man, stop crying and move on.