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  1. Haliburton

    What a dickbag. Find something better to do with your time.
  2. Dynod my 6.35L ls3 today?

  3. Dynod my 6.35L ls3 today?

    The Mustang probably has more room in the back seat for man on man encounters.
  4. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Just a guy doing his job. I'm glad they boys got to have a positive experience for their first time dealing with the law. IMO a negative experience at an early age can adversely affect ones outlook on law enforcement. Officer told mom they were very polite when he stopped them.
  5. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Guess I jinxed it by bringing up the ATV's. My boys got stopped by an OPP officer on their way home from doing farm work yesterday. The officer was fair and understanding of the situation though. Escorted them home and gave my wife a blast of shit but no charges laid. He's ok in my books, lol.
  6. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    We've got similar problems with atvs. Group of three or four kids with the exhausts gutted ripping around at 70 mph passing cars and other such nonsense. Parents don't seem to care and just let them run around doing as they please. My kids know they would have a size 12 boot in the arse if they acted like that, but I worry that they are going to pay the price for the actions of others.
  7. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    On a similar subject, on a two lane highway that has a third passing lane in certain spots, is it legal to use the oncoming lane to pass cars that are sitting in the left passing lane instead of moving over to the right lane? For the past 17 years I have been putting 500+ km a week on Highway 15. Seeing more and more of these idiots who sit in the passing lane instead of moving over like they should. Thanks.
  8. The Motorcycle industry is dying

    Can't see it dying ever. But insurance costs are making it hard for young people.
  9. Levi Lavallee

    That's awesome. We had a yellow lab that couldn't be contained. All the neighbours knew him and loved him. He would swim across a narrow part of the lake to visit people. We knew his time was almost up when he stopped touring around and visiting people.
  10. T100 S 1969..

    Bought a CB 175 and a CB 200 parts bike when I was 14. Traded up for the 500 when I was 17. Have had a soft spot for old Honda bikes ever since. Still remember the first time I laid eyes on a CBX. Couldn't believe how wide the motor was.
  11. T100 S 1969..

    With a lower seat, some good pegs, grips and the right bars it is way more fun to ride than a stock 650. Plus after opening up the exhaust, jetting the carbs and ditching 100 pounds of useless crap it's a decent performer. Fun hunting for trick parts on eBay, no worries about stone chips, scratches or having to polish any chrome. I'd like to build something similar with old school knobby tires. Maybe start with a Honda CB 750, always wanted one of those. Had the 500 four version.
  12. T100 S 1969..

    A friend of mine bought a neglected, rough looking as fuck Yamaha 650 Maxim for a couple hundred bucks. He did it up bobber style, flat black everything. Put maybe a grand into it in tires and aftermarket parts, now it's a pretty cool backroad blaster. I wouldn't mind having something like that.
  13. T100 S 1969..

    Are you looking for a diver or more of a garage jewelry type of bike? Not sure how many miles I'd want to put on that thing. Cool old bike though for sure.
  14. Ecoboost Mustang has no equal

    Ben I'm just glad you're done drooling over faggot assed imports.
  15. Just posted some junk on CL thread.

    Was selling a car on Kijiji one time, guy from a city about an hour and a half away wanted to come look. I offered him directions, but Mr Smartypants had already done a Google search on my land line number, got my address and had his own directions. Alrighty then. About an hour after the time he should have shown up, he finally calls. Clearly frustrated, lost as fuck down some dead end backroad way on the other side of me. I gave him directions and waited another hour for him to backtrack to my house that he passed two hours ago. Then he wanted to play the lowball game. What a fuckin idiot.