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  1. Wife/we need a new car. What's good?

    Ah man, you didn't paint the wheel hubs. Now they're going to rust and look like shit by spring time. Sorry. That's just a pet peve of mine. Great looking car.
  2. Snow Tires

    The vehicles that will auto learn are great for the owners that do their own tire swaps and such. No tools needed and don't have to go to a shop. Because we have the tools to do the relearn I don't mind the GM system as I don't have to road test the car to get the light to go out.
  3. Snow Tires

    Not sure about the ram. On the GM it's very simple with the scan tool to setup the module to accept a lower pressure. As far as the knuckle draggers that hate the tpms system, you're probably driving beat junk that the tpms light on the dash is one of many.
  4. Snow Tires

    Poncho, many trucks and some cars are programmable for the target air pressure. So if you have a 3/4 ton rated for 80 psi in the rear tires you can program it to be happy with 60 or 50 or whatever. Many tire monitors don't throw a light on untill the tire is 8 or more psi down. None of them are going to over a couple pounds or even five. With low profile tires being so common, it's harder to tell visually if a tire is low. Yeah, some guys run around with pressure gauges but the reality is most don't. How often do you guys check your wife's or kids tires?
  5. Snow Tires

    I appreciate having the monitor. Two times in my F150 the light came on while driving, sure enough I had a nail in a tire both times. The newer systems that display the indivudual tire pressures are even better. I'm in the habit of scrolling through and checking pressures on our cars as I'm pulling out of the driveway. Drives the wife crazy, lol. My old 2007 Impala put the light on, dinging and warning message as I was pulling into the driveway one night. Sure enough, tire going flat. Gave me warning to get up early and change it in the daylight, instead of leaving with a flat I wouldn't have seen. I'm not one to circle check, lol. But yeah, when the sensors start dying it can get expensive quick. I hate having lights on the dash that shouldn't be on.
  6. Snow Tires

    Just watched a video of a guy doing that on a Corvette sensor. I may attempt it, nothing to loose really. If it doesn't work out I found a guy on Kijiji selling sets of four for $110 shipped.
  7. Snow Tires

    We reset them free of charge all the time. It takes less than a mimute. Our service advisors do it in the drive through.
  8. Snow Tires

    I know GM ones won't work on a Ford, but some aftermarket ones will work on both. Has anyone had luck with the ones on eBay from China? Can be had for about $60 for four. It's cheap enough I just might take a chance. Have to be careful with eBay. Many listed are "pre owned". Used sensors with new valves.
  9. Snow Tires

    Anyone know a good source for Ford TPMS sensors? Two are dead on my '09 F150 and I would like to change all four when I put new tires on shortly. Dealer wants $75 each, seems kinda pricy.
  10. Wife/we need a new car. What's good?

    From what I see if you run the car to 0% on the oil life monitor it may be somewhere around 14,000km or even more and often the oil drains out looking like black piss. I prefer to change mine before it gets to this point. Ive seen enough piston rings seized due to carbon buildup. My stuff gets changed around 8000km, but I'm able to do it on my lunch break for minimal cost. 10,000 km I'm sure would be fine too. I just know the cars that come in with the oil life in the single digits, the oil always looks thinned out and full of carbon. No thanks.
  11. Wife/we need a new car. What's good?

    I figured there was no way you would use crap oil. Just thought I would mention it to shame other people who do, lol. Choose whatever brand you like that meets the Dexos certification. Mobil 1 is popular. 5W30. GM is now switching over to full synthetic, where the old Dexos was a blend. As for filters, just choose a premium brand. Those cars were eligible for four free oil changes for a period of two years or 40,000 km so you may want to look into that.
  12. Wife/we need a new car. What's good?

    Nice car. You are correct the timing chain problems were with the earlier overhead cam engines. I have changed enough of those chains to fill a five gallon pail over the last six years. Anything newer than 2012 seems ok. We don't change near as many as we did a couple years ago. 2.4L is a different story, lol. IMO the main thing is to change the oil frequently, not run it to 0% on the oil life monitor. And use good oil, not cheap Wallmart stuff. It will serve you well I'm sure.
  13. Retarded Kijiji Ad's

    Oh look. Two pieces of white trash.
  14. Polaris 340 for kids?

    Definitely not a Cat, then it's almost 100% chance of catching the gay.
  15. Polaris 340 for kids?

    One downfall to letting your kids drive a Polaris is that they might turn gay. Happens to lots of people.