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  1. stealth bomber

    Blasey Ford snowmobile story

    He's more into 69 behind the sub shop. With another dude of course.
  2. stealth bomber

    Bone Thugs BBQ

    Should have called it "Bone Smoker BBQ" and had @Polaris 550 as the mascot. Would be a huge hit at all the truckstops.
  3. stealth bomber

    Looking for a car for my son.

    It's a tough call. If it was a $1500 car than yeah, it doesn't make much sense to be paying for collision. The cost will quickly outweigh the potential return. But on a $4000+ car, you can be out that money pretty fast if something happens. IMO you really need to find out how much collision will actually cost and decide from there. As a 40 year old it doesn't cost me much more to have it, but an 18 year old might be a different story.
  4. stealth bomber

    Looking for a car for my son.

    That's basically the same car I sold this summer, but mine had double the mileage. Good cars, the main work we do on them is just the regular wear and tear items like wheel bearings and suspension. A drain and refill on the trans would be a good idea, and you can do it yourself. I wouldn't go paying a couple hundred bucks for any fancy transmission flush, IMO. Seen few problems with the 2.4 in the malibus, it was when they put them in the equinox that they turned into a piece of shit. You won't need an e-test for ownership transfer, but I believe they will only let you put a one year sticker on it, then it will be due for an e-test in 2019.
  5. stealth bomber

    Looking for a car for my son.

    My 3rd last winter beater was a 1997 Buick Park Avenue Ultra with the 3800 supercharged. What an awesome highway car. Great stereo, super comfortable heated leather seats. For an old beater of a car that thing was great.
  6. stealth bomber

    Looking for a car for my son.

    I had a 2007 with the 3.5L for a winter beater for a couple years, I don't remember the numbers but it was really decent on gas on the highway. I would imagine the 3.9 would be a little worse on fuel but still not bad. If you want to stay with GM, another option for you might be a Malibu 2008 or newer. My last winter beater was one of those with the 4 cylinder. I didn't think I would like it as much as the Impala, but once I got used to it, it was a really nice car to drive. The ones with 3.6L engines are rocketships, might not want one of those, lol. I'm glad they went to no e-test required for ownership transfer, it gives people a fighting chance at getting issues sorted out on older, affordable vehicles. My last Malibu I sold needing a catalytic converter, told the buyer about the issue and he was fine with it because he could get a plate until next June.
  7. stealth bomber

    Looking for a car for my son.

    A cheap code reader might be a good investment if you're looking at older cars. An e-test is no longer required for ownership transfer, so that makes things easier also.
  8. stealth bomber

    Looking for a car for my son.

    Nothing wrong with an Impala for reliability. 2006 and up would be my choice. They went to a dry intake manifold and MLS head gaskets, much more reliable than the older 3.4L junk. The only way I would consider an older model would be if it had a 3.8L. Look for one that's been oil sprayed. First spot they start to get soft is in front of the back wheels, like the pinch welds on the rocker panel bottoms.
  9. stealth bomber

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Can you get charged with impaired by moving the grass in the ditch in front of your house with a self propelled push mower?
  10. stealth bomber

    My kind of Broads

    Looks like they're ready to take home
  11. Raises a couple questions: How big is the tube of rtv required to sale the case halves? Are those pistons showing lean or is it coolant wash? Did they double check the torque on the flywheel bolts?
  12. stealth bomber

    *** OFFICIAL Patrick Brown thread ***

    I hope he gets enough to bankrupt CTV. That won't happen but hopefully it sets a precedent that annonomous accusations don't get any traction with the media. Whole thing is a joke. Society should do better than this.
  13. stealth bomber

    Missing boy near Orangeville...

    I don't want to judge the poor woman, she has to be in absolute agony and has to live with this for the rest of her life. But what in the fuck was she doing driving around with a three year old at 1am?
  14. stealth bomber

    So rang the fuck up at work

    Glad you're ok Ben. My close call story was fixing a leaky drain pipe between the floor joists in my basement. Standing on a chair inside a closet, reaching up into the floor, cutting the ABS pipe with a hacksaw. Cutting towards myself because that's the angle that gave the most room. What I didn't know was the 240v line was stapled to the joist behind the pipe. I cut right into it and got one hell of a light show, but never felt a thing. Copper burned onto the hacksaw blade though.
  15. stealth bomber

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    This past summer I had a 20 lb tank filled at Costco, put it in the trunk just as I always do. The attendant came right over to the car and demanded it go in the passenger compartment. Told him to get bent and drove off, but it would seem he was right.