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  1. Polaris 340 for kids?

    Definitely not a Cat, then it's almost 100% chance of catching the gay.
  2. Polaris 340 for kids?

    One downfall to letting your kids drive a Polaris is that they might turn gay. Happens to lots of people.
  3. The often talked about - Bike insurance

    Couple of my friends kids have fucked up and got big speeding tickets. Parents now paying through the nose for insurance. My boys are almost to the driving age. I hope to fuck they behave. I'd like to put a governor on for about 95 km/h.
  4. Snowmobile News..

    Cats are for my best buddys.
  5. Yep. Expect to be made fun of and called names like "Ace Ventura"
  6. I agree with Tinker. The guy I ride with the most has one. Were both over 200lbs and 85mph is all it's got. But he can wind it through the tight trails pretty good. On the big trails or lakes, it's waaay behind. He wants more power and will probably be sending it down the road soon. If you're used to 2 stroke power you probably won't be happy for long. Just get the 1200, you only live once.
  7. Snowmobile News..

    I knew I recognized the junk in the background, lol.
  8. Snowmobile News..

    Is that just a pic you pulled off google SnowRider? Looks a lot like my local dealer.
  9. Meme thread

    Fuck I didn't know mach z not had his house for sale. Nice of you to help him advertise though.
  10. Oh Dear Lord!

    Wow did you suck him off both times you met him or just once?
  11. Chevy garbage

    I know Ford has special coverage on some Focus and Fiesta for shudder from the clutch caused by fluid leaking. We had two used cars come through our service department with the issue last week. Might want to check with your dealer. Knowing Ford the repair time is probably shit so they won't want to do it unless you keep at them.
  12. Chevy garbage

    What's an average shop rate in the USA? Our rate is $98, were in a small town. The city an hour away is $120+. The indy shop I worked in 20 years ago was $65
  13. Chevy garbage

    That's cheap. Our retail labour time guide says 12.4 hours to remove and replace a complete engine. A bare long block is 16.6 hours. Yours would be considered a complete engine, that's about $55 an hour.
  14. Snow Tires

    What's the truck? Have you considered a set of smaller wheels like 17" or 18"? Might off set the price of the tires enough to be worthwhile and you wouldn't be paying to mount and balance them twice a year.
  15. Mach z-not is busy driving around Ohio erratically, hoping the cop will pull him over and use the big black dildo on his asshole.