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  1. *** OFFICIAL Patrick Brown thread ***

    I hope he gets enough to bankrupt CTV. That won't happen but hopefully it sets a precedent that annonomous accusations don't get any traction with the media. Whole thing is a joke. Society should do better than this.
  2. Missing boy near Orangeville...

    I don't want to judge the poor woman, she has to be in absolute agony and has to live with this for the rest of her life. But what in the fuck was she doing driving around with a three year old at 1am?
  3. So rang the fuck up at work

    Glad you're ok Ben. My close call story was fixing a leaky drain pipe between the floor joists in my basement. Standing on a chair inside a closet, reaching up into the floor, cutting the ABS pipe with a hacksaw. Cutting towards myself because that's the angle that gave the most room. What I didn't know was the 240v line was stapled to the joist behind the pipe. I cut right into it and got one hell of a light show, but never felt a thing. Copper burned onto the hacksaw blade though.
  4. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    This past summer I had a 20 lb tank filled at Costco, put it in the trunk just as I always do. The attendant came right over to the car and demanded it go in the passenger compartment. Told him to get bent and drove off, but it would seem he was right.
  5. Any trappers on here

    I'm not into trapping but I love taxidermy. Stuffing beavers mostly.
  6. Meme thread

    Yes. Fukkers have no common cents.
  7. Deported to some shit hole country
  8. 2019 Ram

    Maybe this will be the year ram builds something that's not a total pile of shit. Not likely though.
  9. Woman Driver's

    Liar. Your wife is reading this isn't she?
  10. Woman Driver's

    I'd say this friend owes you a couple blow jobs.
  11. Retarded Kijiji Ad's

    Ad ID 1323452400
  12. Keep the wheel in your pocket, when you pass some homo on a Polaris throw the wheel at him. It will be awesome.
  13. Who is the truck wrench in here?

    Listen for a change in tone from the heater vents when it starts blowing cold or goes back to hot. If the blend door is moving uncommanded, you should be able to hear a change in the sound of the airflow. Also when it goes cold, try turning the dial to full cold and then back to hot, see if the heat comes back.
  14. Sled Rentals

    Those transmission lines can leak bad, especially when it's real cold. Usually the one that goes into the bottom of the rad. Leaks where the rubber meets the steel, not necessarily rusted.
  15. 80,000 women are battered every year, but I prefer to eat mine plain.