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  1. Learn a lesson

    I was thinking this did go the way I thought it was. LOL
  2. Ontario Lodging Database

    I've gotten a couple of PMs about the mileage listing. Unfortunately, I'm not maintaining that info anymore. Two reasons for this, I'm busy enough w/ the lodging listings & the GPS POI file that I posted earlier in the season. Secondly, I had used the previous ITG & felt it's mileage calculator was suitable for my needs.
  3. Horwood Lake Lodge Timmins

    Horwood Lake is out near Foleyet, halfway between Chapleau & Timmins. C101F (or whatever it is called nowadays) is the only OFSC trail in the area.
  4. Another Day Another Fabrication

    Getting to be as bad as stupid 9-1-1 calls. So without further ado, please do not call 911 for the following reasons: To complain that a salon won't change your nail polish colour. To say a car is refusing to move forward at a gas pump. To report that a restaurant won't give you a refund for food that is inedible. To complain that your tenant moved out without giving back their keys. To say that someone else parked in your parking spot. To ask if a sign that says a washroom is closed at the beach is legitimate. To complain that a gas station won't take coins as payment. To inquire about whether raccoons are dangerous animals. To ask if it's illegal to wash clothes at 6 a.m. To double check the time after daylight saving time ends in the fall. It's important to remember that calling 911 with nuisance calls can tie up lines and make it harder for people to get in touch with dispatchers.
  5. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    Used to see executive announcements in the Star's financial pages. Guys bouncing around from one corp' to the next. Every 4 or 5 years, off to another job. No idea if they were looking for work voluntarily or had been sacked.
  6. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    Then in 2019 he'll find a 'position' in some other outfit.
  7. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    Just because you have gov't contracts doesn't mean you're successful if you have to many useless whiteshirts. Look @ the clown in Canarvon. LCBO agency store & a gas station & still couldn't make a go of it.
  8. Horwood Lake Lodge Timmins

    I didn't know the Chimo was in Africa. That being said, when I was passing thru Cochane on a season salvaging trip to Kap', there didn't appear to be much activity @ the Chimo. There is another motel 'attached' to the Chinese restaurant.
  9. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    I've heard of people in different businesses bidding low on jobs, to get the work, but they barely make any money to break even. A few years ago we had never heard of them & the next thing you know they are everywhere. Overextended themselves perhaps?
  10. Another Day Another Fabrication

    OK here's the report: Charges are possible.
  11. Winter 2018

    I heard they graded the railbed south of Bancroft last fall. Riding up thru there in the Ranger is pretty much the same in the whoops if you try to go too fast.
  12. Hijabgate

    Yes, because social media has treated the family so badly after the incident was found to be a hoax.
  13. Another Day Another Fabrication The report I saw @ 6 said charges are pending. I'm surprised Sock Boy didn't tweet about this when the story hit the news this morning.
  14. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job I wonder who the bogeyman will be after 2020?
  15. Hijabgate

    Easier to Google this on the laptop: