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  1. Yeah but instead you Polaris550 Rolled faggot!!!!
  2. If you don’t like dogs I don’t like you
  3. Hey @Polaris 550 Easton dares you to lay a hand on my kid 🤣🤣🤣 he would FUCK YOU UP!!!!
  4. Sad part is the mini Aussie would rip your ass to shreds, he’s a perfectionist at recognizing faggots immediately
  5. yami123

    Mike Trout 430 million dollars

    I go see the Mets at Miller Park (Milwaukee) for less then 60 bucks a ticket all weekend about 15 rows back from the dugout. You pay to park and can get in 3 hours before game time and tailgate all you want. Literally cannot beat it. Being from Illinois and a Mets fan it’s that or Wrigley which is way more expensive and it sucks. Miller park is awesome..
  6. yami123

    Calling all RZR peeps

    He is definitely losing money on it at that price. Cheap ass should just buy a new trailer.
  7. yami123

    Mike Trout 430 million dollars

    Fuck that. I go see the Mets/Brewers game all weekend for cheaper and get drunk in the parking lot for $12 for the parking charge.
  8. yami123

    Calling all RZR peeps

    He bought it with the machine I don’t see what’s so gay about a bad ass sound system and extra lights when your already dumb enough to spend 25k on a SXS?
  9. yami123

    Calling all RZR peeps

    @f7ben you could really jam some faggot ass tool with this bad boy
  10. Who wants a deal on a bad ass roof speaker/light bar combo. My buddy is trying to sell. It’s literally brand new. The fucker won’t fit in his enclosed trailer with it on. 1400 bucks. It came off his 2019 2 seater rzr turbo.
  11. yami123

    Mike Trout 430 million dollars

    Dude is an all around outstanding ball player. I fully expected him to get more then Harpers lazy ass but not that much more. Incredible.
  12. Just for @Polaris 550 faggot!!!!
  13. And if I didn’t, my kid won’t pick it up and eat it like you did FAGGOT!!!!