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  1. Living her best life......
  2. Sergio made the right call killing off sedans years ago. He knew this was coming. SUV'S and Trucks are the market.
  3. Damn near made me tear up.
  4. President Bush's service dog. Truly a mans best friend. Poor pup.
  5. Our new Golden. Had her a few weeks now. Easton has a new best bud
  6. yami123

    New temporary dog

    Never had a dog growing up but wouldn't give them up for anything now. Mans best friend for sure
  7. yami123

    New temporary dog

    Time for a permanent one
  8. yami123

    New temporary dog

    Our new permanent dog lol. Easton was not impressed at all at first but a short time after their best buds. Figured it was time he got some company
  9. yami123

    Marking a murglerer season 2

    I'm on the last episode of the second part right now. KZ is a fucking genius!!!!
  10. yami123


    Great show.
  11. yami123

    Yukon xl

    Yeah that's insane.
  12. yami123

    Yukon xl

    Arent those like 100 fucking grand LOL
  13. yami123

    Yukon xl

    Its still a 3 row full size SUV. I wouldn't exactly say its "small".
  14. yami123

    Yukon xl

    Yeah a durango is real small
  15. yami123

    Yukon xl

    6.4 FTMFW!!!!!!