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  1. So this means that we assume that once the home invader runs off, that they will never come back? There is no reason to think they will show up again in a night or two and break in again, or worse, set the house on fire? I'm not a gun owner, and don't live in a place where this kind of thing happens a lot, but I'm OK with making sure they don't get away to play another day.
  2. STILL don't get the picture

    Yeh - great idea - What happens 40 years from now, when there is a string of presidents all from party A, and a president from party B gets elected. The former ones can throw the new one out cause they want to??? Some of them would be 80 years old, you saying their judgement will be better?
  3. Flynthe friendly skies

    I get that flights are overbooked sometimes, and that flight crews have to be moved on short notice. But - Once you have boarded, and sat in your seat, as far as I am concerned, you own it. It's unreasonable to force someone off that plane at that point. If you want to keep raising the offer until someone volunteers, fine, but I don't think its right to force anyone off the plane. At the gate, they can do what they need to do.
  4. My father has an Escape. I have driven it a few times, I really like it, he does to.
  5. Where the fuck are you guys?

    The ending of the last episode of that show was one of the funniest things I have aver seen on television.
  6. Sears is done, just a matter of time now. If you told me that Stanley tools would be buying Craftsman 15 years ago, I would have said you were crazy. It's amazing to see how much they have fallen.
  7. Then why would they have planned to spend $1.6 BILLION to move the plant to Mexico. They have to save a lot more than 3% of the labor to ever get that back. Can't be real estate cost, land is practically free in Detroit these days. Fact is, my guess is that Ford already owns plenty of land that they can use.
  8. This is way more complex than the people pushing for change are letting on. If the election was done by popular vote, the candidates would have behaved very differently. They would not concentrate all their time and effort on a few swing states, ignoring the ones that they 'know' are going to go one way or the other. They would have to spread the campaign time and dollars around the whole country in a very different way. This would make the polling process different before the election, and would change the proportion of votes in individual states (by how much, no one could tell). In that scenario, Trump may well have won the popular vote (we will never know that either. One thing for sure, it would be days after election day before we would know who won. In the current system, they start calling states like mine (Mass) right after the polls close. If we had to wait until all the ballots were counted and certified (including absentee ballots) then add it all up to get a nationwide total, it would be the better part of a week before a winner could be declared. I'm not sure that's what we want, or that it would change the result. You have to understand that if the rules are different up front, the candidates would behave differently during the campaign, changing the popular vote result in some way. It' not reasonable to change the rules after the votes have been cast, because you don't like the result.
  9. Meme thread

    There is nothing even remotely like those shows on TV today. Too bad, they had their moments.
  10. Maureen Dowd

    If you go to the NYT website, search for Dowd, you can find this article. Maureen Down did put it in here column, but she did not write it, Her brother, who according to her, is much more conservative wrote it. Either way, she printed it, which I think is a good thing. I do think the column is well written, and puts the last two years into a nice neat package.
  11. Looks like he has a halo in the lower left pic.
  12. It is time to replace the planes, and the new ones will likely be the most sophisticated aircraft ever barring the space shuttle, but $4 Billion does seem like a lot of money, even for two planes. They ought to be able to build a Star Trek transporter for that, and save a lot of time and fuel.
  13. Trailer lid grab handle needed.

    True enough, but I would put them on the inside either way.