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  1. Trailer lid grab handle needed.

    True enough, but I would put them on the inside either way.
  2. Trailer lid grab handle needed.

    I would turn the bolts around so the threads are on the inside. They wont get near as rusty, and will be easier to replace down the road if need be.
  3. Trailer lid grab handle needed.

    Min went through a horizontal bar, so the length of the handle wasn't a big deal.
  4. Trailer lid grab handle needed.

    I used a galvy garage door handle. It's shorter, drilled two new holes, put a nut and bolt in the old ones to plug them. Works fine, plenty strong, will never rust.
  5. 2014 Ram 8 speed DIY trans service

    As far as plugs go - no matter what engine it is - they last longer now than they ever did, but I am not a fan of leaving them for more than 60 - 70K miles. They may still work OK, but I don't have much hope of getting them out of the head after 100,000 miles. Better to do them sooner, and not break anything. Probably only going t do them once or twice over the life of the motor anyway.
  6. Nice to see something sled related here now...