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  1. racer254


    All trump would have to do is bring up Bernie's wife and her job. Bernie would be rattled.
  2. So Al Gore starts a liberal cable network, which turns into a complete and utter flop, then sells it to a Middle East potentate in a deal that will bring him an estimated $70 million. Is America a great country or what? There is something highly unusual -- OK, just plain weird -- about a former vice president of the United States doing this deal with the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani.
  3. Damn right. I remember the bullshit that was coming out of their mouth. Same shit that comes from some on this forum.
  4. Please, continue. Then tell us why your 80's dems are better.
  5. Kinda sounds like the dems are the ones that caused most of the issues. Very telling of their tactics.
  6. Let's hope so? Lets elect more politicians from the 80s, but blame trump for the problems in DC and the Fed. OMG, this country is doomed with a thought process like this.
  7. racer254

    Trumps new lawyers

    LOL. It's funny watching you and others on here when you try to answer the simple questions.
  8. racer254

    Trumps new lawyers

    Shouldn't you be watching the stock market. LOL
  9. racer254

    Trumps new lawyers

    Duh, that is why most conservatives on this forum and any other place want to limit the size and scope. But you have people here championing more and more government programs. WHY?
  10. racer254

    Trumps new lawyers

    Government accountability board/Government Accountability Office SMH. State the law that says we must give money to foreign governments.
  11. racer254

    Trumps new lawyers

    The Government Accountability Office found that the Trump administration violated the law by withholding aid to Ukraine.
  12. racer254

    Trumps new lawyers

    OMG, did anyone hear the latest from the GAB? They say that trump broke the law by withholding aid to ukraine. THINK ABOUT THAT. Trump is stopping the flow of taxpayer funds to another country and someone is claiming that is ILLEGAL. Are you fucking kidding me. We have a US President stopping funds from going overseas and that's considered illegal? Where the fuck is common sense at.
  13. racer254

    You're a liberal hack.

    Literally the biggest group of frauds in this country.
  14. racer254

    You're a liberal hack.

    Yeah, coming from a man who then replies "What an angry cunt. " The epitome of classy statements.
  15. racer254

    You're a liberal hack.

    And he had the audacity to label her "classy", then describe her in the following manner. LOL