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  1. How many elections has Clinton been in? I guess it must be a lot.
  2. Cnn exposed by reason magazine

    Where did I give Fox news a pass on this?
  3. An individual may give a maximum of: $2,700 per election to a federal candidate or the candidate's campaign committee.2 Notice that the limit applies separately to each election. Primaries, runoffs and general elections are considered separate elections. $5,000 per calendar year to a PAC. Hillary Clinton echoed her former colleagues, saying she was “shocked and appalled” after the sexual harassment allegations were revealed about Weinstein, who hosted fundraisers for her in the past and donated more than $46,000 to her recent presidential campaign and other election efforts. Interesting.....gave 250k to Clinton Foundation, and 46k individually for Clinton's campaigns.
  4. Apparently elections matter...

    In addition, the state on Friday announced a proposal to build a 265-bed community corrections center and a 335-bed employment center for inmates at the site.
  5. I don't see people in my immediate area doing this any longer.
  6. Bad Ombre!

    Unbelievable. 800 pounds of fajitas in one delivery? This went on for 9 years and no one noticed.....how much of this shit actually goes on
  7. Cnn exposed by reason magazine

    I listed ONE group "affiliated" to a party and you labeled me a partisan hack....think about that for just a second. Just what party did you think of when I said planned parenthood, cnn or the irs? Now, instead of posting some bs comment, why not make your list of corruption? Or would that just show your partisanship?
  8. Cnn exposed by reason magazine

    The last few years have really brought a lot of corruption to light with many organizations, CNN, DNC, Planned Parenthood, IRS, and many others. I think we need to make a list of them all and pin it to the top so that we all remember who the real crooks are.
  9. Cnn exposed by reason magazine

    Sounds like the same thing the liberals on this site are saying about Foxconn.
  10. Tell you what...

    Do you think the voters saw exactly what she did? YEP.
  11. Discuss

    Did McCain make excuses for 10 months after the election? Did Romney make excuses after the election? Why do you defend her, when it's her CHARACTER for the reason she lost.
  12. Tell you what...

    I think it's great. Based on all the current actions, they really don't have a clue as to how to fix their current state
  13. It's really nice that these nice little timelines and talking points about this get laid out so perfect for you minions. That way you don't have to do any research for yourself.
  14. Outrage From the Bible Beaters...

    Typical Democrat wondering why others don't vote for more "free" stuff.