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  1. racer254

    Jerry Nadler 1998 and Now

    Maybe we all should be asking why the fuck has he been in congress this long. 14th fucking term...GTFO and let someone else serve.
  2. Oh FFS you fucking guys are pathetic.
  3. racer254

    Irony, part 12396

    3 million of them did in California.
  4. I think they have run out of lies to perpetuate, or maybe they are just sick of the DNC lies and are sick of defending them.
  5. Wait, someone is giving congress a plan or is it explaining to YOU how congress should proceed. Are you being led around by the nose and be told what to believe, because it sounds like it.
  6. The whole thing was based on a FAKE dossier....A FUCKING LIE. How about the lies about the meeting on the tarmac? How about lies regarding the dnc giving hillary the nod over bernie, How about the lies they are telling you about tax cuts? You are being lied to constantly by the same people you keep trying to defend.
  7. And why should it? If there is no crime etc....why should it really matter. The base and more spoke with the election.
  8. The clintons are the worst family ever to get into the White House. The precedent they have set put the bar very low for others to follow and get away with.
  9. Still believing the bullshit I see. Hillary Clinton was never investigated like this...EVER.
  10. The people who peddled the collusion narrative will never admit anything but collusion. They will never admit that the Trump did nothing illegal. They still need to show that they are intellectually elite in the minds of their followers.
  11. Sounds like someone that won't accept the Mueller report. Excuses, excuses, excuses and won't admit being WRONG about collusion. FFS man, get your shit together before calling out others. Remember that last tax "riddle", take some lessons and learn from them instead of doubling down on the stupid.
  12. racer254


    My god man, give your head a fucking shake. Or are you connecting the dots. I watched a couple news shows this morning and they are trying very hard to help. The best narrative yet was "The Mueller report doesn't exonerate Trump" HELLO MCFLY? If it doesn't show or prove collusion, then what do you call it. Fucking no mind sheep that are following this are just amazing.
  13. racer254

    Its out!!!

    All designed to take up as much time as possible in order to stop trump from possibly getting anything done. I think they are scared he might get something right.
  14. racer254

    One more time

    It's how his arguments play out on this forum daily...... wins with speculation....loses with facts.
  15. racer254

    Fuck Donald Trump

    Here is the bill. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/115/sjres54