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  1. And wait until NOW, to really come clean. LOL
  2. I have done it constantly with both parties. I don't GAS which party it is.
  3. Exactly, but that's ok if the dems are doing. Partisan hacks is all some here are.
  4. Usually there are ordinances in place that require a sizeable deposit to a government entity in case situations like this happen. This protects the taxpayers so they are not on the hook to clean it up. Sounds like someone either dropped the ball or another case where a government regulator was not doing their job. Funny how it boils down to that, yet everyone wants to strictly lay blame on the company.
  5. This type of shit needs to be out in the open and people need to vote these crooked fucks out.
  6. Why do they have Paul Ryan on a meme saying congress should have the same healthcare as the people they represent? The ACA is a dem mess!
  7. Where were the regulators that were supposed to be the watchdogs and stop this type of thing from happening? Were they paid off? Were they just collecting a paycheck? What about the people in government office? Drain the swamp so that this DOESN'T happen. That's why trump was elected. I see some still can't understand that.
  8. Trump WH Turnover Rate

    Weeding out the people that are a waste of taxpayer money. It's the apprentice only in the WH this time. Would you rather have inept people kept in the positions?
  9. The Kids are Walking.

    I believe there is an agenda to create this fear rather than educate gun safety. Look at the difference in mindset between people who have taken gun safety and education vs the general public. Education is the key, not stricter gun laws. But that's not what the anti-gun advocates like this group promote.
  10. The Kids are Walking.

    Nope, people under 18 are minors and should not be subjected to political issues by one side or the other. This was organized by a political bias group. You don't see the problem, because you're a blind partisan. Perfect example of your hypocrisy: Walk out of class to protest gun violence----A --OK, but try and teach a gun safety course in a public school? NOPE. You're a misguided bunch being led around by your emotions. Democrats pushed back Thursday against a Republican measure that would allow Wisconsin high schools to offer gun safety courses, arguing such classes aren’t appropriate and could generate fear in classrooms.
  11. The Kids are Walking.

    People like you are best when they stop trying to manipulate young minds with a specific agenda. It was organized by people with a specific political agenda. ACTIVISTS What don't you get about this phrase? organizers of the Women’s March are promoting a “National School Walkout” On November 9, 2016, the day after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States,[36] in reaction to Trump's election campaign and political views,[c][38] and his defeat of female presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Teresa Shook of Hawaii created a Facebook event and invited friends to march on Washington in protest.
  12. The Kids are Walking.

    The fact is that these people are using young minds to promote a political agenda and you don't see a problem with it. As an "educated" adult you should, but as a partisan hack, you don't.
  13. The Kids are Walking.

    A conservative school district??? How so?
  14. The Kids are Walking.

    Covering their asses now. The teachers and faculty of any place that was organizing this had a way out. They would make the parents and anyone against this protest look like the bad guy in the eyes of the kids. First, promote the walkout because they know it's easy to get kids to walk out of school Second, if someone complains, mark those kids absent and blame it on the people complaining. MANIPULATION.