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  1. Yet not one media outlet reports on the fact that those fees more than cover the DOT budget. The problem lies with the simple fact that they are allowed to rob the transportation fund for other budget shortfalls. It's a crock.
  2. BTW, just remember, politicians constantly want to raise gas taxes further burdening the people who can't even afford their cars. LOL
  3. racer254


    Another "catch and release" LOL
  4. It would show that the whole thing was a sham from the beginning, just like everyone has been telling you here.
  5. racer254

    Smaller Tax refunds

    LOL. I am sure the story isn't quite how you explained it. Either that or your friends don't care enough to figure it out and you can't figure it out well enough to explain it with any type of confidence. Just want to play party politics.
  6. racer254

    Smaller Tax refunds

    This whole thread is a synopsis of most people in this country. No clue about finances and when they complain and are incorrect, you have others that do not change the way they are thinking and instead just blame it on whoever they hate the most in DC. Why not correct your buddies and explain to them the correct scenario as to why they may not have the same refund as last year? Nah, easier to just say "derp derp derp"
  7. Let that really sink in. Maybe some of the TDS infected can understand just how they sound.
  8. Hard to imagine the logic. It has nothing to do with the $$$, it's all caused by the simple fact that they don't want trump to succeed in any way.
  9. All to keep the minions interested. Happened exactly the same Wisconsin and Walker. Someone decided this was the new Democrat play book.
  10. Imagine that. Another crooked pos that the liberals all loved....Only because he was against trump.
  11. racer254

    Dems, their own worst enemy

    Really? We all seem to be of the opinion that spending is out of control. Taxes are too high. SS is not an entitlement. Being the world police is bad. Carbon taxes won't help. Illegal immigration is a problem. I think that the candidates push the divide instead of pushing unity, same with the media.
  12. racer254

    Dems, their own worst enemy

    Yes, a smart move politically, but damn is that always what has to be thought about? Why can't something just be the right thing to do for the people of this country instead? That's all the media seems to do now as well, write articles designed to make a candidate look bad instead of what is best for the country.
  13. Gotta pay for illegals, gotta pay for HC, gotta pay for green house gas emissions, gotta bail out GM, gotta bail out the banks, gotta be the policemen of the world. It never stops and some people keep thinking we need to keep voting these fucks back into office.
  14. racer254

    Dems, their own worst enemy

    You really have to wonder what dumbshit at the top decided that this type of play was the best for the party? Like I have said before, all the dem party wants to do is run bullshit investigations and leak some type of gotcha information to keep the base interested. That is not what a party should do to win elections.