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  1. racer254

    And the Wheels...

    After a while you start to realize how juvenile some people really are.
  2. racer254


    Hope for a fucking war or recession. What a great concept, all because they don't like trump.
  3. racer254

    Will They Back It Up.....

    FFS, You posted it, maybe you can explain what you think needs to be done.
  4. racer254

    Will They Back It Up.....

    I wonder why you keep asking the republicans to do something. Maybe you should be asking your own party to do something first.
  5. racer254


    You have been parroting the same shit for 2 years now. Eventually you may find something to come true, but right now, the economy is booming, no new wars and unemployment is low. You do realize that eventually something may change, but right now everything you keep saying hasn't happened. Maybe you should come to that realization.
  6. racer254


    So, campaign finance laws don't apply? Some kind of one sided precedence you got there
  7. Sad isn't it. Predictable that they don't think about the actual voters, more just trying to show how bad the other side is for them.
  8. Oh boy, You folks have some real issues. Remember why some have been saying trump was elected? To get rid of all the establishment politicians. You're welcome
  9. LOL. Keep believing. Remember gruber.
  10. Do you have trouble with comprehension? How long does it take? Just leaks of some criminal activity, with nothing related to trump or collusion. False statements to the fbi....campaign finance. FFS, we have seen this before.
  11. 7 guilty pleas of false statements and campaign finance laws and not one relating to helping Russia interfere with the 2016 election. Like I said, it's the same damn bullshit that went on in wisconsin and all organized by democrats. Think long and hard how that really looks to non-partisan voters.
  12. racer254

    And the Wheels...

    Take a good look who showed back up and the level of the comments afterwards.
  13. Do you ever wonder why these leaks keep coming out in a criminal investigation, yet nothing becomes of them? It's to KEEP HOPE ALIVE. LOL This already played out in Wisconsin, and now the same type of investigation is just going to be like the energizer bunny. Just keep going and going and going until the next election. State of politics right and don't forget it was democrats that are the sore losers that keep trying to do this shit.
  14. Let me know when this will be so I can be prepared. It's just like Wisconsin and the John Doe investigations. Nothing happened, but the walker haters were able to keep leaking "possible criminal activity", until they finally found a candidate. This is the same.
  15. Soon? FFS, how long does it take. It's like a death in the family. When it's sudden and unexpected, there is a shock factor, but with this, it's like a slow hospital stay or a missing person that is found dead after a while. No longer a shock factor, just get it over with and get on with life.