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  1. 2 hours ago, revkevsdi said:

    There will need to be drastic changes. I doubt the electorate or politicians have the balls to do it. Hell a lot of them are too stupid to believe scientists. 

    Look at how angry they get at a little girl who tells people to listen to the scientists

    Well at least you identify yourself correctly here...... idiot

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Jimmy Snacks said:

    Gets blackout drunk and blames it on CTE, brags about sport fucking his own wife, throws shitty TP in the trash, calls teenage boys studs and posts pictures of them in swimming pools...yeah drip you’re really a genetic marvel. :lol:
    As for brain chemistry...well....basically you’re just fucking stupid.

    Oh yeah almost forgot...wears flat brims and listens to Kid Rock. 

    Well when you post lists like slinger you tend to look like a fuckin dork. slinger jr.

  3. Well they claim they went but I see no actual education when I hear him speak. There's not too many players in the NFL who do not claim to have attended University (football program)

    That is not the talk of an educated person. Every school that participates in this scam should be ashamed to associate there name to idiots like this who claim to have attended there fine university.

    This clown talks like an 5 year old and probably thinks like a 5 year old. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, revkevsdi said:

    I know this is crazy. But it seems to me that :

     Trump took a nuclear deal with Iran that wasworking.

     That was also agreed to by your allies.

     Tore it up just to make his racist base happy.

    He did that without consulting your allies.  

    Then pushed them so he’d get a response,

    Retaliated beyond the scope of their response to push them close to war.

     His actions may have caused the death of innocent people on that plane. 

    Now he is calling on the Allies he didn’t consult to come up with a deal with Iran. 

    If he ends up with that same deal Obama had, shitheads like you will claim he averted ww3 and call him the great negotiator.  

    Meanwhile there are a a couple of hundred dead people because he wanted to divert attention away from the fact that he is withholding witnesses and evidence from his impeachment trial. 


    You are with out a doubt an idiot.

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  5. 2 hours ago, bussman said:

    I’ll never go back to a 129 after riding this 137. :bc: 

    so what does it do better?  From my understanding the 137 will bridge stutter bumps better and that's it.  So if your bashing around at a good clip of 30mph on some fresh groom those evil bumpy bumps feel better?

    IMO if you actually tear through an ungroomed ditch at speed that has big drifts and whooped out,the longer track affects the handling and you get more kick back from the rear. All depends on riding style though. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Jimmy Snacks said:

    Well I won’t speak for him but I find it hard to believe he wants dead US Soldiers.

    did you not read his posts all day yesterday?

    In reality, I realize he is trolling but his troll is pathetic if that's what he thinks sparking up debate is. Especially when it's fully based on TDS

  7. Is the impeachment finally over?

    I cant believe this is going on. Democrats have some severely hurt feelings as that's how they frame their argument, even when they say it's not.

    I have not heard of one direct piece of evidence that puts Trump in the line of fire here. Lots of he said she said but no direct evidence.

    Just because you feel that he is not suitable to the position of president ( scumbag, dirty , etc...) you need to prove it. 

    It just looks so desperate. 3 years of the world is going to end, multiple impeachment articles filed, fake Russia collusion and now on the doorstep of another election and no viable candidates to oppose the Democrats go full retard and pull the full impeachment option. There is no evidence except for their fantasy narrative that cant be proven. Plus the majority of them are lawyers to boot and they run with this garbage. Fucking pathetic.