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  1. Roosting

    Drama at Eagle River Last Night

    That's my buddy on the 51. Lagoy pulled a similar move last year and got booted. Does it again this year. Some guys get vapor lock out there and loose thier minds. He is just lucky that move never got anyone hurt.
  2. Took motor homes towing boats down that road to Hillock every May long weekend in the early 90's. Found the cabins and went there for ice fishing and sledding for years. Probably 10-15 years since I was last there. Lyn ever show you his beaver balls that he sells to the perfume company's?
  3. love that place. Lyn (think that's his name) was a cool guy. Nice log cabins too.
  4. Roosting

    Doo 850

    So an adrenalin model has 1970 steering geometry? WTF Thought they all came with the rack except for the summits
  5. Roosting

    Doo 850

    17 x package short track. I do need to shorten the front limiter as I cant turn while under power but I have done a lot of corners where I carry the inside ski 6-8 inches off the ground through bumps with no sawing at the wheel. Set it and forget it. Kinda surprised when you said bump steer. Now I'm going to be thinking about it every time I go riding now. LoL
  6. Roosting

    Doo 850

    I haven't really noticed any bump steer. I wonder if it is the ski profile causing you to saw at the wheel a bit.
  7. Roosting

    Doo 850

    I think he said he got the Rev X Faggot Dildo seat model in Black......8.50" Kashoggied!!!!!!111!11
  8. Roosting

    Doo 850

    2600 miles thats about where my buds sled started to blow belts. Heard he got the grip n rip clutch tools see how it goes.Sounded like it needed quite a bit of shims to get it squared up
  9. Roosting

    Doo 850

    it seems to be pretty docile until about 6500 and then it starts to get a bit of an attitude. LoL
  10. Roosting

    Doo 850

    I could beat 780's with my XC700 LoL My 850 would eat my XC for breakfast. I do have the short track I think it makes a big difference in overall performance over a renegade
  11. Roosting

    Another POS Cop

    because your an idiot. completely and totally. Just an observation
  12. Roosting

    Doo 850

    fucking doo eats belts pretty quick. You have to stay on top of it or the belt is sitting low after 100-200 miles and runs like shit.
  13. Roosting

    Another POS Cop

    rev your a fucking idiot. Really
  14. Roosting

    Doo 850

    I get 116 mph on my recall but I have a 129 track If the belt is a bit worn and sits low in the secondary it will not pull big top end numbers and will suck out of the hole as well
  15. I used this recipe so next question do you cold smoke like this guy says or do you take it up to 150 deg when you smoke it?