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  1. Roosting

    Check this out.

    must be your mantra
  2. AFJ is a full blown TDS moron with no common sense. I'll wait for the idiot to reply.........................
  3. how can any charges be layed if the whole cabal has immunity agreements? That is the start of the Obama fuckery in this case.
  4. Jimmies argument has fallen apart badly. When faced with logical talking points the spoon fed BS he spews sounds so stupid he changes the subject.
  5. But illegals are down 90%................................. still 70,000 a month. basically a small city of illegals every month. What is the tax burden on a city of 70K for the average tax payer? Now multiply that by 12 and than again by say 20 years. no problem here, just hysteria. Jimmy your a spoon fed idiot
  6. hey 90% is this the same as 17 lintel agency's agree. Try to at least use real vetted factual evidence instead of your media driven propaganda using half truths and incomplete data. idiot
  7. the number is faulty from the get go as you don't know the true #'s to begin with. It is only valid for the amount of drugs seized. It has no bearing on the total amount that crosses the border. The 2 have zero correlation
  8. are you a moron? maybe try harder next time
  9. Those all seem to be anecdotal articles with incomplete information. The op vid has customs officials giving complete info to congress for the entire year of 2018.
  10. 90% ? tell me how smart you are again. If you type in caps it will make your point more profound 90% HaHaHa
  11. Gee 90% seized where there is the heaviest amount of law enforcement present. I wonder how much they don't catch where there is no law enforcement. That argument is so vapid and stupid it makes no sense. You got a legit link to that stat. The vid presented blows that stupid 90% shit out the window.
  12. watch the vid. 430K pounds seized at border points of entry. 480K pounds seized between ports of entry. #'s are for FY2018 from the border patrol. Those #'s made up? Looks like you drank too much koolaide and took too much faith in the propaganda you spew.
  13. Poor XLTPropaganda. What a multiple degree idiot. HaHaHa
  14. When someone at that level cannot articulate their thoughts properly it just affirms that they are truly an idiot . PERIOD