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  1. Roosting

    Meme thread

    Thats because you are a man and people wanted to hear a woman speak.......
  2. Roosting

    global warming

    Well at least you identify yourself correctly here...... idiot
  3. Roosting

    Troop Draw Down In Africa

    Well when you post lists like slinger you tend to look like a fuckin dork. slinger jr.
  4. Roosting

    Antonio Brown In Fine Form

    I agree to a point but there are some real winners out there too.Look how long AB was kept under wraps . I'm sure there are a bunch more out there but they haven't graduated to full retard yet.
  5. deep field imagery from Hubble telescope shows the density of galaxy's in space It's impressive what is out there. I'm starting to like the alien dna manipulation theory. We are a dna experiment and the aliens created us. So they technically are the creator and so the story goes.......
  6. I think the nose opens on the Antonov. Fucking wild
  7. Saw an Antonov land in Winnipeg a few years back. Fucking thing darkened the sky when it flew past. It was on final approach maybe 1000-1500 ft up and fuck it looked huge. Amassing it can fly
  8. Roosting

    Antonio Brown In Fine Form

    Well they claim they went but I see no actual education when I hear him speak. There's not too many players in the NFL who do not claim to have attended University (football program) That is not the talk of an educated person. Every school that participates in this scam should be ashamed to associate there name to idiots like this who claim to have attended there fine university. This clown talks like an 5 year old and probably thinks like a 5 year old.
  9. Roosting

    Antonio Brown In Fine Form

    This is what passes for a University educated person in the USA?
  10. Thanks for admitting you have half a brain.I was starting to wonder how someone with a full brain could understand the idiot bull shit that flows from the half empty cavity on top of your shoulders. idiot
  11. So basically if you cant drive a Mustang without hitting the ditch you should look at something with a longer wheel base to slow the machine down so you can keep up with the steering wheel? Did I get that correct? LoL
  12. so what does it do better? From my understanding the 137 will bridge stutter bumps better and that's it. So if your bashing around at a good clip of 30mph on some fresh groom those evil bumpy bumps feel better? IMO if you actually tear through an ungroomed ditch at speed that has big drifts and whooped out,the longer track affects the handling and you get more kick back from the rear. All depends on riding style though.
  13. did you not read his posts all day yesterday? In reality, I realize he is trolling but his troll is pathetic if that's what he thinks sparking up debate is. Especially when it's fully based on TDS