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  1. Democrat is a mental disease

    fucker pollutes the air by setting himself on fire. Idiot
  2. Olympics!

    Wow Maybe come up for air kayak boy you have been inverted for wayyyyy tooooo long. Seriously though you come off as a condescending bitch, just so above it all. It really is embarrassing for you. You should sign up for a spot on the view. you would fit right in. I try to stay out of shit like this but fuck you aren't even funny or correct when you try and slam anyone that talks to you. Now I'm going to get it......................
  3. So save democracy and shut down FB.
  4. 85% fatality rate...

    Hmm I dont think thats working Can I link to FB ?
  5. 85% fatality rate...

    here is a link to the race http://<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>
  6. 85% fatality rate...

    speaking of racing took the F-500 to Alexandria last weekend to race 12 laps for a Ski Doo Spark. Got a crappy start charged through the field to get to the leaders and had a 6 lap 3 way battle out front. I got the lead briefly and made a dumb move out of turn 4 that let the 3 place guy back in the hunt. Ran out of laps to get out front again and finished up with a respectable 3rd. There is a video on Facebook if you go to the SledKnawker page.
  7. Border walls work.

    so if no wall, what happens if another Obama type gets in and basically suspends the illegal immigration laws again and another wave of illegals comes flowing over the border again? a wall would hinder that inrush for the most part correct?? So somebody digs a tunnel under the wall or climbs over it that's proof it useless and should be taken down or not built? That is a pretty weak strawman argument. The wall will not be 100% effective but it sure will be effective at slowing or limiting the sheer numbers to only those who are the most desperate to try. Then let the border patrol clean up that smaller and easier to manage mess. The cost is a real shitty reality but like they say why is divorce so expensive, because it's worth it. And in the end isn't that all everyone wants?
  8. Practical jokes

    We got a guy at work with a made up license plate. Had a pic of a rooster crowing and big letters " I love cock" under it. We ty-wraped it to his bumper and tucked it up so he couldn't see it. When he drove away it fell down and well the rest is history. LoL
  9. So all this for supposed hearsay? Has it been confirmed by "independent sources" or just the person who reported it? So a meeting where there is "on the record talk" and "off the record talk" discussing items and solutions? Kinda seems like this is a bit overblown if it's not/was public in the first place? Just trying to figure out if this really happened or just a big media blowup. Well Don Lemon would call Trump a racist for saying the sky was blue.
  10. Is there video or audio of Trump actually saying this or is this just a 2nd hand report?
  11. Doo 850

    old gt 80 that I've been fixing up. not new some how fucked up typing my user name should be roostking
  12. Doo 850

    well I've driven a few 800's and the 850 just seems to yank a lot stronger than the 800's. I've heard some storys of 120 mph top end with some clutching. Could be possible. The power just comes on real strong. I make my own Delerin bushings. They last better than stock but still wear out after a few years
  13. Doo 850

    Himark There are no marks on the skid plate. No gouge or hack that caught on something. It just got pushed up by a grass covered lump of dirt and garbage plastic not meant for cold weather. It's a perfect form fitting piece but is just a fashion accessory as it in no way will protect anything from any form of impact like advertised.
  14. Doo 850

    I think Doo still has the shit plastic bushings in the front. I think I found 2 zerks on the rear. I looked at the 18 XCR 800 and just couldn't pull the trigger on the rear suspension. It's too fugly even if it rides good. Plus I didn't need to replace pistons every 2000miles on the Polaris. But if the 850 is a turd XCR it is. Well not turbo fast but it does seem to pull hard from 20-90mph and then softens up a bit. Everytime I look down at the speedo it's clicking 106, 107, 108 and then I start to think about the belt. I've just started to feel comfortable enough to launch it over some road crossings and boiee she flies pretty good. Need to get used to sitting so much higher it's getting me unsettled on road approaches when your hitting them a 80.
  15. Doo 850

    Only reason I got the Doo was the 850. Hope it lasts like you say. I'm counting on it for sure. If not I have warranty till 2020 and will dump it for a monkey bar special (Polaris)