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  1. ford_428cj

    Spaghetti Pro

    No garlic bread ...
  2. ford_428cj

    Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story

    When hockey was good...
  3. Is Znotty like the dude from Game of Thrones then
  4. Tsc off should be off ...not partially off. I replaced lows, highs & fogs. somewhat of a PIA job ...grille off, headlight housings off. Mine were supposed to be plug & play. Ended up having to trim the dust covers a bit still. Huge improvement on all 3 of the lights. BS they don't put good lights in factory. Pure muscle car there
  5. I put some aftermarket LED's in & they do pretty good. Stockers are a joke. Settle down Tucker - I've rode plenty more than that. Will try again.
  6. They got caught trying to steal the stuff from here. Stand down son ... And Lyme escaped from a lab here after we let some German idiot run it ...
  7. Stupid fuckin canucks let the chinks steal the shit from their lab
  8. Oh the other thing ...worst headlights ever on the Ram
  9. Tried the holding the button down - but didn't do anything. Must be I need that re-flash. I couldn't even roost across a snowy field the other day in 2wd with that BS You got ragdolled off your sled every other weekend ... & you still drive a Buick Rendevous correct? Now stifle yourself while the men are talking Clem ...
  10. Is Knotty really midget height
  11. Don't want that nonsense either ... maybe have to go to a 2500 then
  12. As soon as I can figure how to turn the TSC off completely - I'll hook up to ya.
  13. Like mine pretty good - except haven't figured out how to turn the trac control off completely yet. That annoys me ... Find your own vid dummy ... sure didn't look like a 4 cyl towing that Ford around Nice - but barely touch the panels & they have scuff marks.