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  1. lastzrt

    Welcome to the real world

    Share wife with him too, same plan?
  2. Can't imagine the helpless feeling. Hang in there Mom and Dad, he will be home and on the mend soon.
  3. It is not unless you are getting them under warranty or extended special policy.
  4. lastzrt

    New Mayor of Toronto

    Ah yes, good Catholic girls. On their knees in church and on their knees at home!
  5. lastzrt


    Good snow for running the fence and bush lines at/ before dusk on sleds at home this year. One last trip north to K Lake this weekend, then it's game on for some Wylie's.
  6. lastzrt

    Got Diesel instead of Gas!

    How far did you drive it, station to home? Make sure they have a good look at the cat. converters. Good chance they will be fubar. Does not take long and they will be melted inside. Do not sign off on anything until you get at least a few tanks of fuel back through it with no cel's or problems.
  7. lastzrt

    Time to update

    I really don't mind the Fox Float 3's on the front of my 2016 xf800. Last week in/around Sudbury the trail surface was changing constantly and I really got into toying the air pump at trail side stops to adjust handling as the trails went from hard in the am to soft in the afternoon. Amazing difference in bite and roll in the corners with air adjustments up and down. Buddy with us, 2017 Sidewinder has straight coil overs and was shit until we pulled the couplers and gave it some transfer and front end lift. We swapped a few times and agree the floats would have no place on the front of the 4S turbo. Fun sled, but the only thing the Sidewinder did better was go faster on the lake. No four strokes for me thanks, yet..... Now, we do have a 2017 El Tigre 600 with QS3's (16 up Tigres have the QS3's Tim) the ride is unquestionably better all around. The 3 click adjusters really work, in that each adjustment makes a noticeable difference. Wonder if the new Cat handle bar adjusters only do all shocks at once? It is so simple and quick now as is with manual adjust, and still have fore and aft tuning choices.
  8. lastzrt

    Time to update

    My wife had her 05 f6 Sabre Cat chain drive radar at 104. That drew some attention that day. She loved that sled when we got it dialed in for her. She still says given the choice she would take a brand new F6 over a new style sled. Now I have an 800 that won't even break 100mph......
  9. lastzrt

    Time to update

    Only as listed above, I had no problem opening the hood.
  10. lastzrt

    Time to update

    Yes. No kijiji ad here. Clutch, y-pipe, lowered and studs in the CFR 14" wide track. Repeated more than a few times on Mary Lake with demands to look under the hood. Fast was the only thing it did well.
  11. lastzrt

    Time to update

    Have driven the new yam turbo, talk about a new level of smooth power. Still would not want to wrestle one around on deep snow for any length of time. Pic is from the lower Bruce Pen. not far from the cottage in Wiarton. There may be a beverage or two in my hands. 20 years ago maybe?
  12. lastzrt

    Time to update

    Gearing, track pitch, track approach angle, clutching, they have messed with a lot of stuff on the procross chassis. I have buddies that have tried to clutch and gear more top end out of these late modle cat 800s ( Suzuki or Cat engine) and there is no silver bullet to gain that extra 10mph on the top. Doo 800s walk away after 90mph, not to even bother mentioning the 850 doos. I am past the need to be first across the lake and all that, but it is nice when the different brands are close enough to make it fun. Had the first Cat 800ho 2010 in the Crossfire/CFR chassis that would do 115mph easily, but I would gladly drive the new chassis any day and all day.
  13. lastzrt

    Time to update

    The Team clutches are really nice. Smooth and sturdy and running very cool. Top end is not there on my 16 XF but being geared for a 1.6" lug 137 track, I am not surprised or unhappy with 95 mph as it gets there smoothly and quickly. Can't blame just the clutches on the 800's as the Zuk 800ho was dynoing about 150 down from 163+ in it's first years. I firmly believe they have detuned the old Zuk in advance of the new Cat engine being released, as it also has proven to have not much more pony's or top end than the good old Suzuki it has replaced.