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  1. Winter 2018

    Have a customer who owns a new Vette. He does put it away in the winter though. Drives his CTS-V for a winter car...
  2. Winter 2018

    My trail permit on my Crosstrek looks like that after I mucked it on this year. Bought a mid height wind shield for a new El Tigre 6 when I picked it up thinking the bikini windshield and hand guards would be coming off for sure. I left the windshield right on the new sled seat sitting in the shop. Wife thinks she can do a better job of sticking the permit on and goes ahead and sticks it right on the bikini windshield... Bright side is she did do a great job of getting it on with nary a wrinkle.
  3. Winter 2018

    For Christmas my son got the CKX Titan he was ogling in the dealership every time we went in. Got it for him against my feelings regarding some less than stellar reviews on the 280 goggles that come with it. ie fogging and leaking air. He has been out now quite a bit now in sub -15c and has had no problems whatsoever, even on the new El Tigre with a low shield. He likes every thing about it so far, much more than the modular full he was wearing last year. He installed his helmet speakers in it last night, so I know it must be a keeper. Kid needs a bigger Tekvest than the youth model he has now, if anyone has or knows of one for sale.
  4. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    Hey Tim. I found the original tool kit for the little Yammy . If you are sledding over my way stop in if you like and get it. It's on the counter in the shop if no one is home. Cheers, Todd
  5. Sled Rentals

    Canadian Tire in Huntsville will always have a nice selection of rainbow painted snowshoes for you
  6. Sled Rentals

    Ha, yup
  7. Sled Rentals

    We had neighbors at the Blue Spruce last Feb. who were from Pennsylvania . They were a very experienced sledding couple. They had reserved two sleds from this company well in advance.. Upon pick up day they were given a two up sled and told all other sleds were broke, and they would have them next day. Each morning they stopped back in to the company and were told sorry no other sleds available. All week run around. Felt really bad for them. The old bugger could really wheel that sled around too, but his wife was obviously not enjoying the bitch seat at all.
  8. Winter 2018

    We put my son's Z120 on the deck on Christmas eve when he was 4. After he thought all the presents were opened, we asked him to let the cat in. He literally did an involuntary head butt into the glass door when he looked out ! Boy has not been right since:) Thankfully there was snow because half hour later he was out doing laps around the back field. Now at 14, he still has the bug. He has burnt tow tanks of gas this week and I haven't made it out of the yard yet.
  9. Winter 2017

  10. Winter 2017

    Just got back from a week at the Blue Spruce. Man did we hit right, perfect conditions all week.
  11. Flood Control

    It's no secret. I am in complete admiration of your total lack of shame in posting constant and repetitive drivel on a snowmobile website. The crying for attention is rather unbecoming for a man of your obvious literary skills. I bet there is a Corvette forum, a boat forum and an "I am a complete stud" forum where the Puzzler struts his stuff constantly as well. It all must pretty well fill in the meaningless hours of your all too obviously lonely days. Not trying to belittle you guy. Just want to let you know there is help out there for people like yourself.
  12. Flood Control

    I also feel that Poncho is an unknowing Puzz enabler. With a little group intervention we can help him see the spiral of lunacy he is contributing to.
  13. Flood Control

    I have a delivery driver that reminds me of Puzzler. He is kind of a cross between Rain Man and Captain Obvious. I remind myself and his fellow employees that everybody has a place in this world. It helps me to deal with his idiocy's by considering it as free daily entertainment. This alone has helped stop me from striking him with a hammer and thus jeopardizing my own station in life and also the well being of my family.