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  1. Kev144

    Don Lemon just said....

    The pot you smoke is frying your brain!
  2. Kev144

    Don Lemon just said....

    Pot head posts what?
  3. Kev144

    Official Iron Dog thread

    Yeah I know newf on tbp ran cains quest last year on cat 800s and had all sorts of issues with them. Motor specifically
  4. Kev144

    Official Iron Dog thread

    Are there any cat teams at all this year?
  5. Kev144

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    The turbo is nice but at 18k is insane. The 900 non turbo will do well in both areas comparable to your vector but ride better and probably lighter. I am in the kearney area and it's tight with lakes and I liked the 900 for what it is. I would try one if you're able, I think you'll like it unless you want the 150 ponies of the turbo.
  6. He had some issues didn't he? If I recall
  7. Kev144

    Arctic Cat....Pffft..

    Now your day dreaming about this?
  8. Kev144

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    What did you ride in the 900?
  9. Kev144

    Arctic Cat....Pffft..

    Zamboni needs a root canal!!!!!1111
  10. Kev144

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Aggressive on a vector? Just kidding Irv. If you get a chance, try a 900 non turbo in sport. I think the newer Gen 4 one has 95hp but it's torquey for what it is. It's not a top end rocket but I think you'd enjoy it and the ride. It's well balanced compared the the 1200. But the 1200 is faster
  11. just as easy as the S module?
  12. his G4 clearly didn't have hte brace kit
  13. It seems bracing is a requirement I read here!!!1