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  1. its like a tag. you can do @ anyone and it will give them a notification they were brought up. @Snoslinger
  2. @Mainecat how embarrassing to have this come up every so often when you just hope it does. M'dam president!!!!!
  3. reach around noted
  4. need to run full windows programs and work. The surface does it, the ipad does not.
  5. Time for bed momo you're getting cranky
  6. Settle down. You are making everyone's wives look completely calm at their worst. Fuck you are a turd sandwich
  7. you better clean up the dead voting first
  8. we care because flat earthers can vote
  9. he may need to visit the truck stop prior to friday.
  10. yes i see you keep quoting it you imbecile can't make this up anywhere how you manage to breath day to day is puzzling
  11. you quoted what i said you imbecile. you are the dumbest single celled organism at the bottom of the scum pond