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  1. Trump Biracial girlfriend

    I before E except after c
  2. Bring back snots bum buddy

    That's actually quite comical coming from the guy who literally spends his day here talking about dicks and male on male acts. You sick fuck.
  3. Poor shit and dick obsessed homorider
  4. No one wants to watch your sick homosexual home videos.
  5. From trail? Not at all.
  6. The conversation was about what trump said you turned it to trudeau and obama to avoid the question. It is a textbook defection.
  7. The classic deflection
  8. I just am saying what I observed. Don't worry many folks here make claims with out their source because it's usually full of holes and it's been proven here multiple times. I know most all have seen the video but would have literally taken you a minute to post for those that have not. Next time though
  9. The only question you answered in the first page was to the question "where is the link". Your response was "it's out there somewhere". That sir is a deflection.
  10. Trails tactics have always been skirt around the question to avoid answering it. Must be long term damage from the pot