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  1. Kev144

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    I have a 2018 xcr switchback and it is much better than even the pro s shocks. The new front track shock is better. Lots of adjustment and I'm about 210 geared.
  2. Kev144

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    Wonder what cat is doing, snow check only no in season models. 1 year warranty for the same price as the competition. Seems like a poor choice on the 1 yr especially. I can see trying to clear out their decade old left overs but I know a few cat guys looking at doo/poo because of lack of models and warranty
  3. Kev144

    Highest Mileage Day???

    bout a half days ride
  4. Kev144

    Two 509 chrome sinister goggles

    PM'ed you, these have since been sold
  5. Kev144

    Frosty Nuts Turbo burn down?

    poor @Frostynuts
  6. Kev144

    Frosty Nuts Turbo burn down?

    Same in ce. @Frostynuts why are you avoiding this thread? You were active here til it was posted.
  7. Redhead camo coat and pants size large. Excellent condition no rips. Waterproof and warm. 60 bucks
  8. One says polaris 509 and has a new lens and great shape. 30 bucks. White frame has scratches on lens but can be replaced. 15 bucks. 40 for both.
  9. Kev144

    Arctic cat snow x helmet and goggles

    Got your pm, I'll let you know if I'm in the area. Not all too often but will keep you posted
  10. Kev144

    Arctic cat snow x helmet and goggles

    Waterdown/Burlington area. Will sell for 50 bucks.
  11. Kev144

    Arctic cat snow x helmet and goggles

    Ill even sign it
  12. 509 sinister x5 ignite heated goggles with polarized lens. Used a few times work well just going to get a new helmet in the fall to replace my fly f2 no longer need. Bought this year. $180
  13. Selling a cat snow x helmet and Scott xi quick strap goggles for 60 bucks. X large No accidents it's about 8 years old.
  14. Kev144

    New Doos'

    My buddies uncle cousins roommate