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  1. any excuse to over dose on coors eh
  2. You made a mistake. It's now oak office he forgot the lie and he only flies private Also threatened way back when to sue a snowmobile club who has a great volunteer base over a picture of him
  3. Mexico is a pretty nice place to go in fall or spring. Playa Del Carmen
  4. "Basically". Famous last words
  5. Wow a compliment from momo!
  6. Sorry chief momo and you're welcome for my hard earned tax dollars.
  7. He's actually a native Canadian if I recall from the ppsc club event. Feeding on thr government teet most likely
  8. Back on his favourite subjects. Male genitalia.
  9. trump was a democrat
  10. Reach around for your boy toy?
  11. this fits well phantom shitter
  12. hes a bottom feeding scuzz bucket