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  1. Doug Ford is provincial candidate not city mayor. I don't like Ford, would have rather seen Elliot. The pc party has been a mess lately zoso.
  2. On behalf of most Canadians I apologize for zoso I mean Rev Kevs behaviour.
  3. @f7ben been doing good to avoid this thread.
  4. Has one of bhents predictions come True? He must have lost a lot in his pool
  5. Relax drippy I'm sure it's just menstruation that's got you down.
  6. Hey stifle it ya moolie
  7. Do you even give them the common courtesy of a GOD DAMN REACHAROUND???
  8. @DAVE what did you do to get dripper all butt hurt over a truck he's never owned
  9. Kev144

    Meme thread

    @Momorider want to remind you about your pills tonight
  10. Irv the perv I also like big SPERM!!