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  1. Cat needed that money as their current r&d isn't good enough. The shooting flames issue and clutching issues should have never made it to production or at the very least should not have lasted full season or two.
  2. I've heard the 850 poo runs as fast stock as the stock srx is supposed to
  3. Had a few 4 stroke seadoos never had a lick of issues myself.
  4. The owners manual on my 300 seadoo says around 300+ hours for a rebuild of the charger
  5. Winter 2018

    Left Hearst yesterday back in cochrane by lunch was damn cold but trails were table top.
  6. Wow ssfb getting the mag light!!!!!!!!!
  7. No secret momo is a faggot
  8. Wow uncle z notty cleaning house in here!!!
  9. Dayum!!!

    at least we can haggle. I've seen one dealer try full msrp here and folded fast
  10. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day if trump fluffing to talk about your own province
  11. Dayum!!!

    Isn't that kind of ironic to say since you've been bringing up your poo experience for the last 10 years?
  12. Dayum!!!

    They all do snow check only options, just he has held a hatred for poo for 10 years after is 800 cfi
  13. Dayum!!!

    Some people just buy em and ride em.
  14. Dayum!!!

    He was jokingly
  15. Dayum!!!

    Did you get ES?