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  1. Kev144

    Toronto Sled Show

    I went and got some boots for the misses no tax and on sale. Talked to my dealer 70+ snow checks for 850 poos at his place.
  2. Kev144

    2020 Permits

    Got my shipped email 2 days after it arrived! Glad the money is mostly on the trails than the office staff........... Oops
  3. Kev144

    Where is angry Greta

    Greta really seems to love her extravagant vacation!
  4. Kev144

    Pot Day October 17th

    We don't want to hear about your penis shaped foods.
  5. Kev144

    2020 Permits

    Damn. Red sled......
  6. Kev144

    Pot Day October 17th

    Are you a vap fag?
  7. Kev144

    2020 Permits

    What colour this year?
  8. Kev144

    2020 Permits

    Sled less for the year or buying new? You sold he doo quick after a year
  9. Kev144


    I am so sorry
  10. Kev144

    Domino;s pizza @ 2am

    It was a new location in waterdown. Though if you ever make your own pizza, I typically find any chain pizza greasy. I know at 2am I won't complain either
  11. Kev144

    Domino;s pizza @ 2am

    I tried it and didn't like it really. Found it quite greasy. We usually make our own pizza which I find the best. Just imo of course
  12. Kev144

    Domino;s pizza @ 2am

    Steve how is dominos? One opened within walking distance and wanted to try it.
  13. Kev144

    08 2.4L Malibu stumble/stall issue?

    Electrical gremlins are the worst.
  14. Kev144

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    I have a 2018 xcr switchback and it is much better than even the pro s shocks. The new front track shock is better. Lots of adjustment and I'm about 210 geared.
  15. Kev144

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    Wonder what cat is doing, snow check only no in season models. 1 year warranty for the same price as the competition. Seems like a poor choice on the 1 yr especially. I can see trying to clear out their decade old left overs but I know a few cat guys looking at doo/poo because of lack of models and warranty