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  1. Helmets

    I only ever do 50kph
  2. OFSC Mobile App

    they probably needed to add a few more full time staff. Wait for the price to go up next year and more off the snow
  3. Helmets

    i guess mine is special . No real issues at speed 70-80 mph and -25
  4. Helmets

    doesn't grab for me either. are you always looking at the sky?
  5. Helmets

    Ya try the x5. Mine seal pretty good. The new ones can't recall the name have more foam. Buddy got them at the show and I'll try em in my helmet
  6. Helmets

    Tommy, I have a Fly f2 carbon and use the 509's. I have the X5 i find fit better than the regular sinisters. There is a new google out this year i will try that is same sizeish as the X5 sinister but more foam.
  7. Closed Trail Thread

    Sucks for us. The 307 was great as it was rarely used. Most beat the piss out of Edgewater. Hopefully snow everywhere will keep Toronto faggots further south.
  8. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    Under the liberals debt has sky rocketed and so have the scandals. Looks like Canada is on route for the debt too.
  9. Closed Trail Thread

    They are. They are opening a much larger dining area this winter as well. The landowners behind who own large amounts of land have closed it down.
  10. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    sorry i forgot the budget will balance itself as the liberals are caught fudging the numbers
  11. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    the liberal government is fucked. Auditors report was not too kind. years of liberal government are bankrupting this province. Most in debt sub nation in the world.
  12. Closed Trail Thread

    Yes. Unless things have changed the trail from Edgewater to the D is supposed to be closed. It is being routed over to the 307 by sandhurst
  13. Closed Trail Thread

    I know In our area sand lake a few trails have closed. Ice caves was set to close but from what I heard it will remain open with no real signs and less grooming.
  14. OFSC Trail Pass

    Most important. What colour this year??
  15. 2017 Real World Sled of the Year, and RAD award

    ask Irv about GM vehicles