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  1. If you want to meet Jesus when. The steering locks up!!! Kidding
  2. I can prove science!!!!!!! Cats flaming problem is oil related. Did You Know mixing oil and gas at 50:1 is flammable!!!!11111-- derp
  3. Kev144

    Ex ryder knows mountain sleds

    Sounds like polaris is number 1. Fastest trail sleds, best ride, best mountain sleds and fastest race sleds!!!!11111 YUUUUUGE win!
  4. Kev144

    Apple smashes it.

    I wish the phones weren't 2k cad. I like my iPhone 7 but I'll likely look at a pixel on sale for the holidays for 350.
  5. Kev144

    USXC Results from this weekend

    Polairs #1 I like!!!
  6. Don't worry your killing probably majority of forum members including me for mileage this season. AG sold his sled and picked up a purse.
  7. Larues loggers????? What's your logger name??
  8. Kev144

    Ex ryder knows mountain sleds

    I heard here you've been in polaris and doo dealer ships after having to park in deep snow to deal with flaming issues
  9. My new f150 is the best in class. Only has 1800 miles but it's extremely reliable!!!
  10. Kev144

    DOW 30,000

  11. Kev144

    Big question.

    You got any miles on this season or just tread marks on your rump behind Rogers centre twat waffle
  12. Kev144

    Big question.

    And guess what? You've posted less than a mask there cowardly dick cheese