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  1. Kev144

    Leafs 2016-2018

    He made it to the conference finals last year the moment he left to did decent and same with kessel.
  2. Kev144

    Leafs 2016-2018

    He would now but not then. He isn't your top guy. Toronto us generally the killer of talent or the trader of talent.
  3. Kev144

    Leafs 2016-2018

    No question about that but making Kessle top forward was. Mistake. He hates media and couldn't carry the leafs. Phaneuf was a decent dman playing most minutes against leagues best players. He was not a 1-2 dman or captain Toronto tried making him. The leaf fan base is the most disastrous part of the team. Flyers for Mathews was disgusting. Welcome to Toronto, play and win or we will humiliate you.
  4. Kev144

    Leafs 2016-2018

    Yes likely so. He isn't a top guy, the leafs tried to make him just like kessel and both players are doing better off the leafs. Proof in point the leafs were the problem. And management
  5. Kev144

    Leafs 2016-2018

    Phaneuf is a good player. Like kessel. Both players are not your number one guy like they were in Toronto. Kessel has thrived in pitts when the lime light is off him. Phaneuf is a decent dman just not your top pairing. He played the most minutes against the leagues best players. Anyone who thinks either one was a terrible player knows little of hockey. It is Toronto that was the problem and how we handled them
  6. Kev144

    Leafs 2016-2018

    They are gonna win now cause your a flaming cum dumpster you mutt
  7. Kev144

    2019 Polaris reveal

    It's worth the back read
  8. Kev144

    2019 Polaris reveal

    Go ahead post the email the thread is derailed like all on fs
  9. Kev144

    2019 Polaris reveal

    X3 I can see the puzzler trying to secretly do damage control
  10. Kev144

    2019 Polaris reveal

    And he's been called out by a riding partner for liking polaris more than his doo and riding slow
  11. Kev144

    2019 Polaris reveal

    Good thing it's an 850 not an 800!!!!!!
  12. Kev144

    Leafs 2016-2018

    The penguins allowed alot of shots and relied on goal tending while scoring and won the cup a few times FYI
  13. Kev144

    Leafs 2016-2018

    Hoping for Tampa. Seems like our best bet as they play a similar style to us. Boston plays a physical game which we seem to struggle with.
  14. Kev144

    Millard, "a sick, twisted prick"

    I heard jt was gonna give him 10 mil and an apology
  15. Kev144

    Winter 2018

    Left Hearst yesterday back in cochrane by lunch was damn cold but trails were table top.