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  1. Highmark


    Damn. Sand in you vag today dude? Take a chill pill. Have a nice day.
  2. Highmark


    Was my first post about this to you fuckhead? I then responded to your reply. Conceited much?
  3. Highmark


    Like he is the only asshole in here. Did you look in the mirror this morning? Being decent on occasion has zero to do with going to church.
  4. Highmark


    Amazing people can't stop being assholes even for a day. Happy Easter everyone no matter what your beliefs.
  5. Highmark

    Yeah but Bill lied about a bj

    Maybe he was on them. Just saying I've seen Clinton's name and at times he signed off SS protection.
  6. Highmark

    Yeah but Bill lied about a bj

    Never seen a flight manifest with Trmp on it like Clinton.
  7. Highmark

    Impeach proceedings

    Obama DOJ/IC didn't inform the Trump admin of Russia attempts to mess with the election and his campaign for a couple reasons. 1. Wanted to spy on team Trump. 2. Afraid to confront Putin because he so desperately wanted to give Iran $1.7 billion and piece of shit nuke deal. Putin was/is in bed with Iran.
  8. Highmark

    Impeach proceedings

    Poor schiffslinger.
  9. Can't vote. The needed answer is not an option. 4. Yes he has lost his mind but he should not not seek professional help and eat a bullet to end his suffering instead.
  10. She is a dumb cunt. Wish she would go for a hike in the ME and try and reason with these so called moderates.
  11. Highmark

    Impeach proceedings

    Back to the bet you lost. What a poor fucking loser. Very typical of the jealous liberal persona. Thanks for continuously proving that point.