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  1. Caption This Picture

    That one should be Obama: how could you marry that man? Melania: I was just about to ask you the same thing.
  2. A whole 33%! 7 times the extreme left than extream right. Least biased.
  3. Jesus spinslingrider. Take a chill pill. 4259 polled.
  4. Amen on never getting caught in one. They all set up like concrete but the spring ones are exceptionally bad.
  5. She's got some profile for 47. She must do squats. I'll have to tease my wife as she's the same age.
  6. Yeah this time of year can be bad. Cool nights and warm sunny days turns the snow to sugar. I won't ride with anyone in the mountains who doesn't have a beacon, shovel and probe. Really no excuse. Whether or not that would have saved this youngs mans life we probably will never know but why take the chance.
  7. Of a hot MILF......hell yeah!!!!!!!!!111111
  8. I would guess most women would be intimidated by her appearance. She is one classy looking woman.
  9. Mattis is going going gone

    Very few people in this country hold true libertarian values, especially when it comes to the size and scope of govt.
  10. Mattis is going going gone

    How is it if she doesn't work with him? He supposedly didn't like her so they got her away from him. This position doesn't mean she has control over anything he does like the other did. I think the articles and some of you are looking too deep into this. If this was worthy of stirring the pot CNN and MSNBC would be neck deep in it.
  11. I completely agree that the gas attack was done by the rebels if done at all. More likely just a regular bomb by Assad that was made to look like gas. I just don't see that happening right now. The way things "seem" to be working in NK would give the WH the motivation to use tough talk and sanctions first. I fully support tearing up the Iran deal but in no means attacking them. Trump will lose major support if he decides deep military action is called for by the US in the ME. If you pay attention the new support he got from the working MC is adamantly against more war. Reality is you can't get shit done with NK without China and you can't get shit done in the ME without Russia. Nature of the beast.
  12. And just who will attack the US or Israel right now?
  13. Mattis is going going gone

    Neither CNN or MSNBC is reporting this story at all. This is not a Pentagon position. Maybe Mattis didn't like her in her previous position but that doesn't mean in this one he will have to deal with her much.
  14. Killed in an area that is one of our favorite places to ride because its not well known. Around 12 miles by trail just to get to the turn off. Sadly they had no avy gear. 24 years old. God speed young man. I've been on that hill probably 30+ times. https://unofficialnetworks.com/2018/04/23/late-season-avalanche-kills-snowmobiler-in-wyoming/