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  1. And then some.....well for some of us.
  2. China quarantines 56 million people. Nothing to see here. To put that in perspective California has about 40 million.
  3. Highmark

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    Enjoy. Same girl.
  4. Highmark

    They just can't do it.

    Actually he's making up some ground. He hit double digits nationally in a few. (Not sure how to take any polls honestly.) He does well out east and he's right in the hunt.
  5. Democraps who have hated him for years will buy it up in droves. Us conservatives who have hated him wouldn't take a copy of his book for free. Yet in the end Trump will still be their President. @Mainecat likely has his pre-ordered.
  6. Highmark

    They just can't do it.

    I wouldn't doubt Biden's or Bloomberg's her guy. She would be the type to not want any female to win if it wasn't her so throw Warren out. Its obvious she hates Sanders. She dislikes homosexuals unless its in front of a Camera or between her legs. Comes down to Biden or Bloomberg.
  7. Highmark

    Virus is interesting.

    SARS hit Canada much worse than the US. Wonder why that was? Actually Canada had the highest mortality rate of that breakout.....if places like China could be trusted with what they provided.
  8. Highmark

    They just can't do it.

  9. Fucking creepy you've given it that much thought dude.
  10. Highmark

    They just can't do it.

    She won all the high population states. I'm not saying the DNC didn't screw Sanders but I don't buy it was by stealing 3 million votes.
  11. Highmark

    They just can't do it.

    So she never really got 3 million more votes than Sanders in the primaries? You forget the states she done well in. California, Texas, Illinois, Florida and New York.
  12. Highmark

    Virus is interesting.

    Most likely.