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  1. Highmark

    Don Lemon just said....

    U fucking idiot that was not the bet.
  2. Highmark

    Don Lemon just said....

    Really what collusion could have taken place? Its laughable that somehow Trump helped obtain the DNC emails. If and that's a big if someone from the Trump campaign asked Russia for dirt on Hillary how exactly is that collusion......her campaign did that very thing.
  3. Highmark

    Breaking Bad movie.

    Meh, all the good characters are dead.
  4. Highmark

    Nah, there’s no collusion

    Poor shitslinger. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/02/13/donald-trump-thanks-msnbc-no-collusion-report/
  5. Highmark

    Dems, their own worst enemy

    You're fucking loony. People love to travel. Love their internal combustion engines. Trying to make drastic changes to that in 12 years is not going to gain the left votes. It will cost them big time. 2.9 million people fly every single day in the US. When you tout RADICAL programs the other side takes advantage of it.
  6. May anyone involved with any part of this die a painful, torturous death! Worst is vehicle warranty and CC's. Can't block calls they just have a system us fool it. Use local cell numbers or even landline numbers of local communities. Damn I'd like a few minutes in a dark alley with anyone who runs this bullshit or hires them. Rant over.
  7. Highmark

    Dems, their own worst enemy

    Yep. The dems in the past few weeks have handed Trump his top campaign issues for 2020. The left just can't control themselves. You could see it at the SoTU. They are going extreme left and America doesn't want that yet.
  8. The birth tourism is a joke and by the below ruling should not give them citizenship. Nor should someone crossing the border legally or illegally and going to the hospital to have a baby. The Supreme Court of the United States affirmed in United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898), that the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees citizenship for nearly all individuals born in the United States, provided that their parents are foreign citizens, have permanent domicile status in the United States, and are engaging in business in the United States except performing in a diplomatic or official capacity of a foreign power. Statistics show that a significant, and rising, number of undocumented immigrants are having children in the United States, but there is mixed evidence that acquiring citizenship for the parents is their goal.[25] According to PolitFact, the immigration benefits of having a child born in the United States are limited. Citizen children cannot sponsor parents for entry into the country until they are 21 years of age, and if the parent had ever been in the country illegally, they would have to show they had left and not returned for at least ten years; however, pregnant and nursing mothers could receive food vouchers through the federal WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program and enroll the children in Medicaid.[25]
  9. $25,400 per person when including state and local taxes. Beyond out of control. Ave almost 5% increase a year since 2000. Over $2200 PER PERSON just on defense. That's fucked.
  10. 3 and one is going bye, bye as soon as its fixed. Anyone want a 1990 Jeep Wrangler with a 383 stroker in it. About 400 HP. Cars are not my toy of choice.
  11. Highmark

    Dems, their own worst enemy

    The moderates are afraid to run. Might not be even one on the ticket.
  12. In 2000, total govt spending was around $3.2 Trillion. Fed, state and local. https://www.usgovernmentspending.com/total_2000USrt_20rs5n In 2020 total govt spending is estimated to equal $7.9 Trillion. https://www.usgovernmentspending.com/total_2020USrt_20rs5n Absolutely insane how much all levels of govt have grown in 20 years. Averaging close to 5% increase in spending per year. In 2020 we will spend over $25,400 per citizen. $2258 per person just on defense. Sadly we already are a socialist country.