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  1. Fireball 440

    Another trump tweet following the 737 crash.

    Yes, like every new car on the road. I already don't like my new Explorer. Considering selling it an buying another older one.
  2. Fireball 440

    FSCE Shop Talk

    103,000 miles with an excellent maintenance record including trans flushes at 60K and 90K. I paid $11,300 OTD. 2015 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor.
  3. Fireball 440

    FSCE Shop Talk

    140 mph.
  4. Fireball 440

    FSCE Shop Talk

    Picked up another Police Interceptor. This one belonged to the U.S. Border Patrol.
  5. Fireball 440

    Need advice on new snowblower

    I have a 1995 MTD 10hp 28" throw away that has always started easy and never let me down. Last time I changed the oil was in 2010. Currently, however, it only has 2nd gear and no reverse but it still throws the snow like a motherfucker. I'm sick of lugging it backwards all over the place. I'm also in the market for a new one butdget $1500 max.
  6. Fireball 440

    FSCE Shop Talk

    Also made this keys holder for my truck keys. -20 temps have kept me inside this weekend.
  7. Fireball 440

    FSCE Shop Talk

    Center console part 2. Made this one for my 94 F-150 since Ford didn't start putting cup holders in trucks standard equipment until 1997. Again made from materials around the shop total cost zero.
  8. This RZR moves snow almost as good as the truck, almost. It is impressive what it can move. I used it to grade 10 yards of gravel in my driveway last summer and it bulldozed it no problem.
  9. Fireball 440

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Mornin fellas.
  10. It will come out how many times he poked her and he'll end up spending the rest of his life getting his ass destroyed in prison.
  11. Press conference at 10 am. I have a funny feeling about this case.
  12. The DNR has in the past in some instances. I got 2x4's under my skis right away so the front stayed up top, the track and skid were submerged to the running boards. The day I cut it out of the ice, took me a good 8 hours, there were 2 low flying planes circling the lake and even a helicopter! I had to think it could be the DNR in the airplanes but seeing a helicopter way up here is pretty rare. It was a smaller one not like LifeFlight or Rescue. FYI - 6-12 inches of more snow forcasted for tonight.