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  1. This RZR moves snow almost as good as the truck, almost. It is impressive what it can move. I used it to grade 10 yards of gravel in my driveway last summer and it bulldozed it no problem.
  2. Fireball 440

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Mornin fellas.
  3. It will come out how many times he poked her and he'll end up spending the rest of his life getting his ass destroyed in prison.
  4. Press conference at 10 am. I have a funny feeling about this case.
  5. The DNR has in the past in some instances. I got 2x4's under my skis right away so the front stayed up top, the track and skid were submerged to the running boards. The day I cut it out of the ice, took me a good 8 hours, there were 2 low flying planes circling the lake and even a helicopter! I had to think it could be the DNR in the airplanes but seeing a helicopter way up here is pretty rare. It was a smaller one not like LifeFlight or Rescue. FYI - 6-12 inches of more snow forcasted for tonight.
  6. This spot had 12 inches of ice 2 weeks ago. Now it is 8" snow on 10" slush on 12" of ice. Took me 3 days to get it out. I've always trusted the ice on this lake. Not anymore.
  7. Fireball 440

    Fireball's official old Ford Truck Thread

    The 302 in the black '89 above has 185 horses.
  8. Fireball 440

    Fireball's official old Ford Truck Thread

    -10* cold start and after plowing I sent her into her resting place.
  9. Fireball 440

    Fucking Cat 1000

    Wrap it in duct tape and fucking send it!
  10. Fireball 440

    Fucking Cat 1000

    Yeah 44's, twin pipes, tighter head, dual ring pistons. I had stingers on the pipes and that sucker screamed. Hard on fuel too!
  11. Fireball 440

    Fucking Cat 1000

    I put the 95 motor into an S chassis, 136'd it, REV seat and it was a nice package.
  12. Fireball 440

    Fucking Cat 1000

    I could drag my 670 around the shop with the pull rope.
  13. Fireball 440

    2019 truck of the year

    2019 Ford Ranger should have won.